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iDiot App(arently)

December 15, 2011

Ahhh, the holidays !

A time for gathering.

& a time for remembrance.

Keeping alive all those we lost by having warm thoughts, is especially poignant during these cold winter months.

Take Avie Tevanian for example.

He lost a pal earlier this year & since then, he, along with many many others, has been remembering him.

The pal in question ?

Why, none other than…

Steve Jobs !

In a recent BBC docu, Avie remembered Steve as a person who…

“…could convince himself of things that weren’t necessarily true & that always worked with him for designing products, where he could go to people & ask them to do something that they thought was impossible.

& I think he truly thought that through some unconventional means he could cure himself.”

Steve Jobs has been called many things.

Genius & innovator for example.

But also a visionary who focused on the important things.

Which is ironic because as a so-called visionary, Steve Jobs was a pretty big control freak when it came to managing his own company & its products but he had a major blind spot regarding his own health.

Now, if he’d been some lonely unknown guy, nobody would’ve cared because nobody would’ve known.

But this… unwillingness to do that which was needed to maximize his chances to survive his battle with cancer not only disregarded Apple employees, stockholders & loyal consumers but also his friends & family.

Not following the advice of those closest to you during such circumstances & risking certain death… I just don’t get that.

By not doing that which was right for his own longterm health, he not only let all of them down, he let himself down.

An unfortunate truth colder than winter.


Fantastic Or Craptastic ?

January 25, 2011


Months ago, Disney Marvel Comics let an indifferent world know they were going to kill off 1 of the Fantastic Four in issue 587.

The storyline called “Three” would lead to an event… that would change everything… once again.

I type “once again” because if you’ve ever read comics for a certain period of time, you know that in the universe of comics things are promised but seldom delivered.

In the case of death, several major characters from both Marvel & DC have croaked over the last few decades…

– That redheaded chick from X-Men, she died
– The original illegal alien, Superman, he died
– & even Spider-Man died, several times too

None of these stuck & with each resurrection, the impact of death became non-existent.

All crap aside, current FF writer Jonathan Hichman has done some really terrific work with the 4 imaginauts.

In fact, he planned all of this long in advance & has been building towards this so it’s not meant as some quick cheap shock.

However, members of the FF dying is in itself hardly new.

Sometime back in the 90’s Mr Fantastic, Reed Richards, died at the hands of his archnemesis Dr Doom, then he came back.

A few years ago The Thing, Ben Grimm, was killed off in Mark Waid’s & Mike Wieringo’s run on the title only to be resurrected some issues later.

& more recently The Invisible Woman, Sue Richards, was killed off… sort of… by previous writer Mark Millar.

So, I can’t imagine being that impressed by the tale’s conclusion.

However, I want to have faith in Jonathan Hickman & so I’ve purposely kept away from the I-Net for fear of spoilers.

In fact, it appears that Marvel themselves released the identity of the soon-to-be-deceased earlier this Tuesday.

Anyways, I have the issue in front of me & I’m going to read it & then post if it really lived up to the hype…




…not bad but not great either.

There was a nice build-up of tension along the way with Reed Vs Galactus in space, Sue Vs Namor underwater & Johnny & a de-powered Ben Vs Annihilus & his army in the Negative Zone.

But the end… it wasn’t all that.

It really wasn’t.

The impact would have been so much greater with not knowing beforehand “Three” would end like this.

Oh well.

Fictional characters or not, I’m sure there’ll be grief & such in the short term but exactly how the death of Johnny Storm will “change everything” in the long term is unclear…

…unless it’s a comeback of H.E.R.B.I.E. ???

H.E.R.B.I.E. Returns

Harmful / Humorous / Hope

February 2, 2010

There are many kinds of people on this planet.

But for simplicity’s sake, let’s just look at 2 of those…

– There’s people who destroy their health on a daily basis

– & PR spokespersons who unknowingly explain things in a funny way

Indonesian Andi Susanto is an example of the #1 type.

Ever since being a little Andi (schoolboy age) he’s smoked cigarettes.

It had been always fine” he told The Jakarta Post.

Of course it had Andi, of course it had.

Anyhoo, as Andi (31 now) sped to his security guard job on his motorcycle, he lit up his 3rd tobacco roll.

Imagine his surprise when instead of finding the smooth heart stopping taste and rich lung destroying flavor, he was greeted by…

an explosion !

It knocked out several of his teeth, lead to 51 stitches & scars for life.

Now no one really knows why the cigarette decided to explode but the cigarette company behind Andi’s brand of choice made a statement…

We do not put any strange materials in the cigarettes, so we think that this is a weird case. This is the first time for us.

That’s right, not only are there NO strange materials whatsoever in cigarettes but should you happen to find any then the manufacturers didn’t put them there.

Thankfully, otherwise you might think they’re dangerous or something…

Scared of losing business Out of the goodness of their hearts, the tobacco company decided to fork over cash ($535) in an out-of-court settlement & also pay for the medical treatments.

As for Andi ?

He said he was going to try & quit.

Bit of a shame it took something extreme like an exploding cigarette but good for you Andi, good for you…

Source: Who knew those crazy PR people had a sense of humor ?

B4 X-Mer: It’s March (already) !

March 4, 2006

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

Hello folks,
Blogperson here
It’s March, yes March. The 3rd month of the year. The year has now truly begun. We’re no longer in those first 2 months where you can get used to the new year.
Realize that there are less than 10 months left for this year to end. Have you taken the steps you wanted to ?
There’s still time
Hurry my friends, hurry.
For life passes by you swiftly…
…& then you’re truly dead.
Yours sincerely,
– Me –