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February 23, 2011

About writing Justice League Of America for DC Comics…

I do get frustrated, but it comes with the job. The nature of monthly comics has changed drastically over the past 20 years. JLA used to be THE place to go to see the big guns together, dealing with the gravest threats in the DCU. Now there are several big event crossovers a year, and those titles are where the huge stories happen. So I have to tell stories that feed into and come out of those events. I’d prefer if, as on Justice League Unlimited, I could tell stories that were at the center of the characters lives, but that was a very different circumstance. JLA the comic is part of a larger patchwork, and my mandate is to support the bigger story of the DCU.

A pitch to Marvel Comics regarding the depiction of African American characters…

Proposal By Dwayne McDuffie

The sudden death of such a vocal, honest & talented creator like this is a real loss.

On a personal level, I loved your “Damage Control” concept & the comics you wrote based upon that.

Thanks for those.

Dwayne McDuffie RIP


Fantastic Or Craptastic ?

January 25, 2011


Months ago, Disney Marvel Comics let an indifferent world know they were going to kill off 1 of the Fantastic Four in issue 587.

The storyline called “Three” would lead to an event… that would change everything… once again.

I type “once again” because if you’ve ever read comics for a certain period of time, you know that in the universe of comics things are promised but seldom delivered.

In the case of death, several major characters from both Marvel & DC have croaked over the last few decades…

– That redheaded chick from X-Men, she died
– The original illegal alien, Superman, he died
– & even Spider-Man died, several times too

None of these stuck & with each resurrection, the impact of death became non-existent.

All crap aside, current FF writer Jonathan Hichman has done some really terrific work with the 4 imaginauts.

In fact, he planned all of this long in advance & has been building towards this so it’s not meant as some quick cheap shock.

However, members of the FF dying is in itself hardly new.

Sometime back in the 90’s Mr Fantastic, Reed Richards, died at the hands of his archnemesis Dr Doom, then he came back.

A few years ago The Thing, Ben Grimm, was killed off in Mark Waid’s & Mike Wieringo’s run on the title only to be resurrected some issues later.

& more recently The Invisible Woman, Sue Richards, was killed off… sort of… by previous writer Mark Millar.

So, I can’t imagine being that impressed by the tale’s conclusion.

However, I want to have faith in Jonathan Hickman & so I’ve purposely kept away from the I-Net for fear of spoilers.

In fact, it appears that Marvel themselves released the identity of the soon-to-be-deceased earlier this Tuesday.

Anyways, I have the issue in front of me & I’m going to read it & then post if it really lived up to the hype…




…not bad but not great either.

There was a nice build-up of tension along the way with Reed Vs Galactus in space, Sue Vs Namor underwater & Johnny & a de-powered Ben Vs Annihilus & his army in the Negative Zone.

But the end… it wasn’t all that.

It really wasn’t.

The impact would have been so much greater with not knowing beforehand “Three” would end like this.

Oh well.

Fictional characters or not, I’m sure there’ll be grief & such in the short term but exactly how the death of Johnny Storm will “change everything” in the long term is unclear…

…unless it’s a comeback of H.E.R.B.I.E. ???

H.E.R.B.I.E. Returns

This Time… It’ll Really Work !

October 15, 2010

I suppose it was only a matter of time until it finally happened.

An announcement was made & now the Jade Giant, the Green Goliath, the one & only Hulk will return.

Yet again.

No no, this isn’t about his appearance in “The Avengers” in 2012.

It’s another solo effort for the incredible one.

But what’s really incredible is that Marvel apparently doesn’t know when to call it quits.

Why are they so keen on continuing to peddle the (sofar-not-so-incredible) Hulk franchise after so many previous attempts did not generate successful results ?

None of the past Hulk cartoons had a long run & the latest one “Hulk: Gamma Corps” was cancelled while still in the pre-production stage.

Meanwhile, the 2 recent live-action movies both, for different reasons, failed to really capture the interest of Joe & Jane Moviegoer.

Ok, cartoons didn’t last & movies didn’t work.

So… what’s left ?

Well, apparently a brand new live-action TV series ?!?!

While the original 70s TV series starring Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno was eventually cancelled, it was & still is the most successful incarnation of the Hulk outside comics.

Bring back the original intro & outro themes, add some realistic looking CGI & this might just work.

Oh & while you’re at it, introduce a certain female cousin who practices law…

Jen Tells It Like it Is

A Special Message For A Special Someone

February 14, 2010

It’s the ’80s.

CBS airs a successful TV series starring Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno.

It is called “The Incredible Hulk”.

However, this success & the fact that “The Six Million Dollar Man” TV series lead to spin-off “The Bionic Woman” leaves Marvel Comics with fears that sooner or later a female version of the green monster will be introduced.

Not wanting to lose ownership for this hypothetical character, Stan Lee & John Buscema create her origin for Marvel…

Since her 1st appearance back then, she’s had 3 comic series of her own, multiple appearances in other comics, guest roles in cartoons & even rumours of her starring in a live action movie.

Hopefully someday.

February 2010 marks her 30th anniversary.

That is a milestone event & nothing in the entire Universe was going to keep us from congratulating the world’s sexiest, sassiest & strongest superheroine.

From everyone here at X-Mer, sincere congratulations on this sensational anniversary of yours, Jennifer.

May your success continue to shine for another 30 years & more…

Congrats Jen !

Women’s Fantasies Made Real

December 16, 2009

Hot on the heels of the Wonder Woman comic reaching issue 600 comes more woman + comics news…

Girl Comics, a 3-issue monthly limited series starting March 2010, will feature content made entirely by female comic contributors.

Published as an anthology, this Marvel Comics project will have women writers, women artists, women inkers, women editors, etc.

But will this group be able to prove they have better story ideas for the character of Jennifer Walters AKA She-Hulk than their male counterparts ever had ?

She-Hulk Beats Iron Man

Here’s hoping, as I certainly like the cover for issue 1…

It’s A $mall World… After All !

September 1, 2009

Many WTFs were uttered across the I-net (& in real life) when it became known that…


Yes, as you’ve no doubt heard / read by now… comic book publisher Marvel has been taken over by The Walt Disney Company.


Although shocking news, Disney suits were quick to reassure us that nothing would change.


But don’t take my word for it, let’s take a looksie @ a little thing I like to call… Evidence.

You see, before Marvel, Disney got their slimy paws on another property with famous characters.

The Muppets !

Sounds great, right ? I mean, Disney is this big & powerful entertainment company & those loveable Muppets hadn’t been seen on weekly TV since the end of “Muppets Tonight” in 1998.

Now this particular takeover was back in 2004. Think carefully, have you seen (m)any Muppet projects on TV since ?

Yeah, neither have I.

But then again Spidey, the Fantastic Four & others are monthly comics, not weekly TV series, so what could possibly go wrong ?


It’s Not Easy Being Green

August 1, 2009

You might have search-engined her stunning pic(s) back to this very blog before but even if you’re new here, I’d still like you to welcome back…

the world’s sexiest…


& strongest superheroine.

The one…

the only…

She-Hulk !

Now before you scroll down fully aroused or even turned off @ the thought of seeing pictures of my fave Gamma Gal, I’d like to point out a difference.

Sure, @ 1st glance this entry might seem like the latest in a long line of posts filled with gratuitous pics of semi-naked muscular women superheroines BUT there’s a good reason this time…

You see Marvel is finally really pushing the name “She-Hulk” these days, which would normally be a good thing since her very own comicbook was cancelled just recently.

However, none of these initiatives actually involve her.

Sound confusing ?

Well, worry no more ’cause you’re just 1 downwards scroll away from total enlightment…

Example I:


Right as the original’s comic was being cancelled this new version showed up. That kind of perfect timing could be coincidence but did they have to name her comic “The Savage She-Hulk” ?

Anyway, her name is Lyra & (get this) she’s the genetically engineered daughter of the Hulk… who came all the way from the future (of course), where (if we go by her outfit) there’s an apparent serious shortage of clothing material (the poor thing hulk).

Seem bad ? Well, it gets worse… really…

Example II:


No, not a hoax (but a joke nonetheless) & just announced by Marvel, it’s the all-new (& apparently weapon carrying) RED She-Hulk !

Yeah, why stop at RED skinned Hulk (don’t ask) when you can have a female version running around as well ? Some “writer” must’ve given 1 hell of a pitch because that’s what it comes down to.

& just to be clear, no, this isn’t the original She-Hulk wearing bodypaint or something like that. This… “character” is someone else who just happens to be She-Hulk (in name only) & as you can no doubt see, has even worse luck than Lyra with her outfit.

Now if the red Hulk is named Rulk (yech !), does that make this woman She-Rulk ???

Or… dare I type it… Shrulkie ???

Marvel ! Enough nonsense already ! After the cancellation, the obvious replacement by these 2 fake skanks & the original’s recent & oh so convenient disappearance… WTF’s next, hmmm ?

She-Clulk ??? (The clone of She-Hulk)

She-Zulk ??? (The zombie of She-Hulk)

She-Dulk ??? (The daughter of She-Hulk)

Surely, a monthly 12-part long “Death Of A She-Hulk” storyline would sell like hot cakes & generate mucho $$$ for you. So, just get it over with already & kill the original off. Because as things stand, it would actually be a blessing.

In the meantime, to rinse away the bad tastes & end on a happier note, I’d like to present you all with my very own take on the Real Deal.

Yes, she’s both savage & sensational…

the one & only…

Jennifer Walters


(You too can make your own Shulkie @ the South Park Studio.)

Hurting “The Lil’ Guy”…

April 4, 2009


Something unexpected happened folks.

Something REALLY unexpected.

Wolverine, killer & allround friendly superhero, has finally been defeated.

W-was it Sabretooth ?” you ask.

Not even close.

Magneto maybe ?

Wrong again.

Juggernaut then ?

Are you even trying ?

Nope. It was you.

Yes, you did it.

Joe Internet User.

I mean here we have, oops sorry, had a (fictional) man whose mutant powers can heal lethal injuries, combined with razorsharp claws & a killerinstinct.

& yet where every spandexclad supervillain failed these last couple o’ decades, you succeeded in the blink of an eye… just by clicking your mouse.

What ? You don’t think you achieved total victory here ?

The man has been so utterly broken by the ordeal that instead of going after you (relax, he’s fictional, remember ?) he had to get help from the Feds (they however are real, best start running).

So, congrats ! …I think



June 28, 2008

I’m @ a loss for words here but let’s give it a try anyway.

Honestly, I’ve never cared for Bad Girl art.

The very type of female characters he drew over & over again throughout his career.

However, that is a rant for another time & place because dying aged 37 is just… baffling to say the very least.

Michael Turner RIP

Another Day, Another Woman

June 21, 2008

“Look out Elektra, it’s Bullseye !!!”

“Nah, just kidding… hey, what are you gonna do with that sai ?”

“Oooh crap”

No need to worry there bub, ’cause it all turned out just fine in the end.

However did you save yourself ?” I hear you ask.

Well you see, I gave her the address of those guys who made that movie of her.

‘Nuff said :mrgreen:


February 12, 2008


I never read “Howard The Duck”, I never heard of “Omega The Unknown”, I never saw “Thundarr The Barbarian” but I sure as Hell loved your Elseworlds stories “Superman: Last Son Of Earth” & sequel “Superman: Last Stand On Krypton”.

Thank you so much for those tales if not much much more than that.

Steve Gerber RIP

Girl Wets Her Outfit

February 1, 2008

My, my, my, will the wonders of comics never cease* ?

Well folks, just between you & me…

I sure hope not ! :mrgreen:

Namorita painting

You go swim Namorita !

(*obviously, I meant characters being able to talk to marine life. Not hot women shown in nothing but the flimsiest of clothing as they swim around & around & around like some angelic vision straight out of your very own dreams**)

((**obviously, I’ve never had such dreams***))


More Merry Marvel Miniature Mayhem !

December 31, 2007

Here’s a 3rd one for you to see & drool your oral fluids at.

Yes, it’s Sue Richards AKA the Invisible Girl. No Jessica Alba here folks, just an honest to goodness manipulated South Parkian.

Invisible Girl

Go make your own at South Park Studio. It’s fun, I tells ya !

Iron Maniac

October 5, 2007

Aaaaaaaaaaaand here’s number 2 !!!

What’s that ?

Not THAT #2… ewww !

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man

Courtesy of the creative South Park Studio site, I give you people…

Tony Stark AKA that magnificent SOB who used to be a real hero 🙂

All You Need Is A Paper Clip, Some String & An Empty Milk Carton

October 4, 2007

@ the South Park Studio you TOO can create your very own South Park characters.

Why, create your Ma, your Pa, heck do yourself !

And here’s one I made earlier…

Daredevil South Park

Mmm, ovenfresh !

& Now… A Gratuitous Pic Of A Green Gal Ripping Her Clothes Off !!!

July 23, 2007


Woo-Hoo !

How’s that for deep meaningful insight into the way the Universe works, hmmm ?

American Hulk X

April 16, 2007

Upcoming movie “The Incredible Hulk” has found itself a leading man.

Edward Norton IS Dr Banner but not until the 13th of June in 2008. Unlike the previous Ang Lee effort, this movie is to be more in the vain of the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno TV-series.


Can a She-Hulk movie be far behind ???

Comic Reading 101

March 6, 2007
  • The Walking Dead: Zombies in a world gone mad – published by Image Comics
  • Justice Society Of America: The heroes Superman looks up to – published by DC Comics
  • Ex Machina: After 9/11 NY chooses a superhero to be mayor ? – published by Wildstorm
  • Spider-Girl: Old skool Marvel superheroics – published by Marvel Comics
  • Man Hunter: Taking matters into her own hands, Kate Spencer owns ! – published by DC Comics

These are some THE best comics you should be reading but probably aren’t !

Don’t waste time reading this blog, go find these gems…

B4 X-Mer: Read It & Weep (Of Joy)

February 24, 2007

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

Here’s an updated list of GREAT comics for you to enjoy reading !
Kate Spencer had enough of super villains escaping justice & has taken matters into her own hands with no powers & only a handful supergadgets. Don’t you dare ignore this gem !
Justice Society Of America
The original Flash & Green Lantern along with Wild Cat continue their fight against evil in these modern times with a new set of team members by Geoff Johns. Nuff said !
May "MayDay" Parker is not only Peter Parker’s daughter but also Spider-Man’s. Follow her ongoing adventures in this comic that refuses to be cancelled, written in the classic Marvel manner
The Walking Dead
You like zombie flicks ? Shame they always end but not this puppy. Nosirree, this is the ULTIMATE zombie movie, it has no ending & keeps going & keeps going & keeps going & keeps going & keeps going
Detective Comics
You liked Batman: The Animated Series ? This comic is now being written by that creator. It’s top quality Batman, so get it now before you miss out completely
You like fairytales with a modern twist ? You won’t know until you try it out & find yourself hooked on the going-ons in these tales & then go right for the newly created spin-off "Jack Of Fables" starring the one & only Jack Of The Tales

B4 X-Mer: Reading Great Comics = A Jolly Good Time !

May 2, 2006

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

Hey there, how’s it going for you ?
Been reading comics but they’re not doing it for you ? Well, "Straczendis" type of writers will kill the joy out of reading comics any time.
Don’t be fooled by the ignorant masses who mistake their derivative claptrap for good writing.
NO! No, I say. Demand quality from your monthly funnies !
As luck would have it, I’ve compiled a little something I like to call…
The List O’ Cool Comics  
A list of comics you COULD actually be reading but quite possibly aren’t for whatever silly reason. Isn’t that great of me, to help you out like that ? Yeah, I’m the best & all that. Go me ! Anyhoo, here it is then.
All Star Superman
Written by Grant Morrison & published by DC
Written by Peter David & published by Marvel
Written By Brian K Vaughan & published by Marvel
Written By Dan Slott & published by Marvel
Ex Machina
Written By Brian K Vaughan & published by DC/Wildstorm
Written By Paul Levitz & published by DC
The Walking Dead
Written By Robert Kirkman & published by Image
Moon Knight
Written By Charlie Huston & published by Marvel
The Incredible Hulk
Written By Greg Pak & published by Marvel
Written By Walter Simonson & published by DC
So, there you go True Believer. Now you’ve got NO excuse anymore…