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9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 04/11

September 4, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #04:

In the 10 years since the events of 9/11, other terror attacks have been covered by the 24-hour news media but also through the internet & its social media like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

We’ve also seen politicians put the topic of Islam on their agenda by for example burqa banning or claiming President Obama is a Muslim in such a manner that it becomes an accusation, like it’s a bad thing.

But even if you don’t watch the news, stay off-line or are a-political, it’s become hard to ignore or even escape all of this because even the entertainment industry has apparently embraced Muslim terror with things like certain seasons of the TV series “24”, WWE wrestler “Muhammad Hassan” & even comicbook writer/artist Frank Miller wanting to create a Batman Vs Al-Qaeda graphic novel called “Holy Terror, Batman !”.

In this past decade, a lot of young Muslims have stated that they’ve started indentifying more strongly with their religion since 9/11 than before because of this always present situation… almost a stigma of sorts.

As you go about your life, has society through the media, its politics & entertainment “forced” you to become more self-aware of your own background ? Has there been a change on some level in your thinking, how you see yourself with this level of attention ?

Friend:weeelllll, I guess it’s made me a bit more hostile, I think. I just keep it in the back of my mind & the more I think about it, the more stupid humanity is in my opinion.

X-Mer: Sick people ?

Friend: Sick people. I can’t really blame them but I don’t know, it really strikes me as ignorant to just accept how it is because it’s “easier”.

I guess it becomes even more easy when you’re not part of the group that’s being singled out, so…

X-Mer: …you can ignore it ?

Friend: Well, I’m not really sure if that’s true because there’s a lot of media that’s making people afraid…

X-Mer: …fearmongering ?

Friend: Yeah, fearmongering & hatemongering. Like I said, in history there’s been lots of periods I think… perhaps it’s been non-stop, that fearmongering’s been going on for centuries. With all the knowledge we have at our disposal, I would think people would get some insight into that.

Still, when you experience it, like I said, I feel more hostile now than I did before but I always kept “it’s going to pass at a certain point, it’s just a period” in the back of my mind. I happen to be part of the group that’s being singled out now & who knows who…

X-Mer: Do you think it will pass anytime soon ?

Friend: Like I said, in my experience it is passing because now you have the Arabian Spring, so you know, people… they see the change… a lot of people are saying: “well, it’s a good thing what’s happening”.

X-Mer: You think they mean that or is it just the polite thing to say ?

Friend: I think they’re genuine.

X-Mer: With these examples like “24” or the news media, how do you think Muslims are being portrayed ? Are they being put in a bad light or is it just a reflection of what’s really going on & so it’s “ok” ?

Friend: Well, I did enjoy “24” for the most part & actually was turned away not because of storylines against Muslims but because they were repeating themselves. It was getting boring.

X-Mer:Look ! CTU is being attacked… for the 88th time ! Oh no !

Friend:Oh no ! That never happened before, what are we going to do ?

But uh… I think I was able to create some distance from it in the sense of “it’s only entertainment”. When you talk about media like television on the 1 hand you have “24” & on the other hand you have “South Park”.

They can be very rude & do crude stuff like that. But the thing about South Park is that the storytellers always show both sides of the tale & they do it very well.

But you know a lot of people, that’s also interesting, a lot of people just see the toilet humour & that kind of puts the attention away from the good storytelling.

X-Mer: [From] what’s really going on ?

Friend: What’s really going on. Those guys are really good storytellers & I think… 1 of the things, I didn’t see it but uh… you had the movie “World Police” & ever since that movie whenever I think of America, I think of world police.

& in a way I think it [world policing] is a good thing & also a bad thing.

X-Mer: Because ?

Friend: Well, it depends on how you present it. Because you had the guy in charge before & then it was very much “us against them” & now we have a guy who says: “we can’t do it alone, we have to work together”.

There are always going to be people against that & saying: “he says that but he doesn’t mean it !”. But I think it’s very important in how you present yourself as… I mean if you’re going to be world police do it in a way that makes people accept you.

X-Mer: Like Obama ?

Friend: Like Obama !

I mean Obama held that speech in Egypt, I can’t imagine Bush would have been… [LOL]

X-Mer: He would’ve been dancing !

Friend: & then the shoes would’ve been flying…

X-Mer: Dodging them left & right ?

Friend: Right, because he presents himself like: “we’re America & we’ll tell you what’s good for you !” & Obama is more like: “we’re the greatest nation in the world, so we have a commitment towards others & we have to help them.”

X-Mer: Sooo, let me see here… just to get back to this point. You said like how people were viewing you, do you think then that society is treating you like a person who happens to be Muslim or a Muslim who happens to be person ? What do you think they see first ?

Friend: It depends on the person you meet & it’s going to be different every time. & it says a lot about the person themselves. & some people are just very sensitive towards what the majority does & that’s kinda disappointing to me. They just follow along & as long as they’re not the ones being excluded, it’s “ok”.


That’s it for part 4 but please check back tomorrow for part 5 of the interview, where I ask my friend about discussing Islamic extremism in the household.


Consumed By That Which Once Fed It

May 20, 2011

Oh wow, look at today’s date.

Can’t believe it’s an entire year later already but in any case…

Happy EDMD everybody !

Yeah, remember good ol’ EDMD & how it all began ?

Once upon a time… there was a US female cartoonist named Molly Norris & one day, after hearing a certain episode of South Park would be censored, she decided as a form of protest to create a cartoon about the prophet Muhammad by depicting him as a cup of coffee (or was that tea ?), a domino stone, a box of pasta, a spool of thread, a single red cherry & a doggie purse (wait what ?).

But then she was seriously threatened (oh no !) by some of Muhammad’s most “devout” followers & she vanished into the night never to be seen or heard of again !

Now, no person in their right mind throws away his or her life for a mere animated cartoon.

& I’m using the word animated loosely here as it’s South Park we’re talking about.

So, either she was a really stupid fan or it must’ve been really really REALLY important for her to do so.

Buuuttt a question remains.

Yes, just a single question.

But an extremely important one…

Where oh where is Molly Norris ?

What is she doing ?

& as whom is she doing it ?

Well wonder no more pilgrim !

Join us here on X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page for the possible answers as we celebrate the first ever…

Everybody Draw Molly Day… South Park style !

First up, Molly Norris before the threats made her disappear & she was still known as plain ol’ Molly Norris…

Molly Norris Then

Add a lil’ bit of Muslim fanatic threat & *POOF* she went into hiding & no one knows who she is or where she is…

Molly Norris Now

So, did she go mad with fear & end up in an asylum or something ?

Yeah, that’s possible.

But what if, while on the run, she ran into some rich Arab guy who then recognized her ? She could’ve asked him to forgive her for her actions & spare her life, right ?

Molly Norris Now

So, did she end up as wife #03 assigned to kitchen duty somewhere in the Middle East ?

Yeah, that’s possible.

But what if, while on the run through rough desolate terrains, she came across a small town in the middle of nowhere ?

Molly Norris Now

Wouldn’t that make for the perfect hiding place from religious loonies ?

Yeah, that’s possible.

But what if it’s none of those things & something completely different ?

Molly Norris Now

Yeah, that’s possible too.

In fact, we might never EVER know what really became of ol’ Molly.

However, something tells me wherever she is & whatever she’s doing, she’s happy doing it…

Molly Norris Now

Say, anyone else wondering about the identity of that unknown Navy SEAL that killed Osama ?

Error 404 – Not Found

May 20, 2010

May 20th ?

Why, that means today it’s EDMD.

Happy “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” everyone !

As you may have heard this 1st-ever EDMD was thought of by a female cartoonist from the US called Molly Norris .

She did this because of what happened in New York & Washington DC on 9/11… no, I meant because of what happened in Madrid on 3/11 of 2004… no no, it’s because of what happened in London on 7/7 of 2005… wait, EDMD is because of South Park ???

Now that (the animation series) is just stupid.

& also stupid was the whole reason for holding this event.

But even more stupid was Miss Norris because after making the drawing calling for EDMD, posting it on her website & even giving an interview on the radio about it, she chickened out & distanced herself from the whole thing mere days later.

She eventually posted a statement explaining herself, part of which follows below…

“Personally I can feel afraid of Muslims because I really have no idea if in their hearts they hate non-Muslims.

I hope for the sake of this country that moderate Muslims will speak out with everyone else against any violent members of that or any other religion. That way I would know that there is a difference. Maybe this cartoon I made, this fictional poster of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” had such a wildfire effect because it is finally time for Muslims and non-Muslims to understand one another more.

I am going back to the drawing table now!



What kind of response is that ?

To Hell with this clueless “oh-I-dunno-know-if-Muslims-are-evil-or-not” sell-out of a hypocrite.

But her desertion is no reason to worry.

Because we here at X-Mer Central do care for the Freedom Of Speech, so how could we remain silent ?

& by silent I mean picking up the computer mouse & using it for some good ol’ counter terrorism art.

However, EDMD is in no way meant to attack evil Muslim terrorists or even help bridge cultural &/or religious differences between Islam & non-Islam.

This event is nothing more than a piss-poor excuse for non-Muslims to ridicule an entire religion at the expense of everyone including themselves.

& for this very reason I will not be joining up on EDMD to create “art” depicting a certain prophet.

Not all is lost though, as I can still create some art that is not related to EDMD or what it stands for.

A cow

She’s not a prophet, she’s not holy, she’s not even realistic.

She’s a cartoon depiction of a cow & a rather nice one at that.

You see, I had never drawn a cow on my computer before & I’m proud that on this day a stupid event still made me do something new, worthwhile & productive…

Park That Animation Now !

April 23, 2010

You too may have been shocked by the recent news that Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, a follower of a certain religion, threatened warned South Park creators unfunny guy 1 & unfunny guy 2 (or whatever the Hell their names are).

I mean, whatever took this Revolution Muslim guy so long ?

It’s only been on the air since like the end of the LAST century.

But seriously, without South Park around to show a picture of the Prophet, how will these followers ever recognize him upon his return ?

Won’t that cause like serious problems ?

It probably will & here’s how that day might look like…

“Devout” follower A: Hey brother, you sure showed that innocent Western tourist

“Devout” follower B: Thank you brother


– Hi everybody.

“Devout” follower A & B:

– Hi everybody !

“Devout” follower A: Who the Hell are you ?

– It’s me.

“Devout” follower A & B: ?

– You know.

“Devout” follower A & B: ??

– The HOLY one.

“Devout” follower A & B: ???

– Your Prophet.

“Devout” follower A & B: *murderous look* INFIDEL !!!

– W-what ?



– What ? No, I really am your Prophet !

“Devout” follower A: GET HIM !

– Now just a minute… hey, where are you taking me ?


“Devout” follower A: YES, WE SURE WILL !



“Devout” follower A: Could you believe that infidel, brother ?

“Devout” follower B: When will people learn ?

“Devout” follower A: Hey, want to go kill some Jews ?

“Devout” follower B: Of course, brother. Let’s go !

“Devout” follower A: Boy, they were sure stupid to kill off their saviour

“Devout” follower B: They sure were, brother. They sure were…

Evil hates animation

More Merry Marvel Miniature Mayhem !

December 31, 2007

Here’s a 3rd one for you to see & drool your oral fluids at.

Yes, it’s Sue Richards AKA the Invisible Girl. No Jessica Alba here folks, just an honest to goodness manipulated South Parkian.

Invisible Girl

Go make your own at South Park Studio. It’s fun, I tells ya !

Iron Maniac

October 5, 2007

Aaaaaaaaaaaand here’s number 2 !!!

What’s that ?

Not THAT #2… ewww !

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man

Courtesy of the creative South Park Studio site, I give you people…

Tony Stark AKA that magnificent SOB who used to be a real hero 🙂

All You Need Is A Paper Clip, Some String & An Empty Milk Carton

October 4, 2007

@ the South Park Studio you TOO can create your very own South Park characters.

Why, create your Ma, your Pa, heck do yourself !

And here’s one I made earlier…

Daredevil South Park

Mmm, ovenfresh !