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May 20, 2010

May 20th ?

Why, that means today it’s EDMD.

Happy “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” everyone !

As you may have heard this 1st-ever EDMD was thought of by a female cartoonist from the US called Molly Norris .

She did this because of what happened in New York & Washington DC on 9/11… no, I meant because of what happened in Madrid on 3/11 of 2004… no no, it’s because of what happened in London on 7/7 of 2005… wait, EDMD is because of South Park ???

Now that (the animation series) is just stupid.

& also stupid was the whole reason for holding this event.

But even more stupid was Miss Norris because after making the drawing calling for EDMD, posting it on her website & even giving an interview on the radio about it, she chickened out & distanced herself from the whole thing mere days later.

She eventually posted a statement explaining herself, part of which follows below…

“Personally I can feel afraid of Muslims because I really have no idea if in their hearts they hate non-Muslims.

I hope for the sake of this country that moderate Muslims will speak out with everyone else against any violent members of that or any other religion. That way I would know that there is a difference. Maybe this cartoon I made, this fictional poster of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” had such a wildfire effect because it is finally time for Muslims and non-Muslims to understand one another more.

I am going back to the drawing table now!



What kind of response is that ?

To Hell with this clueless “oh-I-dunno-know-if-Muslims-are-evil-or-not” sell-out of a hypocrite.

But her desertion is no reason to worry.

Because we here at X-Mer Central do care for the Freedom Of Speech, so how could we remain silent ?

& by silent I mean picking up the computer mouse & using it for some good ol’ counter terrorism art.

However, EDMD is in no way meant to attack evil Muslim terrorists or even help bridge cultural &/or religious differences between Islam & non-Islam.

This event is nothing more than a piss-poor excuse for non-Muslims to ridicule an entire religion at the expense of everyone including themselves.

& for this very reason I will not be joining up on EDMD to create “art” depicting a certain prophet.

Not all is lost though, as I can still create some art that is not related to EDMD or what it stands for.

A cow

She’s not a prophet, she’s not holy, she’s not even realistic.

She’s a cartoon depiction of a cow & a rather nice one at that.

You see, I had never drawn a cow on my computer before & I’m proud that on this day a stupid event still made me do something new, worthwhile & productive…


They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

April 8, 2010

A caricature, when done right, is positively hilarious.

Those big ears, that lil’ nose, it’s all stuff to exaggerate with & the more = the better the end result.

But what if after anxiously waiting for it, your caricature sucks ?

Not because the artist failed to capture those… unique details that make your face your face but rather because there’s no exaggeration.

At all.

Our good friend Christopher Walken got his caricature done for Sardi’s restaurant, yes the one where the walls are decorated with drawings of famous peeps.

Must’ve been a big deal as the press was there for the unveiling ceremony & what they & ol’ Chris got to see was…

Caricature Walken

WTF !?!

Seriously ?

The assignment is a caricature, the model is Christopher Walken’s wonderful face & that is the end result ???

That’s Christopher Walken like after being Photoshopped into oblivion.

That’s Christopher Walken like from an alternate universe where he’s a male model.

That’s Christopher Walken like 35 years ago (at least).

How could an artist miss all those typical & current Walken-esque details ?

Folks, I’m no caricaturist but give me a crappy art program & I’ll do better than that.

Well, probably not but in the spirit of World Peace I’m willing to give it a shot…

*5 minutes later*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hmm, kinda looks like Jon Voight‘s failed clone or something… but with exaggeration ! :mrgreen:

Well, I’m No Picasso But Do You Like It ?

August 4, 2009

That was the question the Joker asked Vicky Vale back in the 1989 Batman movie & it applies to this next pic too.

President Obama As The Joker On Posters In LA

Now, this manip is SO devilishly clever that it works on several levels. Yes, it actually raises those hard to answer questions throughout society.

For example…

Stupid folk will wonder: “Barack will replace Heath in Batman 3 ???”

Fanboys will wonder: “Why isn’t the Jokama’s hair greener ???”

Rich people will wonder: “Does this mean Batman’s a capitalist ???”

KKK members will wonder: “Is whiteface make-up racist ???”

Now that’s clever !

As for me ?

Well, in the wake of the manip I’m left wondering about art & its place in our lives. Perhaps you’ll join me ?

Gentlemen ! Let’s broaden our minds…

Iranian President Ahmadinejad With A Pancake On His Head

Pancakism ? Oh, Dan Lacey, you genius you !

Well, that’s it for this entry folks ! Y’all come back now, ya hear ?

…wait a second.


1-Page Comic Challenge 2009

May 4, 2009


Yes, even though a follow-up wasn’t planned, the 1-Page Comic Challenge was issued once again.

& after almost a whole month of hard labour (& a neverending supply of wonderful setbacks), it’s finally ready to be shown to an unsuspecting world !

Back in 2008, the very first challenge was issued by me. But this year I was the one to be called out.

It all began sometime late February, possibly early March when a pal o’ mine wanted to do it all over again.

& so we did.

I came up with a story for him to draw & he came up with 1 for me.

The catch being of course, it had to fit on just 1 single page. No more.

We then gave ourselves a deadline of about a month to finish the art & we were off…

But unlike last year, there was a theme this time. Superheroes.

This made the project, for me personally, a lot more challenging than the one we did in 2008.

The previously mentioned setbacks were genuine bastards. Never before had I encountered so much… “resistance” in getting some artwork done.

But in the end, I made it… barely.

Another week or so would have benefited the artwork but drawing & the finishing of the story was still an achievement for me. & now that it’s all over I’m glad I got such a “workout” of sorts with what my friend wrote.

Anyway, both of the finished 1-Page Comics are shown below in thumbnail form for you to get the gist of it.

FREE Comic ! another FREE Comic !

& you can download both of them as full-sized versions from Rapidshare with the following link.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Get both of your FREE COMICS !!! (one of them even has a separate credits page, how’s that for extra value ? :mrgreen: )


These downloadable scans are provided as CBR (Comic Book Reader) files.

To open such a CBR file, you will need a CBR file reader.

Reader for PC: CDisplay (click for download)

Reader for Mac: FFView or Jomic (click for download)

1-Page Comic Challenge 2008

May 15, 2008


I’ve uploaded something I’ve wanted to share with you for some time now.

It all began earlier this year, sometime early February, possibly late January.


Ok, so what happens when you got nothing to do ???

Why, creative stuff of course !

Like for example…

You write a script for a pal who then illustrates it. He then writes one back for you to illustrate.

Awww, how sweet ? Big deal, right ? Not exactly, for you see, there was 1 catch.

The story’s got to fit on a single page !!!

Coming up with a tale & then sorting out the lay-out wasn’t exactly easy but the end results were… well… beautiful & surprising or in other words “a great idea”.

Both of the finished 1-Page Comics are below in thumbnail form for you to get the gist of it.

And you can download the full-sized versions from Rapidshare with the following link.

What are you waiting for ? FREE COMICS !!! (well 2 whole pages :mrgreen: )