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Oh, Wonder Of Wonders !

January 11, 2012

Well, I guess in the end it was inevitable.

They’d been doing ok sofar but now it seems the ongoing austerity measures have hit yet another minority group.

& although I’m not in the profession myself, it’s unfortunate as seeing them not being immune to cutting back on spending is somewhat disconcerting.

I am typing of course about superheroines or to be more precise, about their figure hugging costumes.

But don’t take my word for it.


Wonder Woman Costume Recycled

From an upcoming episode of the TV series “Harry’s Law”, that’s actress Erica Durance dressed up as Wonder Woman.

Does the outfit seem familiar somehow ?

It should as it’s the very same costume from that earlier failed Wonder Woman pilot starring Adrianne Palicki…

Wonder Woman Costume Recycled

Yeaaah, I don’t think the whole world was ever ready for this costume & just when we thought we’d seen the end of it, it comes back to haunt us.

Well, at least they stayed away from the shiny pants.

…this time ?

Hey TV, you had better watch it !

Because Hell hath no fury like a (wonder) woman (costume) scorned.

& it will smite your broadcasts down with Amazonian force !


…& So It Ends (Again) ?

August 31, 2011

With this end of August comes another ending.

Because as of today DC Comics has ceased to be.

Oh sure, the publishing of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc will continue but starting September 1st, the status quo is no more.

Over the past decades, DC has done this several times in very a similar fashion where some sort of major crisis alters reality for the characters.

So, while hardly new… it still pretty much sucks if you wanted to keep on reading stories set in the current version of its (increasingly complicated) continuity.

DC itself means “Detective Comics” but in this instance I think I’ll go with “Don’t Cry”.

Arthur Sad, Batman !

DC Aquaman, DC…

Hey Kids, The All-New DC Comics !

June 22, 2011

& speaking of dogs (see last entry for all the sick details), today Superman #712 went on sale.

Superman comics have been featuring “Grounded”, a way too long a year long story of Superman walking (yes, walking) across the USA.

After its original writer, JMS of “Babylon 5” fame, suddenly left his own bland story there were several delays & even a couple of fill-in issues with replacement stories but with Chris Roberson (the new writer) things improved.

& in the case of today’s #712, I looked forward to reading it.

Why ?

Well, 1st let me show you DC’s solicitation copy for the 712th issue which was released in advance:

“Meet Los Angeles’s newest super hero in the latest Chapter of “Grounded”: Sharif ! But Sharif discovers that in today’s current cultural climate, some people don’t want his help – they just want him gone. Can Superman aid Sharif and quell a prejudiced public, or are there some problems too big even for the Man of Steel to solve ?”

Back when that info was released I didn’t think too much of it.

In fact, I nearly forgot about it.

Flash forward to last month when in the letter page of Superman #711 the cover to #712 was revealed…

Sharif Cover Revealed

Ok, pretty cool.

Sharif + that costume = interest levels going up.

It seemed this was going to be a different type of Superman story & with Chris Roberson writing, there could only be something great ahead.

I mean that’s obviously a Muslim superhero & people are going to hate him for it ???

The drama, the tragedy & the potential – they were all there !

Well, imagine my surprise & I guess everyone elses when the Superman #712 comic that arrived at stores today had the following cover…

Krypto Cover

No, that is not Sharif.

Yes, that is Krypto AKA Superman’s dog.

…WTF ?!? No, seriously WTF ?!?!?

Yes, they changed the cover & they also changed the story.

Last-minute it seems as nothing seemed to point towards this major kind of change.

In fact, “The Source” (DC Comics’ official blog) stated no info on the change but the comic section does feature a weird update of sorts, oddly mixing the original solicit with the new cover…

Mixed Up Solicits

DC recently made it known they were changing their entire universe by renumbering & rebooting or as DC Comics Co-Publishers Jim Lee & Dan DiDio put it:

“DC Comics will be making history this September.”

Sharif, it’s not September yet but you’re history…

Now The World Is Ready For Youuu !

March 30, 2011

Suffering Sappho !

What the Hell happened ?

Did DC, NBC or David E Kelley actually listen to the outcry of the fanboys in comicbook community ???

Wonder Woman 2011

In any case, it looks alot better now.

I guess we’ve seen the last of those evil shiny fetish pants… or have we ?

Only time will tell so stay tuned complaining Wondy fans !

How I Wonder Who You Are

March 19, 2011

Tiara, magical bracelets & Lasso Of Truth ? Check !

Bustier O’ Justice ? Check & double check !

Shiny unnaturally bright looking colours ? Check !

What does that spell out ?

Adrianne Palicki as Diana Prince for the upcoming NBC TV pilot “Wonder Woman” written by David E Kelley or…

…unintentionally-funny-looking/could’ve-been-better costume ?

Wonder Woman 2011

Good luck fighting crime & I guess being taken seriously…


February 23, 2011

About writing Justice League Of America for DC Comics…

I do get frustrated, but it comes with the job. The nature of monthly comics has changed drastically over the past 20 years. JLA used to be THE place to go to see the big guns together, dealing with the gravest threats in the DCU. Now there are several big event crossovers a year, and those titles are where the huge stories happen. So I have to tell stories that feed into and come out of those events. I’d prefer if, as on Justice League Unlimited, I could tell stories that were at the center of the characters lives, but that was a very different circumstance. JLA the comic is part of a larger patchwork, and my mandate is to support the bigger story of the DCU.

A pitch to Marvel Comics regarding the depiction of African American characters…

Proposal By Dwayne McDuffie

The sudden death of such a vocal, honest & talented creator like this is a real loss.

On a personal level, I loved your “Damage Control” concept & the comics you wrote based upon that.

Thanks for those.

Dwayne McDuffie RIP

Wonder No More

July 1, 2010

Hello & welcome to the 2nd half of 2010 !

According to stats, visitations to this lil’ blog o’ mine have increased dramatically these last few days.

I suppose I could make some sort of calculation to find out exactly how much of an increase but this ain’t no math blog.

Anyway, going over the list of search engine terms, there’s the daily usual (hot women) but also several new type of searches.

Suddenly, people have been looking for things like “wonder woman deodato”, “wonder woman issue 600” & “diana prince” .

Hmmm, I wonder if something’s up with ol’ Wondy ?

Now just to be clear here, I am not reading Wonder Woman comics, I’ve never seen the TV series with Lynda Carter & the fact that Joss Whedon couldn’t deliver the live-action movie version doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Ok, she gets points for the whole amazon warrior thingy but she’s just no Jennifer Walters.

However, anything that increases traffic to my blog must be good, right ?

First things first, who is Wonder Woman ?

Once upon a time, a queen from an isolated island full of immortal women wished for a child. The Greek Gods granted her that wish by bringing a piece of clay to life. Named Diana, she grew up as a princess.

Eventually, she left the island & now armed with the Lasso Of Truth & Bracelets Of Victory (& sometimes an invisible plane) she seeks to bring peace to the world of man as Wonder Woman.

…ok, that spells pretty weird & kinda boring in just about any language but seeing as her comic has been around since the 40s of the last century, how bad could it possibly be ?

Well, apparently bad enough to lose so many of its readers that DC are now desperate enough to accept Babylon 5 creator JMS’ drastic proposal to take Wondy in a new direction & a new less revealing outfit complete with *gasp* pants & a jacket designed by Jim Lee.

Wondy's new jacket look

Guess everything old is new again because some 15 years ago DC decided to change Wondy’s outfit by adding 2 things…

Wondy's old jacket look

Short tight pants & a jacket that never closed but sometimes came off.

Oh yeah, things were better back in the 90s.

Wonderful 600th…

December 9, 2009

In 2010 the comic of Wonder Woman AKA Diana Prince will finally be hitting #600…

600 issues of Wonder

Congrats to thee, brave Amazon warrior !

Well, I’m No Picasso But Do You Like It ?

August 4, 2009

That was the question the Joker asked Vicky Vale back in the 1989 Batman movie & it applies to this next pic too.

President Obama As The Joker On Posters In LA

Now, this manip is SO devilishly clever that it works on several levels. Yes, it actually raises those hard to answer questions throughout society.

For example…

Stupid folk will wonder: “Barack will replace Heath in Batman 3 ???”

Fanboys will wonder: “Why isn’t the Jokama’s hair greener ???”

Rich people will wonder: “Does this mean Batman’s a capitalist ???”

KKK members will wonder: “Is whiteface make-up racist ???”

Now that’s clever !

As for me ?

Well, in the wake of the manip I’m left wondering about art & its place in our lives. Perhaps you’ll join me ?

Gentlemen ! Let’s broaden our minds…

Iranian President Ahmadinejad With A Pancake On His Head

Pancakism ? Oh, Dan Lacey, you genius you !

Well, that’s it for this entry folks ! Y’all come back now, ya hear ?

…wait a second.


Comics U SHOULD Read – Jack Of Fables #33

April 23, 2009

Gee, comics sure sound swell but which ones are for me to enjoy ?

Don’t fret, here’s help: Comics U SHOULD Read


-The Deal: “Jack Of Fables” (AKA JoF) is a monthly spin-off comic about Jack Horner who schemes his way through life while trying to screw as many hot girls as he possibly can along the way.

Written by Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges, drawn by Russ Braun & published by Vertigo/DC Comics.

-The Cast: Jack Horner – a nursery rhyme character, The Literals – (just some of) his enemies, Babe The Blue Ox – a blue ox (don’t ask).

-The Now: Issue 33, the most recent one, was published April 22 2009.

Ever since leaving Fabletown, Jack has mostly been fighting the threat of Mr Revise & the Page Sisters (the so-called Literals) of the prison-like Golden Boughs Retirement Community.

But when a whole new Literal threat emerges that could wipe out not only him but any & all of his fellow Fables, he decides to warn his former friends of Fabletown.

Snow White & the Big Bad Wolf soon arrive to check out Jack’s info. But when things get out of hand between him & ol’ Big Bad & no-one stands up for him, Jack finally decides to leave his own book & head back to “Fables” (the comic he originally starred in)…

-The Type: For people who love fairy tales, drama, humor, metafiction & magnificent bastard types.

Batman Vs… Himself ???

November 12, 2008

Move over Joker ! Move over Penguin !

You too Ra’s al Ghul because the next opponent for The Caped Crusader is none other than…

(wait for it)

Bat-Maaan !!! [Cue certain 60’s TV series theme]

Wait what ?” I hear you say.

No, this is not some sort of cliched plot for an upcoming issue of the comic but real… sort of.

It’s not really Batman-Batman who’s going mano-a-mano with The Dark Knight but the Turkish city.

Wait What ?” I hear you sequelize.

Yes, there is a city called “Batman” but it’s nowhere near Gotham or even Metropolis for that matter.

The mayor, Hüseyin Kalkan, of “Batman” (don’t laugh now !) is suing for mucho dinero.

It seems he’s blaming deaths by suicide & murder in his city on the movie “The Dark Knight”.

WAIT WHAT ???” I hear you say & thereby finishing this trilogy of astonishment.

The mayor said: “There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without informing us.

In his quest for vengeance he’s targeting film director Christopher Nolan & Warner, the rightholders of Batman-Batman.

The reply (sofar) ?

We are only aware of this claim via press reports and have not seen any actual legal action,” said a Warner Brothers representative.

& there you have it folks.

A bizarre drama like no Hallmark movie could ever live up to…

Jim Lee’s Image Problem

September 11, 2008

90’s comics superstar & Image co-founder Jim Lee is being plagued by eye troubles.

Or to be more exact, one eye is messing up normal vision for both his eyes.

Posted recently by the man himself:

I am having health issues with my left eye.

In fact, I am going in for surgery in about 4 hours to have excess scar tissue removed from my left retinal wall.

The complications are numerous and can include loss of vision, a greater likelihood of cataracts, a retinal detachment, infection etc but there is an 80% chance of you getting your vision back to essentially the way it was.

Is it worth the risk? Well, at this point, it’s getting harder to see objects especially at dusk in my peripheral vision and I have very patchy blurry distorted vision out of one eye and perfect out of the eye. The combination of the two leaves me disorientated at times and has proven to create some majorly spectacular headaches.

Yikes ! 😯

That’s bad news for anyone but for an artist…

Anyhoo, since then there have been NO updates whatsoever.

And curiously enough the post you just read was taken off his MySpace blog.

*POOF !* Like it never happened.

“But what does it all mean ?” I hear you ask.

Well, unless there’s some sort of (good) news your guess is as good as mine.

Hope you’re well Jim-bo !


June 28, 2008

I’m @ a loss for words here but let’s give it a try anyway.

Honestly, I’ve never cared for Bad Girl art.

The very type of female characters he drew over & over again throughout his career.

However, that is a rant for another time & place because dying aged 37 is just… baffling to say the very least.

Michael Turner RIP


February 12, 2008


I never read “Howard The Duck”, I never heard of “Omega The Unknown”, I never saw “Thundarr The Barbarian” but I sure as Hell loved your Elseworlds stories “Superman: Last Son Of Earth” & sequel “Superman: Last Stand On Krypton”.

Thank you so much for those tales if not much much more than that.

Steve Gerber RIP

There’s Some Really Sick People In This Town #2

January 25, 2008

Ok, I have no idea how I’m going to explain this new installment of “Sick Peeps”.

However, I aims to please me legion of fans so I’ll give it a go.

Imagine if you will, a short fan-fic about…

The Batman !

Cool right ?

[Lex Luthor]WRONG !!![/Lex Luthor]

From the get-go this (virtually) penned atrocity comes with a twist so improbable even my good pal M. Night Shyamalan would puke after reading it.

It’s called “Batman: Nemesis Fight” & it’s quite likely unlike any other story you have read before or will ever read from this moment on.

Oh, I hear your naïve thoughts: “How bad could it possibly be ?

Just try to think of an example & you’ll simply fail. Yes, for no one in their right mind could’ve written this.

As a matter of fact, it’s SO bad it’s good but again not like you’re expecting.

So go ahead & try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose & only something to gain here.

Like, for example, the story you’ll be able to tell your adopted grandkids right before you’re hauled off to wherever it is ol’ folks end up.

Here’s the link that once again will proveth the horrid truth…

Why Thank You Mr Deodato !

April 25, 2007

You know, one could argue why a selfrespecting heroine like Wonder Woman would choose to dress herself in a tight skimpy costume that completely sexualizes her look but I won’t.

Diana Prince

So instead, let’s hear it for the wonderous empowerment that is slutty dressing.

Woo-Hoo !!! :mrgreen:

“The Best Goddamned Warrior EVER”

April 13, 2007

Wonder Woman is finally back !

After the failed “One Year Later” relaunch, the title lost its original writer & thereby plot before the conclusion, the replacement writer isn’t doing too well either.

But now DC has wised up and as of #13, Diana will be wondrous once more.

Or in the words of new writer Gail Simone:

The book is about the best goddamned warrior planet Earth has ever known, and she happens to carry a mystical arsenal around just for the hell of it. If a writer can’t make that interesting and fun, they really shouldn’t be writing superheroes.

Wonder Woman

Wonderbra indeed.


April 6, 2007

Wel, well, well. What DO we have here then ?

Why, a stunning supergirl of course !

It’s like Powergirl finally accepting her Earth-2 Kryptonian heritage full force…


Or in another word: “super” 🙂

Comic Reading 101

March 6, 2007
  • The Walking Dead: Zombies in a world gone mad – published by Image Comics
  • Justice Society Of America: The heroes Superman looks up to – published by DC Comics
  • Ex Machina: After 9/11 NY chooses a superhero to be mayor ? – published by Wildstorm
  • Spider-Girl: Old skool Marvel superheroics – published by Marvel Comics
  • Man Hunter: Taking matters into her own hands, Kate Spencer owns ! – published by DC Comics

These are some THE best comics you should be reading but probably aren’t !

Don’t waste time reading this blog, go find these gems…

B4 X-Mer: Read It & Weep (Of Joy)

February 24, 2007

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

Here’s an updated list of GREAT comics for you to enjoy reading !
Kate Spencer had enough of super villains escaping justice & has taken matters into her own hands with no powers & only a handful supergadgets. Don’t you dare ignore this gem !
Justice Society Of America
The original Flash & Green Lantern along with Wild Cat continue their fight against evil in these modern times with a new set of team members by Geoff Johns. Nuff said !
May "MayDay" Parker is not only Peter Parker’s daughter but also Spider-Man’s. Follow her ongoing adventures in this comic that refuses to be cancelled, written in the classic Marvel manner
The Walking Dead
You like zombie flicks ? Shame they always end but not this puppy. Nosirree, this is the ULTIMATE zombie movie, it has no ending & keeps going & keeps going & keeps going & keeps going & keeps going
Detective Comics
You liked Batman: The Animated Series ? This comic is now being written by that creator. It’s top quality Batman, so get it now before you miss out completely
You like fairytales with a modern twist ? You won’t know until you try it out & find yourself hooked on the going-ons in these tales & then go right for the newly created spin-off "Jack Of Fables" starring the one & only Jack Of The Tales