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4 More Years !!!

November 7, 2012

2012 US Presidential Election Result

Yes We Won.


The True Fan Endures

October 31, 2011

It’s funny how things change over the course of an entire year.

But… what if they stayed the same ?

Day after day, week after week, month after month, the exact same thing.

I got a call a few days ago.

What I heard can best be described as… chaotic I guess.

It was call from my mother.

When I got to her, she was crying hysterically.

Perhaps you’ve seen hysterical behaviour before like on TV or in movies.

In real life it looks & sounds very similar but what you yourself feel is… quite different.

& with no real details to go on, experiencing her in this state was disturbing to say the least.

Upon noticing me, she managed a sentence through her seemingly uncontrollable emotions.


That seemed to calm her… somewhat.

From the loud & urgent manner in which she expressed herself & her way of crying, I figured she wanted me to dial 9-1-1, which I did.

However, as I had no idea what went on before my arrival & as she seemed “better”, I handed her the phone after dialing.

She looked up.

Took the horn from me.

& then hung up the phone.


That was pretty unexpected.

& no, I’m not making this up or anything like that, she took the phone only to hang it up.

Anyway, there were no explanations of any kind whatsoever.

& soon after, she withdrew to another room.

Leaving a rather puzzled me behind.

Not about what had happened, as my parents fighting is hardly news to me or their neighbours by now.

No, what puzzled me was the reality of it all.

Because with other & better options available, who chooses to go on living in such a continuous loop of variations on the same theme that only brings anger, pain & stress, decade after decade after decade ?

Well, after some thinking I think I finally have the answer as to who…

A true horror fan.

Happy Halloween !

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 11/11

September 11, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #11:

After an eternity, we finally had the death of Bin Laden himself & the 10th anniversary of the start of the War On Terror is coming up.

Where do you think the conflict, the War On Terror, will go in the next 10 years ? Where will it be in 2021 ? Is there a victory coming up, is there a defeat coming up ?

What’s going to happen in the next 10 years ?

Friend: Well, I think sooner or later some of those guys are going to run out of men, even though…

X-Mer: The terrorists or the US troops ?

Friend: The US troops is very unlikely, I think… the terrorist groups, maybe they do have a lot of recruits, who knows & who can tell ?

It goes back to the fearmongering, when you start presenting people by trying to group them together like “this is the bad group” you’re going to create that hostility, that hate. So, yeah then it could go on forever.

But I think there’s going to be… another group of people & then the focus will be on that group of people. They’ll probably still be fighting in Afghanistan but you’ll never hear about it. It will all be about…

X-Mer: “60 Minutes” will talk about something else ?

Friend: Like you said about Ian Davison, that’s not something you should ignore, that’s quite a dangerous man.

X-Mer: Imagine if he escapes ? Won’t he be mad, what if wants revenge ?

Friend: That’s a very big possibility.

X-Mer: & he knows how to make poison !

Friend: Sure & who’s to say he’s not going to make much more of it ?

It’s where do you put your focus. I don’t know who the next group is going to be, some people say North Korea maybe or maybe it’s going to be the Russians again because they’re growing as a superpower.

X-Mer: Let’s not foget the Chinese.

Friend: The Chinese. So, who knows ? You have all the development in India, the knowledge & technology is growing there…

X-Mer: Both India & Pakistan have nuclear capabilities now.

Friend: Yeah, so who’s to say who’s going to be the next group of people ? & would it take another incident like 9/11 to escalate things ? Maybe, maybe not.

X-Mer: Like you said, the 1st World War started with that prince being shot dead & that was used as a startingpoint, possibly an excuse…

Friend: Yeah, that was the excuse I think.

X-Mer: …& then here the events of 9/11, another startingpoint for another conflict, so there’s always these…

Friend: There’s always… seems to be a startingpoint & excuse, like World War II & you had Poland & Hitler. They allowed Hitler, before Poland, to “collect” all those countries & they said: “if he does this THEN we’ll do something, then we’ll start the war”.

X-Mer: Took a long time before they started the war.

Friend: Yeah true.

I think it’s just gonna go on forever, unfortunately.

X-Mer: You don’t think there’ll be a victory by either side ?

Friend: It’s just a vicious cycle.

X-Mer: You won’t see, suppose he’d lived, see Osama Bin Laden taking over the White House or President Obama proudly walking across a safe frontier between Afghanistan & Pakistan ?

Friend: I think it’s very unlikely. Take India & Pakistan, how long have they been fighting amongst eachother ?

X-Mer: & the thing is, that’s basically brother against brother because you had 1 nation.

Friend: Right. You had the division because of religion but it probably was about money & power. As long as that greed is going to exist, we’re still going to be having those conflicts.

So, no I don’t see it ending anytime soon. It’s just going to… the names will be different but…

X-Mer: So, 10 years from now there’ll be something new to take the focus ?

Friend: Yeah, sure.

I saw “Watchmen” the movie yesterday… well, in order to achieve worldpeace you really have to give people a common enemy, so… unless we get invaded by aliens I don’t see worldpeace coming.

X-Mer: Ok, so could there be a World War III as a result of 9/11 ?

Friend: Maybe we already had it but we don’t realize it. Could you say the Arab Spring is now part of it ?

X-Mer: Do you think it’s part of it ? You could argue that there’s all these types of events, starting from 9/11 ?

Friend: I think it’s all connected. I mean there’s probably stuff…

X-Mer: Earlier stuff.

Friend: Earlier stuff, you had the Russians trying to invade Afghanistan & you had the US helping out…

X-Mer: The CIA apparently trained Bin Laden.

Friend: Yeah, sure. You can’t really locate the beginning of it & probably won’t see the end of it.

X-Mer: Any closing thoughts on the subject matter ?

Friend: Well, I think we pretty much concluded that it’ll never end. That’s a bit of a downer, of course but you know…

When you get down to it, we’re all just people trying to live our lives &… it’s a shame there have to be people with a lot of power… I just think that they ruin it for all of us, really.

I think we all have the ability to be good people & you know, all this… war & things like that, it’s just bullshit really.

X-Mer: [LOL] Wait a minute, profanity on my blog ?

Friend: [LOL] Sorry.

It’s like… people creating conflict where there couldn’t be or shouldn’t be any. Like you said, it’s just about the greed.

X-Mer: Ok, let’s leave it at that. Thank you for your time !

Friend: Thanks for the interview, it was a lot of fun & it was quite different from what I expected.

X-Mer: Really ?!?

To sneak another question in there, what did you think… you must’ve have had some sort of thought or idea of what might happen.

Friend: Yeah, I thought 11 questions were going to be a bit too much & wondered if you could come up with them but you did quite a good job I think.

X-Mer: Thank you.


That’s it for part 11 & also this interview on the 10 aniversary of 9/11.

It took a serious amount of prep time & elbow grease later on, to make all of it come together.

& now that it’s over & am finally able to look back on it, it was most certainly worth every effort along the way.

RIP to the innocent victims of 9/11 & all those since then.

Thanks for reading !

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 10/11

September 10, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #10:

You yourself, while not overtly, had your problems with then President George W Bush…

Friend: Yeah, sure. Who didn’t ? [LOL]

X-Mer: Questions were raised when he, to combat terrorism on US soil, signed into law what is now known as the USA PATRIOT Act (Uniting (&) Strengthening America (By) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (To) Intercept (&) Obstruct Terrorism Act).

This made it possible for the government to look into personal things like your telephone & medical records with greater ease. Which, according to critics, went against civil liberties & was therefore unconstitutional.

Did you happen to hear that last May President Obama signed an extension of that very same act & thereby renewed it for 4 more years ?

Friend: I was not aware of that.

X-Mer: Now, let’s check some facts here…

– The Guantanamo Bay detention camp was opened in 2002 under the Bush administration & is presently still open under the Obama administration.

– The War On Terror as a term isn’t used anymore but the conflict is still going on.

– There are currently still US troops present in Iraq.

– As ordered by Obama, Afghanistan will get additional US troops.

– & under the Obama administration there’ve been more unmanned drone attacks in & around the border region of Pakistan than ever occured under the Bush adminstration.

With all these things, even though Obama is a likeable guy, would you really say things are different now then when Bush was president ?

Friend: Better… I did say that, didn’t I ?

X-Mer: Did you ?

Friend: I think it was implied. & I did say I thought the… that it was going towards the situation before 9/11.

They are the world police, so… I think a lot of acceptance is gained in how you present yourself & now you have Obama & he presents himself like: “we’re going to work together to achieve this goal, make the world better for everybody” & when you sum up those facts you could think “maybe it’s even worse but nobody’s getting the story out there”.

It’s really something to think about. Is it really better ? It certainly… seems better & it seems less hostile, maybe that’s… those drone attacks, I can’t imagine innocent lives not being lost.

X-Mer: Probably impossible.

Friend: I’m a bit surprised actually.

X-Mer: Because you, for example, didn’t know about him renewing the Patriot Act ?

Friend: Yeah ! For example. I didn’t know about Guantanamo Bay while it was his intention to shut it down.

X-Mer: He hasn’t succeeded in that & I’m not saying people are still being tortured there, just the fact that it’s still open.

Friend: You mentioned “24” before, so it’s a bit… it’s very important who’s at command of the world police like when in “24” you had David Palmer who was a genuine good guy.

X-Mer: Like Obama ?

Friend: Like Obama but he also had certain… tools to his disposal which he only used in certain situations when it was appropriate & when it was necessary.

& then you had President Logan for example…

X-Mer: [LOL]

Friend: I see a lot of similarities between fiction & reality.

You can also wonder how much influence the media really has because under President Bush, like I said I felt more hostility among the people & now it seems to be… well, there’s still some of course but it’s a lot less, I think. That’s how I experience it, so…

…I don’t think I really answered your question.

X-Mer: Well, what do you think the answer is ? Are things similar under his presidency or is it generally better ?

Friend: I think there are more… positive developments under his administration than there were under the Bush administration.

X-Mer: He’s trying ?

Friend: He’s trying, I think. A lot of things got blamed on Bush but think… I’m not saying he’s not to blame for the things that did occur but I do believe there were powers even bigger than Bush at play.

X-Mer: He wasn’t the puppetmaster but… at least some of the time, the puppet ?

Friend: Yeah sure & with Obama it’s hard to think of him as the puppet. You really get a feeling he has to struggle to achieve the things he wants to achieve. With Bush it all seemed to go very easily & you know, it probably wasn’t very hard for Obama to get that extension because I can’t imagine Republicans being against that.

So, again I don’t think I answered your question but… I do believe it’s better in my experience.


That’s it for part 10 but please check back tomorrow for the 11th & final part of the interview, where I ask my friend about what the future might bring us.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 09/11

September 9, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #09:

Whether you’re for or against the War On Terror, there’s 1 thing that probably everyone can agree upon & that’s that there are people who have been classified as or deemed to be terrorist & were therefore subsequently targeted to be killed by troops on the ground, the air, the sea, all kinds of black ops, elements like the CIA, Delta Force, Navy SEALs & also unmanned drones that fly over the frontier between Pakistan & Afghanistan.

& with this going on for about 10 years straight now, can people both Muslims & non-Muslims still be right when they say: “no, no, it’s only a small group that’s the terrorists, there’s still a silent peaceful majority” after all this time ?

Friend: There are reports about lots of stuff going on like planned attacks & things like but… well, there’s also leaked footage of soldiers killing innocent people.

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: So, you know… maybe that’s the whole problem. You don’t know who the enemy is. So, it’s going to be hard to identify who they are. They claim to fight the good fight but there’s nothing good about that.

I said I think a lot of it comes down to profit & money unfortunately & it’s not so much about seeking out these people that are terrorists. It’s all about money & showing power I think & not so much… it’s where you put the emphasis on.

Like with your previous question where I’d never heard of Ian Davison & neither had you.

X-Mer: Who ? [LOL]

Friend: I think a lot of it is what you perceive & what you see & I think the threat is much much smaller but it’s presented as something much much bigger in order to justify all those expenses & all that behaviour.

Like I said before, it all goes back to the past & history. History shows that there’s always been situations like these, it’s just different locations.


That’s it for part 9 but please check back tomorrow for part 10 of the interview, where I ask my friend about comparing Barack H Obama & George W Bush on their respective policies on the global war on terror.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 08/11

September 8, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #08:

I have a little list of names & faces here for a game that I like to call:

“Remember That Terrorist ?”

& I’d like you play it.

Friend: Am I on that list ?

X-Mer: No, that would be weird.

There are no prizes to win but just play along for a moment with my madness.

Friend: Don’t I always ?

X-Mer: [LOL]

So, I have 5 terrorists which I’ll name & show their picture of & you tell me if you remember them or not.

Terrorist I:

Osama Bin Laden, leader & founder of Al-Qaeda.

Friend: I think I remember a slightly longer & greyer beard but yeah. I think he’s out to sea at the moment.

X-Mer: Right.

Terrorist II:

Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber.

Friend: Really ? That’s his face ? I’d never seen his face.

X-Mer: Right but you’d heard about the Shoe Bomber ? You remember him as well ?

Friend: With the way it ended, now’s he’s become more of a joke I think but…

X-Mer: Speaking of jokes…

Terrorist III:

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Underwear Bomber.

He had something explosive in his underwear but it wasn’t you know what, remember ?

Friend: I never saw his face like with the other guy or maybe I did see but…

X-Mer: …but the Underwear Bomber does ring a bell ?

Friend: Does ring a bell.

X-Mer: Unless I’m mistaken that’s 3 in a row. How about…

Terrorist IV:

Nidal Malik Hasan…

Friend: Was he in “24” ?

X-Mer: [LOL]

No, he wasn’t but he could’ve been. He was a psychiatrist, an American, a psychiatrist working at Fort Hood…

Friend: Oh ! Did he go crazy ?

X-Mer: …& he went crazy & starting shooting… well, basically anyone who was in his path.

Friend: Yeah sure, I heard about him, yeah.

X-Mer: An ironic twist, a psychiatrist who goes nuts.

Friend: Yeah.

X-Mer: So, that’s 4 for 4 sofar. Last 1…

Terrorist V:

Ian Davison.

Friend: Ian Davison ?

X-Mer: Yes, remember Ian Davison ?

Friend: No, unless he… was the Oklahoma Bomber ?

X-Mer: Oh, c’mon ! It’s Ian Davison, don’t you remember. He was arrested in 2009, only 2 years ago.

Friend: …no, doesn’t really… no.

X-Mer: NO !?!?!?!

Friend: Ian Davison ?

X-Mer: Well, I didn’t know him either & had to look it up…

[Info Source I]

[Info Source II]

Ian Davison, a British national, is a white supremacist who, along with his 18-year old neo-Nazi son Nicky Davison, was arrested in 2009 for planning terrorist attacks.

They had ricin, a type of poison, which could’ve easily been used to carry out terror attacks & killed many people.

Friend: I guess your point would be we all get to see the Muslim terrorist but we hardly get to see or hear anything about…

X-Mer: …I don’t know, would you say that’s the point ?

Friend: Yeah, sure. You heard about it & was very hard to ignore really because it was all over the news & this was like: “who the Hell is he ?”.

X-Mer: Yeah, who is Ian Davison ? If his group, Aryan Strike Force, apparently even wanted to topple the government why is he so unknown ?

Friend: Yeah. Sounds like a serious threat to me.

I guess it’s like what we discussed before like it’s more local as opposed to… that’s also interesting, you had the Underwear Bomber who was apparently part of Al-Qaeda.

Seems a bit weird, I don’t really believe he was actually, I believe from what I’ve read it was more like a… disappointed or maybe disturbed individual that…

X-Mer: Like a lone wolf ?

Friend: Yeah or like somebody who’s lost his way & though: “this is the right way, I’m very unhappy in my life, so I’m going to make an impact” something like that.

X-Mer: Which he did but only in a humourous sense.

Friend: Yes & now he’s going to be the laughing stock of…

X-Mer: He already IS !

Ok, so still no Ian Davison ? No ringing bell ?

Friend: No, I mean… no.

X-Mer: Well, maybe after today, right ?

Friend: Maybe.


That’s it for part 8 but please check back tomorrow for part 9 of the interview, where I ask my friend about the silent & peaceful majority of Muslims.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 07/11

September 7, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #07:

In “24” season 2 there was a moment where a main villain, who was a Muslim terrorist, was apprehended at a mosque & the Imam tried to help by talking to the terrorist & then told him that what he was doing was wrong & went against Islam.

After all that’s happened since then, is there anyone out of all the people who’ve played a role that, if you got the opportunity & time, place & language weren’t an issue, you’d choose to have a talk with ?

Friend: It’s quite an impressive list, so it’s hard to choose actually.

There’s a lot of interesting names, you could ask Colin Powell like: “What were you thinking when you were talking about WMDs ?” & apparently distancing himself afterwards.

X-Mer: Right, he even left the administration…

Friend: He left with a bang, I think.

X-Mer: People like Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, George W Bush, Barack Obama…

Friend: It’s very hard to choose.

I think I’ve a question for all of them & that would be: “what were you thinking at the time ?”. Some of those people… like you have the [London] police shooting down the Brazilian electrician ?

X-Mer: Jean Charles De Menezes.

Friend: If you re-read how the event happened like he was in the subway & some claimed he was running & jumped over the gates. & then you have this police guy chasing him & he thinks he recognizes him but nobody can confirm it but they chase him anyway &…

X-Mer: …& it was all mistaken identity.

Friend: It was all mistaken identity & you have to wonder what they were thinking at the time. & even afterwards, I think they even tried to accuse him of rape or something.

X-Mer: Really ?! I didn’t know that.

Friend: There was a lot of outrage, rightfully so, after he was shot.

I think there even was a lady who… 1 of the victims of the [2005] London bombings, she said: “you shouldn’t pay much attention to the shooting, it happened & I feel this is taking attention away from the the bombings”.

Maybe she had the best of intentions when she said it but it came across as selfish.

X-Mer: She chose her words poorly ?

Friend: Yeah, I mean you know a guy is dead because… I don’t know, because of fear or ignorance or…

X-Mer: …incompetence.

Friend: Incompetence also. Didn’t he get shot 7 times or something like that ?

X-Mer: Several times to the head.

Friend: I mean something’s fishy about it, the whole situation or maybe it’s just one of those very awkward situations that got out of hand but even afterwards there was like… nobody wanted to take responsibility for that situation & maybe that’s true in a lot of events.

It’s always somebody else’s fault.

X-Mer:It’s THEM !

Friend: It’s always “them” or somebody else.

X-Mer: & to this day nobody has charged Tony Blair or George W Bush for example to some sort of tribunal because of crimes against humanity.

Friend: Of course ! You have Milosevic who was on trial & in my opinion Bush is not much better than Milosevic in his politics & the way he…

X-Mer: Even though Bush was the dancing president ?

Friend: …sorry ? Oh yeah ! Sure, sure but maybe Milosevic could also dance. Does that excuse it ?

So yeah, interesting question but there’s a lot of interesting people on that list, so…


That’s it for part 7 but please check back tomorrow for part 8 of the interview, where I ask my friend about a game called “Remember That Terrorist ?”.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 06/11

September 6, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #06:

A common heard allegation since the events of 9/11 is “why aren’t the good Muslims doing anything against the bad ones ?”. But that’s just 1 of the many allegations.

What would you say are misconceptions about Islam & being Muslim that are now out there because of 9/11 ?

Friend: Actually, this goes way back right after 9/11. I was talking to a girl on [MSN] Messenger, I knew her by Messenger.

She’s Caucasian, white so…

X-Mer: Not her fault ? [LOL]

Friend: Well, there’s some mixed blood I think, she’s part Italian, part…

X-Mer: “Oh no !”

Friend: “Oh yeah !”

1 of the things she said was: “Why don’t the good Muslims talk to the bad ones ?” & she was trying to create a situation of: “it’s a problem within the Muslim community, we have nothing to do with. So, you go talk to the bad Muslims, tell them not to do it anymore & it’ll all be over”.

I think that’s kind of the… the bottomline of her story was like “it’s YOUR problem & we have nothing to do with it, so go fix your problem.” but I don’t know, I’m not really sure who I should approach first in getting that conversation started.

X-Mer: [LOL]

Friend: Even though I have people in my family that are of the opinion that the terrorists are doing a good thing. Like I said, it’s all an opinion, they don’t go around armed.

X-Mer: But even if they did, wouldn’t it be more like a job for the police or counter-terrorism to go after these people &… ?

Friend: Well, apparently not. It’s our problem, so I have to do something. That idea.

X-Mer: What do you think of such a…

Friend: She was a bit young at the time, so I think it’s a very naive thought. I mean this was a young girl, so I can understand that she was afraid & she wanted to… make sense of it.

She went as far as to say that ETA was a “better” terrorist group because they warned people in advance of a bomb attack. I mean “better terrorist group” ???


A terrorist is a terrorist. You can say: “I want my own country & I’m going to warn you because city hall is going to explode in a few minutes” so…

I mean you’re still doing harm, that costs money & it can cost people their jobs, it’s not like this… is there such a thing as good terrorism ?

X-Mer: [LOL]

Friend: Or slightly better terrorism ? That’s just a really strange style of thinking but at the time… yeah, I was trying to understand her reasoning.

I guess she was very much influenced by the media & friends, you know stories that you heard… fearmongering was really working at the time.

X-Mer: Oh yeah.

There was a post on this very web log that stated the opinion of: “a terrorist is a terrorist however Muslim terrorists are worse because they operate on an international level while groups like ETA & IRA operate locally”, so would you say some are a bigger threat or are they all equally bad ?

Friend: It’s all bad, I mean c’mon they’re killing their own people.

X-Mer: For a “good” cause.

Friend: That’s what all terrorists say. You have terrorists & you have rebels & everybody’s fighting the good fight & nobody’s bad, in their opinion.

X-Mer: & who’s to say that if, say ETA or IRA reach their goals that they’d stop there ?

Would they really be happy to leave it there & say: “we’ll lay down our arms & be good now” or something ?

Friend: Seems unlikely with they way they go about their business. Even within the groups you have to wonder what their motivations are. Are all those people genuinely believing in the goal the group is trying to achieve or are they there for well… getting a kick out of it ?

X-Mer: Probably not, the IRA eventually went for the peace & yet a few hardliners have continued as the “Real IRA” & they’re still keeping up the fight.

Friend: I think it’s more about being unhappy with your personal situation. It can be on a very small scale like locally & on a worldwide scale.

Like I said, a lot of countries have done bad things in the past & some are still doing it now & you’re going to have victims & people who resent you. It doesn’t matter if you’re America or Iraq or… some countries kill their own people, so… & as long as that’s going on you’re always going to have rebels & terrorists.

What’s interesting now that Bin Laden’s been killed…

X-Mer: Or was he ?

Friend: Right. Since his group’s acknowledging it, I guess he was killed.

X-Mer: It would be weird if they were just playing along.

Friend: Until Osama returns from a vacation ?

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: I think it’s genuine because they can’t risk it being a hoax because if that comes out it’d blow up in their face.

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: But what was interesting about that situation was… couldn’t they have done that sooner ? Before there was a war in Afghanistan, before there was a war in Iraq ?

X-Mer: There are stories about President Clinton apparently not taking out Bin Laden when there was a chance to do so.

Friend: Warfare seems like another source of making money.

X-Mer: It is !

Friend: It is.

I was at the gym this week & I overheard a Turkish guy talking about different groups among the Turkish people & what stuck with me was when he said that Group A’s fighting Group B & Group A was selling weapons to Group B so they were being shot with their own weapons.

I mean that’s not something that’s specific to Turkish people, it’s something in general. It’s like you said greed & things like that… it creates situations.


That’s it for part 6 but please check back tomorrow for part 7 of the interview, where I ask my friend about the major players of & after 9/11.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 05/11

September 5, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #05:

You already mentioned that on the day of 9/11 when you finally got back home to your loved ones, you were glad to be able to talk to them about it.

While probably not a daily or recurring topic, are 9/11 & terrorism in general uncomfortable or taboo subjects for you or in your household ?

Friend: Not in the household because we generally have the same opinion like uh… you know, some people talk about Muslims & terrorists in 1 sentence, like they’re synonymous.

X-Mer: Right, like it’s the same thing.

Friend: To us they’re just like… they’re not part of the Muslim community because when you are a good Muslim you don’t do the things that they do.

They can still call themselves Muslims but you know, they’ll never be… I’ll never associate with a terrorist. Who I do feel association with are the younger people who’re Muslims & are being held back because of it. I think it’s a very good breeding ground for even more hate in the future actually & I think that’s a bad thing.

X-Mer: Yeah, that’s already going on. Resentment & hatred & anger because of being treated & judged unfairly.

Friend: Sure.

What I do notice within my family, not the inner core like me, my brother, my parents & also my grandma but other relatives in my extended family & some are… they do sympathise with the terrorists.

I also think when in the media people are grouped together like “oh, they’re Muslims & they’re terrorists” & “well, they don’t join the terrorists but they do nothing to stop them, so they’re also bad” even though… you know the non-Muslim people are also doing nothing to prevent it.

So, yeah I can understand how they, my extended family, think like the terrorists are doing a good thing because “America is arrogant” & stuff like that.

I can understand their anger but I’ll never say “you’re right” because… sure, America has done a lot of questionable things in the past I think were…

X-Mer: …downright just bad things ?

Friend: Yeah, downright bad things. Which country hasn’t ? But you know you don’t go around killing innocent people, that’s just wrong.

X-Mer: Well, apparently some do.

Friend: Some do but you know, I could never condone that. Who in his/her right mind could condone that ?

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: & also so-called “smart people” say “you have to make sacrifices to get to your goal” but I really question what those goals are. Seems like it’s Man’s problem like “I have this & I want more of it ! & whoever gets in my way…”.

X-Mer: That’s a horrible form of greed basically.

Friend: Yeah sure, & I think a lot of people have that greed unfortunately. It’s politicians, banks. It’s money & power & having more of it. “Who cares what happens to people ?”

Also & this is something I’ve noticed in more recent years like the providers of food would use preservatives that were harmful to people & you’re killing your own customers only because it’s more cost efficient. I don’t get that type of thinking, then you think: “what’s wrong with you ?”.

X-Mer: A follow-up question about those extended relatives…

Friend: Sure.

X-Mer: Has that, with that type of opinion which you don’t share, has that made it like a thing you have to overcome when talking to them ?

Friend: Well, some of them were surprising, I didn’t expect some people to think like that & some of them already were thinking like that before so it wasn’t really a surprise.

They’re family you know & it’s just an opinion, it’s not like they’re… not that I know, that they’re actually terrorists & assisting.

Like I try not to… I mean, I meet non-Muslim people & they also have opinions I don’t share but I don’t… I can still get along with them. It’s not like “you have a different opinion, so I’m going to hate you” something like that.

X-Mer: Like Bush said: “Either you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists” ?

Friend: Yeah, that’s a very stupid way of thinking.

X-Mer: Even though he was right, of course ?

Friend: [LOL]

Sure, sure. He was right.


That’s it for part 5 but please check back tomorrow for part 6 of the interview, where I ask my friend about the misconceptions of Islam & Muslims that arose after 9/11.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 04/11

September 4, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #04:

In the 10 years since the events of 9/11, other terror attacks have been covered by the 24-hour news media but also through the internet & its social media like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

We’ve also seen politicians put the topic of Islam on their agenda by for example burqa banning or claiming President Obama is a Muslim in such a manner that it becomes an accusation, like it’s a bad thing.

But even if you don’t watch the news, stay off-line or are a-political, it’s become hard to ignore or even escape all of this because even the entertainment industry has apparently embraced Muslim terror with things like certain seasons of the TV series “24”, WWE wrestler “Muhammad Hassan” & even comicbook writer/artist Frank Miller wanting to create a Batman Vs Al-Qaeda graphic novel called “Holy Terror, Batman !”.

In this past decade, a lot of young Muslims have stated that they’ve started indentifying more strongly with their religion since 9/11 than before because of this always present situation… almost a stigma of sorts.

As you go about your life, has society through the media, its politics & entertainment “forced” you to become more self-aware of your own background ? Has there been a change on some level in your thinking, how you see yourself with this level of attention ?

Friend:weeelllll, I guess it’s made me a bit more hostile, I think. I just keep it in the back of my mind & the more I think about it, the more stupid humanity is in my opinion.

X-Mer: Sick people ?

Friend: Sick people. I can’t really blame them but I don’t know, it really strikes me as ignorant to just accept how it is because it’s “easier”.

I guess it becomes even more easy when you’re not part of the group that’s being singled out, so…

X-Mer: …you can ignore it ?

Friend: Well, I’m not really sure if that’s true because there’s a lot of media that’s making people afraid…

X-Mer: …fearmongering ?

Friend: Yeah, fearmongering & hatemongering. Like I said, in history there’s been lots of periods I think… perhaps it’s been non-stop, that fearmongering’s been going on for centuries. With all the knowledge we have at our disposal, I would think people would get some insight into that.

Still, when you experience it, like I said, I feel more hostile now than I did before but I always kept “it’s going to pass at a certain point, it’s just a period” in the back of my mind. I happen to be part of the group that’s being singled out now & who knows who…

X-Mer: Do you think it will pass anytime soon ?

Friend: Like I said, in my experience it is passing because now you have the Arabian Spring, so you know, people… they see the change… a lot of people are saying: “well, it’s a good thing what’s happening”.

X-Mer: You think they mean that or is it just the polite thing to say ?

Friend: I think they’re genuine.

X-Mer: With these examples like “24” or the news media, how do you think Muslims are being portrayed ? Are they being put in a bad light or is it just a reflection of what’s really going on & so it’s “ok” ?

Friend: Well, I did enjoy “24” for the most part & actually was turned away not because of storylines against Muslims but because they were repeating themselves. It was getting boring.

X-Mer:Look ! CTU is being attacked… for the 88th time ! Oh no !

Friend:Oh no ! That never happened before, what are we going to do ?

But uh… I think I was able to create some distance from it in the sense of “it’s only entertainment”. When you talk about media like television on the 1 hand you have “24” & on the other hand you have “South Park”.

They can be very rude & do crude stuff like that. But the thing about South Park is that the storytellers always show both sides of the tale & they do it very well.

But you know a lot of people, that’s also interesting, a lot of people just see the toilet humour & that kind of puts the attention away from the good storytelling.

X-Mer: [From] what’s really going on ?

Friend: What’s really going on. Those guys are really good storytellers & I think… 1 of the things, I didn’t see it but uh… you had the movie “World Police” & ever since that movie whenever I think of America, I think of world police.

& in a way I think it [world policing] is a good thing & also a bad thing.

X-Mer: Because ?

Friend: Well, it depends on how you present it. Because you had the guy in charge before & then it was very much “us against them” & now we have a guy who says: “we can’t do it alone, we have to work together”.

There are always going to be people against that & saying: “he says that but he doesn’t mean it !”. But I think it’s very important in how you present yourself as… I mean if you’re going to be world police do it in a way that makes people accept you.

X-Mer: Like Obama ?

Friend: Like Obama !

I mean Obama held that speech in Egypt, I can’t imagine Bush would have been… [LOL]

X-Mer: He would’ve been dancing !

Friend: & then the shoes would’ve been flying…

X-Mer: Dodging them left & right ?

Friend: Right, because he presents himself like: “we’re America & we’ll tell you what’s good for you !” & Obama is more like: “we’re the greatest nation in the world, so we have a commitment towards others & we have to help them.”

X-Mer: Sooo, let me see here… just to get back to this point. You said like how people were viewing you, do you think then that society is treating you like a person who happens to be Muslim or a Muslim who happens to be person ? What do you think they see first ?

Friend: It depends on the person you meet & it’s going to be different every time. & it says a lot about the person themselves. & some people are just very sensitive towards what the majority does & that’s kinda disappointing to me. They just follow along & as long as they’re not the ones being excluded, it’s “ok”.


That’s it for part 4 but please check back tomorrow for part 5 of the interview, where I ask my friend about discussing Islamic extremism in the household.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 03/11

September 3, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #03:

Shortly after 9/11, a backlash against Muslims & those having a Middle-Eastern or South Asian appearance began in the form of hate crimes like verbal abuse, threats & vandalism.

In the days, weeks, months & years following the events of 9/11 what have you yourself encountered, either positive or negative, in the behaviour of people towards you ?

Was there for example a sudden change in the way people talked to you or treated you despite your of because of your background ?

Friend: Well, I’m not really sure about their motivation to behave differently. But yeah, you did notice a certain change in behaviour because at a certain point I had to do an internship as part of the study.

My middle name is Muhammad, so that’s what I proudly put on my resume.

X-Mer: You went “full disclosure” ?

Friend: Yeah, sure. What the heck, I am who I am.

There were a few… well, maybe it was all in my head, you never can tell for sure… but there were a few incidents where I thought: “well, maybe my name is working against me actually”.

So, it was very remarkable to see that when I decided to just put an “M”, suddenly I got a lot more offers. So, that kinda felt… I don’t know, I don’t think I would have had a problem before [9/11]. Sure there’ll always be racists, so… can’t stop that but I think…

X-Mer: …it was remarkable ?

Friend: It was quite remarkable, I actually didn’t want to remove my name but I talked to my father & he said: “Well, you know sometimes we have to make compromises & it’s still your future & you can’t change everybody’s mind… thoughts“.

X-Mer: But still, I mean you said you were proud but if you look back how does it make you feel that apparently leaving out part of who you are, even though it’s your middle name, it’s apparently “better” ?

Friend: I think it’s… first impressions are very important I guess but it’s also the mindset of some people. Some people like to… I don’t know if it’s laziness or “experience” but they like to find stuff in your resume that isn’t really there.

X-Mer: They read between the lines ?

Friend: Even though there’s nothing there to read between the lines. I was kind of disappointed because… it’s happening “over there” so, even though the impact was worldwide, you’d stil like to think that… I mean, I tried to understand it even though it comes across as very stupid.

X-Mer: Right.

I think, & I may be mistaken so correct me if I am, you mentioned something several years ago in passing, something like… that people, I guess in your class or maybe friends, came up to you & started asking you questions about 9/11, terrorists or Islam ?

Friend: Oh, yeah yeah. That was something that was also, yeah… well, before they were like “oh, he’s a Muslim but he’s a good guy” or, not even that you know…

X-Mer: “He’s just a guy” ?

Friend: “He’s just a good guy” & now suddenly I’m “a Muslim guy” & that’s ok, that’s who I am. Nothing wrong with that.

But then on television you have these “specialists” & “knowledgeable” people that bring up all these theories & stories about Islam & some of these aren’t so nice.

So, then you have people who you think are… who didn’t make a big deal of you being Muslim then they suddenly say: “oh, I heard this & this about Muslims. Is that true, do you do that ?”. Like we all meet up & decide whose head we’re gonna chop off next time or something like that.

These were also people that came to my house or they knew what was going on, so…

X-Mer: So, it wasn’t like you were unknown to them ?

Friend: Well, some of them.

X-Mer: Some knew you.

Friend: Yeah, so I think: “you should know better. You know me, you were present when we prayed”. Was there anything hostile about it ? I don’t think so.

X-Mer: For the people reading this, is your house filled with anti-Western propaganda or are there bombs lying everywhere ?

Friend: No, no.

X-Mer: How did these visitors get these ideas ?

Friend: Because of what they saw on television. They said: “all Muslims are like this & like that & they have traditions like this” & you know some part of it is true… but you know, it’s not…

I was never taught to hate the Western man or the Western woman.

X-Mer: So, this was some sort of a generalisation on their part ?

Friend: Yeah, sure. It’s more like they were thinking of history, about the past when people came up to you with a sword & said: “you’ll be a Muslim or I’ll chop your head off” kinda like that idea.

But it’s not like we had the crusades or something, so there’s nothing… but I believe the periods were very close together, so you don’t see me saying: “well, you did that so many thousands of years ago, so you probably still do that, don’t you ?”.

X-Mer: Sins of our forefathers.

Friend: Yeah, true. The sad part is that people don’t seem to learn from those events. They’re just like: “all in the past”.

You used to have the Russians & they were “evil”…

X-Mer: The commies ?

Friend: The commies & at the time you believed it. You know, it’s all propaganda you know. & knowing that, I mean whenever a group of people is attacked for whatever reason could be the Jews, Muslims or the commies, there always seems to be, in any particular timeperiod, a group of people to blame.

& I think a lot of it’s to shift the attention away from things. Like men & women on the job market, they get a fair chance but when it comes to the salary there’s still quite a difference. & I think it’s very convenient to say: “well, look at those Muslims, how they treat their women”…

X-Mer: [LOL]

Friend: …so, if you put all the attention on how Muslims treat their women…

X-Mer: …the West doesn’t look so bad in comparison ?

Friend: Yeah, it doesn’t look that bad, so why complain about pay when you’re not a Muslim wife & have it “so much better” ?

X-Mer: Going back to how leaving out your middle name from your resume helped in getting more internship offers & people who knew you & of your situation still came up to you with those questions, looking back would you say it was Islamophobia ?

Friend: I think it was. & it’s not so bad now because it’s been so many years, so it’s not as bad, to me at least, as it was before but it still lingers on a bit.

There’s always going to be a group that’s going to be targeted & that’s a shame because the victims are mostly young people who are at a certain age when they’re still developing [into adulthood] & when they’re experiencing things like that, it’s going to… well, it grows a lot of hatred & resentment, you know ?


That’s it for part 3 but please check back tomorrow for part 4 of the interview, where I ask my friend about the rising scrutiny of Islam after 9/11.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 02/11

September 2, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #02:

Now the impact of that day lead to people of different backgrounds to begin pointing out what they deemed to be inconcistencies & question how the events really happened.

Like for example how the WTC collapsed, if the plane hijackers were really guilty & the secret service agencies knowing beforehand that this was about to happen but not doing a single thing to prevent it.

In other words, people didn’t trust the official story & so the 9/11 conspiracy was born.

Friend: Conspiracies, I think.

X-Mer: Probably, yeah. Now, 10 years later with all that’s been said, shown & “proven”, do you have your doubts about what happened ? Could it for whatever reason actually have been an inside job or was the evidence so clear-cut that it didn’t raise any questions whatsoever in your mind ?

Friend: Well, I think a lot of questions were raised months after. Not by people who come across like “oh, that’s a crazy guy & he’s probably saying stuff to get attention”.

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: So, I do believe there’s the possibility that it was an inside job or maybe it was a circumstance of “oh, this is about to happen & we can use it”, a political agenda.

So, I think there’s a very strong possibility that it happened… something along those lines. We’ll never know for sure.

X-Mer: There could have been an ulterior motive for what we think the official story was & that there was a hidden agenda or something like that ?

Friend: Sure. I mean it could’ve happened like we saw it. Just a bunch of crazy guys & wanting revenge against America, “so, let’s get on a few planes & start crashing into buildings”.

Well, there’s also the conspiracy theories & some of them do make sense. It all seems very… “it sounds so unreal, it’s gotta be true” or something like that.

X-Mer: Are there any specific doubts or questions you’re dealing with ? Like how the towers fell or… is there anything that stands out in your mind ?

Friend: Well, the tower thing is something I actually read about not so long ago. That’s quite interesting because you have the 1st tower, that’s very obvious how that happened but the 2nd one…

I don’t know, it’s kinda strange how that 1 fell down.

X-Mer: Seems kinda… ?

Friend: It seems like “how did that happen ?” So, that stands out.

Um, more conspiracy questions… thinking back to my history classes I had years ago, there was something about the First World War, there was the shooting incident with the prince… Austria or… ?

X-Mer: Yes, he was Austrian & he was shot by this uh…

Friend: Hungarian ?

X-Mer: I think it was someone from the former Yugoslavia, I think it was… a Serb maybe or…

Friend: Could be.

But they used that incident to start WWI but there were actually a lot of things happening around that time that made them say “oh, let’s use this as an excuse to” & I kinda felt this [9/11] was also an excuse to… get certain things done.

X-Mer: All that followed [9/11] ?

Friend: Yeah. So, whether it was an inside job or not, they used the event.


That’s it for part 2 but please check back tomorrow for part 3 of the interview, where I ask my friend about the hate crimes that followed 9/11.

9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 01/11

September 1, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


X-Mer: Just to make it clear for the people reading this, did you or did you not get to see any of the questions that I’m about to ask you ?

Friend: No, I’m completely clueless about the questions.

X-Mer: Ok, so it’s all new & there’s been no rehearsal or anything.

How are you feeling now ? Nervous or anything ?

Friend: Well, it’s not so much nervous as I’m very anxious to know what the questions are [LOL].

X-Mer: Ohhh, of course. Well, there’s 11 questions & I’ll try to get to them ASAP.

Friend: Sure, take your time.

X-Mer: I’d like to start the actual interview by first saying “thank you” for being here today.

Question #01:

When disaster strikes, people tend to remember where they were or what they were doing just before they heard the bad news.

Looking back, could you tell us what was going on in your life back in 2001 around the events of 9/11 ? What you were actually doing & how you found out ?

Friend: Where do you want me to start ? With what I was doing before or the actual moment ?

X-Mer: Where you were at the time in your life. Were you working ?

Friend: I was studying at the time & think it was the 1st year of my latest study.

It was an Information Technology study, it was very broad.

X-Mer: How was that going ? You were just beginning ?

Friend: Just beginning, I started in September. & I was in the university cafeteria actually with a lot of people & then suddenly they announced it over the PA system, so that’s how I found out.

X-Mer: With a lot of people at the same time.

Friend: Yeah, but that’s the funny part because I didn’t really know those people. So, there wasn’t any… someone that I could talk about it right away.

X-Mer: You couldn’t turn to anyone like a familiar face or someone you had a deeper bond with ?

Friend: Yeah, strangers. & also I don’t think there was anyone from my class at the cafeteria because it was a free period, so I happened to be there with a lot of other people.

X-Mer: Do you have an idea when this was announced over the PA system, how long it had been going on or what the extent of the situation was at that point ?

Friend: No, absolutely no idea.

X-Mer: What happened afterwards ? Did people all suddenly leave to go home or did the day go on there ?

Friend: The day went on & as it went on you heard more & people went on-line because we had a classroom full of computers.

So, that’s when they looked up videos & they saw images & footage.

X-Mer: What did you do regarding this… strange & almost… both horrific & amazing type of scenario playing out elsewhere ?

Friend: I’m not really sure what I did the exact day. I do remember being glad to finally get home & actually be with people I could talk about it.

& I felt very angry at a certain point because I had… footage on TV & it wasn’t about the planes crashing into the buildings, it was little children cheering on the street.

I believe they were Turkish or Moroccan children & I just thought it was a very stupid… I don’t know, it felt very inappropriate to do so. They… what frightened me a bit was that they were genuine in their behaviour, so…

X-Mer: So, these were little children who were demonstrating their… happiness about what had happened, that’s what the news was showing ?

Friend: Yeah, that’s what stuck with me from that day actually & of course the reaction at home. A feeling of disbelief, it was unreal, very unreal.

X-Mer: Yeah, that’s the reaction a lot of people had.

Friend: Yeah, sure. It was quite an event.

X-Mer: It was like something out of a movie… with many casualties.

Friend: Yeah, sure. Maybe that’s a good thing to mention because that’s how it felt, like it wasn’t real, it was a movie. Deep down you knew it was going to be different from that point on.

X-Mer: Right.

How, familiar were you with the WTC, the towers ? They’d been featured on things like TV & movies but did they register somehow in your conciousness ?

Friend: What was funny because a few weeks or months before you had a Spider-Man [movie] teaser I believe. That’s when the helicopter got caught between the towers & that was quite a powerful image.

X-Mer: Right & it zoomed out.

Friend: Yeah, so that was quite a powerful image & I remember, I believe he had the towers reflected in his eyes in 1 of the movie posters.

So, that’s… it was a coincidence of course but… that’s probably… I’d heard about the towers before but that was the most prominent image in my mind at the time.

X-Mer: Now, for the official 2nd question…

Friend: Was this the 1st question ? Because I feel I missed something… or not ?

X-Mer: No, no ?

Friend: Before, at the moment itself & after [9/11] ?

X-Mer: What do you mean “after” ?

Friend: Well, maybe it’s interesting to mention but stuck in my mind in the days after is that you had students that were… it was an IT study, so video editing was also part of it.

& what struck me as… I don’t know, it was a bit weird to see people already “playing” with the images of the plane going through the tower. I don’t know if it was just a reaction but they were being quite lighthearted about it.

X-Mer: That… could be seen as inappropriate because of all those deaths.

Friend: Yeah sure & it wasn’t just… unlike the happy children on the street who were of a certain group or certain people but this was like you had an Iranian, a Dutch guy, you had a…

X-Mer: The students you mean ?

Friend: Yeah, they were all mixed & they were older of course than the children on TV… I don’t know, maybe it was their way of dealing with it but it just felt inappropriate.

But maybe that’s how they saw it, like it was just a movie or something. Something to edit.

X-Mer: You didn’t broach the subject with them or… ?

Friend: No, because like I said it was… they were… I was new & they… for me it takes time to get to know people.

X-Mer: Yeah, most people don’t go up to some group of strangers & say: “Hey, what’s the deal here ?

Friend: That’s difficult.

That’s something I still remember to this day, it was quite weird to experience people’s reaction like that because over the news it was mostly outrage & people were angry & these guys were just lighthearted about it.

X-Mer: A big contrast.

Friend: Yeah.


That’s it for part 1 but please check back tomorrow for part 2 of the interview, where I ask my friend about 9/11 conspiracies.

An Open Invitation – The Homestretch

August 11, 2011

August 11th.

It took a while but now after what has seemed an eternity, there’s only 1 more month left until September 11th & the posting of a certain interview I’ve been hinting at since April 11th of this year.

An interview on the topic of 9/11… with a Muslim friend !!!

So, where do things stand after all this time ?

After thinking of the idea, inviting my friend & coming up with a definitive set of questions…

…I’m happy to type that the interview itself has been held.

Not wanting to discover that any of the quickly written down answers were unreadable, a recorder was used.

With it being the 9/11 of 2011, I figured that for “poetic purposes” there ought to be 11 questions… which resulted in a lot of audio.

Audio that, after listening, re-listening & more re-listening, was painstakingly transcripted but is now (thankfully) nearly ready to post.

However, some things have changed.

Originally the interview was meant to be published on 9/11 but with so much audio/transcript available, I decided it would be better to divide it all up into 11 parts instead.

So, join us here on X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page for part 1 of this interview… in just 3 week’s time on September 1st !

An Open Invitation – The Change

July 11, 2011

July 11th.

We’ve entered the Summer season & into the 2nd half of 2011.

With Thé Anniversary coming up in September.

& regarding this anniversary, as revealed last month, I’ll be conducting an interview with a friend of mine.

A friend who has a Muslim background.

After years & years of the 24-hour news media giving so much airtime to so many non-Muslims, Islam experts & Muslim extremists & their opinions on Islam & 9/11, I figured it was time for something else, something real.

These past 10 years, I don’t recall seeing, reading or hearing a single interview with a average moderate Muslim.

Where was their voice in this clusterfuck we call the post-9/11 landscape ?

Once again, plenty of attention for both non-Muslims & Muslim extremists but none (that I know of) for run-o’-the-mill, everyday Muslim persons.

So, this upcoming September you’ll be able to read the transcripted post of my Q&A with my friend on such topics as 9/11, Islam, politics & much more.

It’s time for a real change !

Right here, soon…

An Open Invitation – The Revelation

June 11, 2011

June 11th.

Slowly but surely we’re getting closer to Thé Anniversary of 2011.

& before we know it, it’ll be 9/11/11.

2 months ago, I invited a friend of mine to join me here for a plan I hatched regarding this 10th anniversary.

The reply came quickly & in there I found my friend agreeing to my plan.

But not once did I mention what I wanted us to do here… until now that is.

Yes, with things now being 101% certain I can finally go ahead & reveal what I’ve been planning to do.

Because after a lot of research, I’m ready to go !

You see, for this year’s upcoming 9/11 you’ll find an interview I’m conducting with my friend.

Oh, did I mention my friend’s background ?

No ?

It just happens to be Muslim.

An Open Invitation – The Reply

May 11, 2011

May 11th.

Were slowly but surely creeping up on Thé Anniversary of 2011.

Because soon… it’ll be 9/11 once again.

About a month ago, I sent an e-mail in which I asked this friend of mine to join me here on X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page for the upcoming anniversary.

I had no idea what the reply would be but I figured the answer to my invitation would take some time.

To my amazement not only did my friend reply to me the very same day but the answer was a “Yes”.

All of a sudden, this plan of mine to do something special became our plan.

So, the preparations for later in the year are now very much underway.

But although it’s a big step closer to reality, it still seems unreal somehow…

An Open Invitation

April 11, 2011

April 11th.

Were slowly but surely creeping up on Thé Anniversary of 2011.

Because soon it’ll be 9/11 once again.

& while a certain graphic image of the horror on that day was put up a few times in remembrance of the victims & those affected, I feel there’s a chance here.

A real chance to do something special & something new for this time around.

& what’s better than doing that together with a friend ?

So, the gauntlet as they say has been thrown & now I’m hoping this friend’ll say “Yes” to the invitation & join me here on this web log…

The Sun Always Shines On TV

January 4, 2011

Hello & welcome to 2012 !

…wait, that’s not right, is it ?

After everything the media has covered these past few days, it suddenly seems like the end of the world is very near.

I mean this year has hardly begun & already we’ve had reports on…

The return of swine flu (remember good ol’ H1N1 ?), a partial solar eclipse, some woman as president of Brazil, dead fishes as well as dead birds in Arkansas & now dead birds in Louisiana too.

Add to those the ongoing floods in Australia & it’s not really weird to wonder about what the Hell might be happening.

But it’s especially disconcerting after what was said about 2010 at the end of last year.

All sorts of religious peeps appeared on TV to talk about how awful 2010 had been & that while the new year would bring change one needed to embrace that which was to come or something to that effect.

Well, I dunno about you but I don’t want to hug no dead fish OR swine flu OR a flood.

Come back 2010 !


…hm, I guess it’s no use now, 2010 is really gone.

Happy new year & welcome… to 2011 !

12 x 2010

December 28, 2010

During these past 12 months of 2010…

Incompetence was something apparently to be proud of as al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for a terror attack that failed from beginning to end.

That’s the spirit guys !

Certain Muslim groups in Malaysia were totally outraged when those pesky infidels Christians dared to use the word “Allah” in a newspaper to refer to God.

Stupid Christians, don’t you know those Malaysians Muslims have a monopoly on the word “Allah” ?

Conan O’Brien walked away from his dream job of hosting The Tonight Show after NBC Universal overlord Jeff Zucker destroyed… well, the whole of NBC basically.

Jeff Zucker was later fired & Coco got a new late-night show at TBS.

Say Jeff ? I hear al-Qaeda is looking for help these days…

A victim of an exploding cigarette in Indonesia led to a cigarette company spokesperson to actually claim their tobacco sticks do not contain “strange materials”.

I always assumed addiction & loss of health were natural ingredients but now I know for certain…

That glorious gammazon known as She-Hulk celebrated her 30th anniversary.

Congrats again Jen !

Libya’s very own Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, or as I like to call him “Crazy Uncle Mo”, used the celebration of Muhammad’s birthday as an opportunity to call for jihad against the Swiss because “any Muslim in any part of the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against Muhammad, God and the Koran.”.

…I guess that explains why my packages with Swiss milk chocolate came back with “return to sender” written all over them.

Yet another Predator movie was released.

It might’ve been part 3.

Then 7 years after the US invasion of Iraq… still no sign of WMDs.

Maybe Saddam used cloaking technology to hide them, you know just like the US did with the reason for going there in the 1st place.

Speaking of hiding, after the US House Of Representatives voted “Yea” on health care the USA could finally show its face proudly among other nations who actually care for their sick.

Well done President Obama !

iPad’s turned out to be very blendable.

Is there no end to its uses ?

Our old pal Christopher Walken got his very own caricature at Sardi’s.

Oh wait, no he didn’t.

Muslim convert & allround people hater Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, better known to his mom as Zachary Adam Chesser, “warned” the creators of South Park for maybe depicting Muhammad.

Wow, what a guy !

Zach was later arrested on charges of terrorism after wanting to join up with the Sharia Lovers AKA al-Shabaab in Somalia. Helpful fellow as he is, he was probably on his way to “warn” them about something.

Hopefully he’ll be able to continue helping people by “warning” them… in prison.

TV series 24, in its 8th & final season, began its final 6 episodes which lead to several posts of quotes as a lazy tribute of sorts.

Sick person Roman Polanski claimed he wasn’t awaiting extradition for the sex crime of raping a minor but for the sake of publicity.

Disgusting little man Woody Allen came to Polanski’s defence.

Never knew they were friends but him doing that was about as shocking as Republicans proclaiming their undying love for rich white people.

Then, Everybody Draw Muhammad Day rolled around but its originator & South Park fan Molly Norris suddenly showed her true colours by distancing herself from the very event she called for.

EDMD came & went but Molly had to go into hiding & even changed her identity.

Seeing as she could look like anyone or anything now, perhaps we should hold a new EDMD… Everybody Draw Molly Day ?

Unsure if anyone had actually participated in EDMD, I went in search of these people & found only 1 willing to chat about it.

& although a drawing was made, he or she was too lazy to scan it.

Artist & actor Dennis Hopper died, followed only a few days later by the animal loving actress Rue McClanahan.

After which this web log was hit by people looking for all things pertaining to Wonder Woman because of her new direction in a less revealing outfit.

…probably the first time a woman has gotten so much attention for dressing up more.

The Food Standards Agency said products from cloned animals were safe to consume.

Repaying your already bought food is the biggest scam ever but no one complained.

Speaking of scams, after the intended remake failed to materialize the Weinstein Bros were close to losing their film rights for Hellraiser, so a new sequel was rushed into production.

Expect this oscar winner at your local DVD outlet, together with other fine direct-to-DVD Weinstein “movies” like the 7th Children Of The Corn (Revelation) & of course Feast 3: The Happy Finish.

Several years of odd search engine terms directing people here, lead to the start of “BISHFWILF” posts.

I have no idea why you’re here or what you expected to find but bless you “Burqa Sex” perverts for upping my site statistics !

September began by blogging on my blog about bloggedy blog blog.


After EDMD, International Burn A Koran Day made its debut.

As far as participation goes, this made up holiday event was less successful than EDMD but it ended up giving its originator Terry Jones, an unknown furniture seller Pastor, lots & lots of media exposure around & on 9/11.

Hey, how’s that furniture business going Terry ?

After nearly 70 days, all 33 trapped Chilean miners were rescued in a capsule from their collapsed Atacama desert mine.

Books & movies of men sitting around in total darkness are forthcoming.

We can only hope the Weinsteins aren’t involved…

Marvel showed its determination in making The Incredible Hulk profitable no matter what & announced a vague plan for a new TV series.

Why not retool it into a series about a female lawyer & her inability to stay calm under stress which makes her rip her clothes off ?

The actor Simon MacCorkindale died.

La France went le très nuts after learning they had to retire at a later age.

The actor Tom Bosley died.

Not a happy day.

In Burma, a new type of strange yet familiar looking snub-nosed monkey was discovered.

The creepy day of Halloween occurred on the same day a very real creepy event took place…

Owen McLauchlan, an EMT, showed us why having your tea break = being 1 of the a sick people.

As the coldness of winter started to set in, news arrived of an acquaintance of mine who had slipped into a coma & didn’t have long to life.

She died shortly thereafter.

Weird search engine terms kept giving this web log new visitors, so it became time for another BISHFWILF post.

I have no idea why you’re here or what you expected to find but bless you “Slutty Krypton” perverts for also upping my site statistics !

Just as it seemed the Hellraiser franchise was ruined beyond repair, its original creator Clive Barker himself was announced as the co-writer of an upcoming new ongoing comic series.

Praise Leviathan !

& last but certainly not least, there was a surprise image a friend of mine sent me for X-Mas.

12 Months 2010

Hey, Click Me !

Damn !

Anyway, since I guess that’s it for 2010, I’d like to take this moment to wish you folks Happy Holidays from all of us here at X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page.

See you next year… for more posts on Sick People, BISHFWILF & hopefully some Cheesecake too !