It’s A Small-Minded Country… After All ?


It’s a country of fears
A country of tears
It’s a country of hateful edicts
& a country of bloody conflicts
There’s so little that’s fair
That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small-minded country after all !

But seriously…

February 11th 2011 was called “The Friday Of Departure”.

But it maybe it could also be known as “Goodbye Hosni & Hel-looo Selective Democracy !“.

Because less than 5 months after that 11th of February, there’s trouble brewing in Egypt.

Certain Muslims there recently reacted angr… yes, I know nothing new there… but hear me out here… reacted angrily to what they deemed to be an attack on Islam.

& no, it’s not about the pyramids being un-Islamic atrocities, nor is it about the Great Sphinx not wearing a veil.

Nope, instead it’s about a tweet by fellow Egyptian yet Coptic Christian, Naguib Sawiris.

As no doubt so many have done before, this disgustlingly rich telecommunications mogul put up 2 funny looking pictures he’d come across.

They depict Mickey & Minnie Mouse as Muslims, dressed in traditional Islamic garb.

Now, that could’ve been picked up as: “Good, Mickey has finally converted to the 1 true faith !” or “Haha, this is a funny pic !” & also “It’s good to see this can happen now that Mubarak is gone !”.

But instead a cleric expressed his anger on TV, several lawyers filed complaints & the people themselves started a Facebook page against it.

All that & death threats apparently too.

Sooo, freedom of speech isn’t part of the all-new free & democratic Egypt ?

& since when does making fun of extremists = making fun of Islam ??

What, are they as holy & untouchable as Allah now ???

Whether you’re a moderate Muslim or a Coptic Christian, with nonsense actions like these, it must be tough being an Egyptian nowadays.

Mubarak’s barely gone & freedom should flourish but it’s already being stifled by the small-minded brigades.

Lawyers should’ve filed legal documents against these idiots & others of that ilk for destroying the reputation of Islam across the world with their un-Islamic behaviour.

Drag Queen Mickey


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