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Re: That Movie… Starring… A Donkey

September 13, 2012


US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, dead cuz of a poorly acted movie… he had nothing to do with ???

Myes… myes… quite the drama. *leans back & strokes chin*

Looking into this matter for a possible post, the whole event seems a bit of a major clusterfuck as far as precise details go.

So much so, that I’m not even sure what to type…

Waaay too many questions surround this, for example… was this attack planned for 9/11 by terrorists ? When/how did the ambassador die ? Is Freedom Of Speech under threat in the Middle East yet again ? Who exactly is this “Sam Bacile” ? Why is the (YouTube) trailer over 13 minutes long ? Will that donkey appear in a Jesus movie next ? Etc.


Indeed, too bad really.

Oh well, at least I tried, right ?

Hmmm… there is 1 thing I’m wondering about though…

Shrektacular !


It’s A Small-Minded Country… After All ?

June 28, 2011


It’s a country of fears
A country of tears
It’s a country of hateful edicts
& a country of bloody conflicts
There’s so little that’s fair
That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small-minded country after all !

But seriously…

February 11th 2011 was called “The Friday Of Departure”.

But it maybe it could also be known as “Goodbye Hosni & Hel-looo Selective Democracy !“.

Because less than 5 months after that 11th of February, there’s trouble brewing in Egypt.

Certain Muslims there recently reacted angr… yes, I know nothing new there… but hear me out here… reacted angrily to what they deemed to be an attack on Islam.

& no, it’s not about the pyramids being un-Islamic atrocities, nor is it about the Great Sphinx not wearing a veil.

Nope, instead it’s about a tweet by fellow Egyptian yet Coptic Christian, Naguib Sawiris.

As no doubt so many have done before, this disgustlingly rich telecommunications mogul put up 2 funny looking pictures he’d come across.

They depict Mickey & Minnie Mouse as Muslims, dressed in traditional Islamic garb.

Now, that could’ve been picked up as: “Good, Mickey has finally converted to the 1 true faith !” or “Haha, this is a funny pic !” & also “It’s good to see this can happen now that Mubarak is gone !”.

But instead a cleric expressed his anger on TV, several lawyers filed complaints & the people themselves started a Facebook page against it.

All that & death threats apparently too.

Sooo, freedom of speech isn’t part of the all-new free & democratic Egypt ?

& since when does making fun of extremists = making fun of Islam ??

What, are they as holy & untouchable as Allah now ???

Whether you’re a moderate Muslim or a Coptic Christian, with nonsense actions like these, it must be tough being an Egyptian nowadays.

Mubarak’s barely gone & freedom should flourish but it’s already being stifled by the small-minded brigades.

Lawyers should’ve filed legal documents against these idiots & others of that ilk for destroying the reputation of Islam across the world with their un-Islamic behaviour.

Drag Queen Mickey

The Highway To Global Jihad

February 2, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Following similar earlier events in Tunisia, Egypt’s “leader” Hosni Mubarak or as he prefers to be called “Ho-Mu”, is now dealing with the ending of his looong-running presidency.

& while this brings joy to the people there, it’s worrying the West.

Decades before the War On Terror began, the West already gave money to made deals with several Middle East leaders to gain their favour.

Should these dictators start to fall away, those deals will fall away with them.

So naturally, Western leaders are beginning to wonder what this will mean for global jihad & what it’ll mean for the War On Terror.

Just a few years ago, it was revealed that both France & the UK, in the form of Fran├žois Mitterand & Margaret Thatcher, were totally opposed to the reunification of East & West Germany.

They actually had the belief & thus the fear that this newly united Germany would lead to a new Hitler type & in turn to World War III.

Though instead of that major conflict, we got to see huge social & political changes throughout the whole of Eastern Europe which eventually lead up to the end of the Iron Curtain, with no Warsaw Pact & even no Soviet Union.

Since then & especially since September 11th 2001, Western countries have patted themselves on their collective backs for being free & democratic, so why can’t they be happy for the citizens of the Middle East as they strive for the same goal ?

Doesn’t this beat adding yet another trillion or 2 to the deficit ??

Isn’t it better than yet another 100 deaths of the men & women who serve in the armed forces ???

Now that the citizens of the Middle East have shown the world they can mass protest against more than just the infidels of the West, how about giving them the benefit of the doubt ?

Surely, if they’re willing to brave their own armies to get rid of their corrupt leaders, they’re willing to go against the true evil rotting away at the very core of their daily lives… Muslim terrorists ?

Will those who practise Islam by way of jihad like al-Qaeda finally get the wrath they deserve from the good people of the Middle East ?

Meanwhile, with rumblings in Afghanistan, Yemen, Jordan & Saudi Arabia, I can’t help wonder which evil dictator is next…

Who Will Fall Next ?

Could Libya’s own Uncle Mo be under threat ?

Obama Vs Osama – Who Do Ya Love ?

June 3, 2009

Well, well, well.

It looks like the big dukaroo has begun.

Both O‘s have started a campaign of their own to get Muslims all across this globe behind their respective agenda’s.

One is in the Middle East to hold a key (historic ?) speech in Cairo, Egypt while the other has begun the mud-slinging from… well, wherever he’s hiding.

So, c’mon & join me as we take a closer look at our 2 candidates.

…is this like an election ?” I hear you ask.

Yeah kinda but the stakes are way bigger. Huge even.

Ok, so…

Obama (President) wants to build bridges & find opportunities for a common future.

Osama (cave dweller) wants more of the same crap.

Gee, how hard will it be for Muslims to decide who to root for ?

I mean they’ll be SO confused. & the names are sooo similar, that sure won’t help.

Anyhoo, Obama’s been here before, remember ?

He first managed to beat Hillary Clinton & then he beat John McCain.

This is just another opponent for him to tackle. (Yes, he can !)

Osama on the other hand has done his fair share of beating(s) too.

Sending countless of deluded men to their deaths to do his dirty work He has defeated many foes of Islam.

Sure it was a bit bloody along the way but that’s passion, right ?

So, who will finally emerge victorious after the votes of trust have been cast ?

Obama Vs Osama