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Holly Jolly

December 25, 2012

Has beard.

Performs miracles.

&… doesn’t exist.

You know who I refer to.

It’s his day after all.

So, deal with it already !

Santa Baby

Merry X-Mas.



December 21, 2012

Kylie Says No To The Apocalypse


What do you know, Oz midget ?

You’re only an expert in sashaying around in skimpy tight clothes while aging anything but gracefully.


I’ve eaten delicious junk, I’ve sent out my X-Mas cards & I’ve paid all my bills.

Mayan Apocalypse… I’m [censored] ready for you ! 😈

Mu On Mo #51 – Highway To Hell

December 17, 2012

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

Snow, presents, decorations.

All ways to tell the most wonderful time of the year is near.

Except here.

Hello & welcome to this penultimate Mu On Mo.

My mom &… her husband have another tradition.

Every year around this time they have an awful fight.

It can even involve the local law inforcement but that’s only on very special occasions.

Very recently, I had the good fortune to witness a lil’ bit of their yearly drama.

Afterwards, when… her husband had left, she said the folowing sentence…

“God, if you really exists, perform a miracle & see to it this bastard never returns !”

This & their recurring love & understanding are quite funny, especially around this this time of the year, as they both see themselves as Christians.

Which reminds me of a song that got the following comment on YouTube…

“OMG i just adore potatoes”

I know, right ? 😀

Roasted, mashed, boile …wait what ?

Anyhoo, enjoy this apt song…

For all dysfunctional yet devout birds of a feather, that was Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin.

See you 1 more time for a lil’ more Music On Monday ?

…that’s if we’re still around after December 21st O_O

Supreme Surprise

December 19, 2011

Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Il… dead ???

Whoa ! A gift from North Korea instead of the North Pole ?

This news is so unexpected that I feel… I-I think I feel …I feel a song coming on…

Have a holly jolly Christmas !

♪♫ It’s the best time of the year !

♪♫♪ I don’t know if there’ll be snow… but have a cup o’ cheer !


But seriously, this whole 2011 thing’s been pretty bad for dictators & others of their ilk.

& even though each removal from power was like 1 Christmas miracle after the other, Christmas itself is not here… yet.

So, could more of these miracles be just around the corner ?

& if so, who’s next ?

Is there anyone left ?

Pope Benedict XVI ? Hmmm, he was elected but his organisation isn’t very big on gay people on account of them being sexual deviants & yet molesting kids is ok somehow.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ? Hmmm, he’s not very big on women driving but then again women are pretty bad behind the wheel.

Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus ? Hmmm, he’s kinda unknown but nonetheless very evil… I think.

Oh, just kill all of them Jesus.


…well, I mean they do say X-Mas time is the time for giving, right ?

Obvious… Yet Can’t Put Your Finger On It

December 16, 2011

From a BBC report:

Human rights groups in Bangladesh have demanded a severe punishment for the husband of a young wife who allegedly cut off most of her right hand.

Police say Rafiqul Islam, 30, attacked her because she pursued higher education without his permission.

Doctors say the fingers cannot be re-attached and it appears that Ms Akther will have to live with permanent disfigurement.

Wow, that’s truly awf… wait, what was that name again ?

Rafiqul… Islam ???


Yeah, sooo…


…nah, it’s just too easy.

Oh, what the Hell !

I mean, it is nearly X-Mas, right ?

Ok, lemme see here…

– When it comes to the household, Mr Islam has all the fingers in the pie.

– Bangladeshi proverb for women: Seeking education is like giving the finger to your husband… literally.

– The finger points towards you Mr Islam… all 5 of them !

– I guess he wanted her to wrap her fingers around him… in bandages.

– There goes 1 man who prefers to “work” his wife’s fingers right to the bone.

– Education can have severed consequences for women.

& because the obvious is funny too…

– Well whaddaya know, all those rightwinged fearmongers were right about “Islam” being evil after all !

But in light of this tragedy, let’s be serious for a moment here.

Mr Islam, I dunno if you’re currently reading this great post but your point of view is totally understandable.

What was this woman thinking to do such a thing ?

& since you love fingers so much I figured I’d give you a nice gift for this holiday season…

Giving Da Finger To Mr Islam

X-Mas Arrives Early…

October 14, 2010

&… they did it.

After a long long wait of nearly 70 days, the last of 33 guys was finally pulled up from a desert mine in a weird looking type of elevator.

At first they said it wouldn’t… couldn’t happen until X-Mas time but since all of the miners were rescued today, it’s kind of like an early X-Mas present.

For all of us everywhere…

Obama Vs Osama – Help Wanted !

January 2, 2010

Hello & welcome to 2010.

A few days after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up an aeroplane on Christmas Day, our old pals from al-Qaeda claimed the responsibility for it.


Now, maybe I’m missing a vital piece of the puzzle here but didn’t this punk kid fail in his attempt to make the explosives go off ?

Didn’t he fail & get burned while failing ?

Didn’t he fail, get burned & then put into a type of headlock by a brave but Regular Joe of a fellow passenger while failing ??

Didn’t he fail, get burned, get put into a type of headlock by a brave but Regular Joe of a fellow passenger & then get stripped of his clothes as the aeroplane landed safely while failing ???

No matter where you’re from, we can all agree one 1 thing…

That was a serious piece of Failure.

& no one likes failure.

…sooo, why does al-Qaeda want to be associated with something like that ???

Why go all “Hey world ! Guess what ? WE were behind this !” ?

I mean there were ZERO casualties & last time I checked, terrorists loved having big piles of bloody casualties.

Some think the reason was just to be named in all the international news reports but that’s impossible because that would mean terrorists are just like women emotionally insecure attention seekers…

Ok, so maybe it was all about foiling the airport security, thereby showing us no one is safe ?

Well… maybe.

But the bar for those kind of actions was raised significantly by the couple known as the Salahis.

They managed to enter the White House, shake President Obama’s hand & even stayed for dinner afterwards without ever receiving terrorist boot camp training or even an invitation.

It’s only when a major organization like al-Qaeda, having made the headlines with several international acts of terror, suddenly gets pwned by some fame-seeking US couple that you know something is wrong.

Add the still fragile economic climate & there’s a sudden realization that times must be hard for those in the profession of full-time terrorist.

Igniting a West Vs Muslims Global Holy War clearly just isn’t as easy as it used to be. Certainly not if on a special day like Christmas the best they can do is to get a clueless kid that fails spectacularly in his mission.

Sure, the “Help Wanted” sign is hanging out there but with idiots like Umar & Mohammed Muhideen Gelle (that Somali guy in Denmark) signing up, what chance do terrorist groups possibly have ?

No company in the world can flourish with bad employees, now can it ?

As their intended targets, I guess we could gather round & have a nice big laugh at the expense of al-Qaeda & their like, for having troubles but wouldn’t that be like kicking somebody when they’re down ?

…yes, yes it would.


You idiots !


You losers !


You failed !


Kick their asses in 2010, Obama.

B4 X-Mer: Blue X-Mas

December 25, 2005

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

Fact: Christ was not born on the 25th of December some 2006 years ago.

Fact: Officers stand with their legs ridiculously apart.

Fact: A mother can become a backstabber in a split second.

Fact: Aliens invade London but do I get to see it ? No !

Happy X-Mas folks…