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Madness? This… Is… Déjà Vu !!!!!!!!!!

September 19, 2012

*sees news*

*checks calendar*

…November 2011, is that you ???

Either I’ve travelled back in time (without a DeLorean)…

or French mag “Charlie Hebdo” has published Muhammad cartoons, again.

But that’s ok folks, cuz this time things’ll go differently.

Yeah, this time fanatical Muslims’ll change their attitudes.

This time, it won’t be a problem.

This time, it’s ok.

Don’t we already know fanatical extremists are total insecure & immature douchenozzles by now ?!?!?

Doing the same thing over & over again but expecting a different outcome = insanity.

…so, what exactly is the point of publishing the cartoons now ???

It really feels like being stuck in an unending loop of madness…

“Madness ? This. Is. SPARTAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!”

Well, whaddaya know ? It wasn’t déjà vu after all but actual time travel… what a relief… my, you’re muscular…


There’s Some Really Sick People In This Town #11

March 23, 2012

Welcome to another instalment of this irregular series of posts about that other side of humanity.


AKA “the noble profession”, has a very very important role to play in our society.

With more & more parents thinking that parenting means just saying “Yes” to whatever their kids want instead of actually nurturing them by being a role model & laying down some basic rules, teachers nowadays have the task to impart ignorant youngsters with lessons about Life.

It’s a responsibility that Lorraine Collin (a schoolteacher from England who works in Rouen, France) doesn’t take lightly.

& like so many of us, she too heard the news about the Toulouse shootings by a masked man on a scooter that resulted in the deaths of a rabbi, 3 soldiers & also some schoolchildren.

Crimes which were commited by 23-year old terrorist, Mohammed Merah.

Once a juvenile delinquent who served a prison sentence, Merah later deliberately traveled to the Afghani/Pakistani border region.

Upon his return to France, he began to amass an arsenal of weapons, stole a scooter for usage during the then upcoming killing spree & finally filmed these murders with his camera.

Later, during negotiations with the French police as they surrounded his home, he apparently confessed that he regretted not having been able to kill more people.

Shortly thereafter, a sniper killed Merah as he tried to shoot his way out.

Anyhoo, after that all went down in Toulouse, Lorraine Collin, our female schoolteacher from Rouen decided these recent events were way too important to simply ignore.

So, she decided to incorporate them into her class.

But unforseen behaviour by her very own students put a halt to that.

Because most of them walked out of the classroom after…

…she asked them to hold a minute of silence for Mohammed Merah 😯


It’s difficult to do when kids don’t wanna listen.

& just in case you think I made it all up, here’s the odd link o’ truth.

L’Amour Est Vaste !

November 9, 2011

I suppose we’ve all been there, 1 time or another.

You find yourself making a joke about someone but instead of them laughing about it, they’re hurt.

Yeah, even though you meant well the person in question just doesn’t appreciate your (attempt at) humour.

That can be quite akward.

So, what to do after your joke has failed ?

What can you say or do to the hurt party & make things better ?

Apologize & then promise never to do it again ?

Hell NO !

You give ’em the lurve they want, the lurve they so desperately need !

Charlie Hebdo Sweet Lurve Cover

Makes you feel all warm inside, don’t it ?

“Le Oh Crap !” (That’s French For “Oh Crap !”)

October 19, 2010

Zees unions are striking ?

Oh, poor France !

Zee fuel eez almost gone ?

Oh, poor poor France !

Zee juvenile delinquents students are seizing zee opportunity to destroy stuff & spread zee chaos ?

Oh, poor poor poor France !

Well, at least France eez très safe from all zose ‘orrible burqa wearing women after zat law you passed…

Ehhh, Zee Fonz !