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Jew Want Peace ?

November 30, 2012


That’s the only way to describe the whole thing, tragic.

The Middle East that is.

Cuz now that the Palestinians got their wish, thanks to the UN’s General Assembly, peace is further away than ever.

A peace that so many desperately want, a peace so many desperately need.

But now, well…

It’s fairly easy to be brainwashed by these Palestinians, you know ?

Sure, they’re all “we want a free, independent, sovereign country of our own” but have they ever done anything constructive regarding the peace process ?

Unlike them, Israel though has & literally does by building thousands of brand-new houses all over occupied Palestinian land & thus showing the world they really care abou… oy vey.

Middle East Peace



4 More Years !!!

November 7, 2012

2012 US Presidential Election Result

Yes We Won.

Mu On Mo #45 – At Twilight’s Last Gleaming

November 5, 2012

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

Mr President ?

I know you’re there, I mean how could you not read this blog ?

Anyhoo, I have something I want to say.

It’s about the election.

The country’s divided along party & ideological lines like never before.

It looks bad.

In such a polarised socio-political climate, I’ll wish any victor the best of luck.

But this is not about that.

It’s about you losing.

Cuz there’s a chance of that now.

So, if for some reason, whatever the reason, you fail to win.

& don’t get re-elected, I just want to say…

…it’s ok, Mr President.

Cuz while some mockingly called you a Messiah & others gladly believed it, you’ve never been more than a man who did nevertheless perform certain miracles.

You worked hard, Mr President, so so hard & it shows in your tired face & greying hair.

So, should you lose… it’s ok.

You achieved & for that you’ll be reviled by your foes & remembered fondly by your supporters.

But just between the 2 of us, kick Mittens’ white ass as you listen to a patriotic song that got the following comment on YouTube…

“My God hearing her voice is like listening to an angel! She is was truly blessed with a great talent!”


& just how do you know how the voice of mythical being sounds like, hmmm ???

Anyhoo, here comes the talent…

For the election, that was Whitney Houston – The Battle Hymn Of The Republic.

See you another time for more Music On Monday ?

…that’s if we’re still around, right, Mr President ?

Cock……. Up! (That Means Mistake)

August 4, 2012

It seems some folks believe Mitt Romney’s gonna whoop Obama in the upcoming elections.

But to do just that, he’s gonna need all the help he can get because cool people like George Clooney support the Prez.

Well, the Mittster now has that help…

No, not Clint Eastwood but rather Jenna Jameson has come out in support of Mitt Romney.

Yes, porn star Jenna.

Here’s how she put it…

“I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

I’m sure Mitt’s glad you said that, Jenna.

An endorsement of a guy who’ll screw millions of people once he’s in office while being a whore to the far Right by a whore-ish gal who made millions by screwing in some office set.


Mitt Romney Campaign Slogan Revealed


The Next President Of The United States…

July 26, 2012

You know, a lot of people say they have no idea who he is.

Or that they haven’t got a clue what he stands for.

Mitt Romney, quite the enigma.

Until now.

After the recent Aurora cinema shooting, some people dared to question guns.

The Mittster of course responded to that & here’s how he put it…

“But I don’t happen to believe that America needs new gun laws. A lot of what this young man did was clearly against the law.”

“But the fact that it was against the law did not prevent it from happening.”

“…we can sometimes hope that just changing the law will make all bad things go away. It won’t. Changing the heart of the American people may well be what’s essential, to improve the lots of the American people.”

Sooo… if something awful happens, a top level politician like the president of the US need not even bother adapting/introducing laws ?

It’s people themselves, they should… sort it out… somehow by… “changing”, oh yeah, that makes sense.

Vote Mitt Romney, the next president.

Mitt Romney Campaign Slogan Revealed

Obama Vs Osama – This Time… It’s Personal !

March 17, 2012

It’s been less than a year since President Obama‘s main nemesis (no, not… uh… well… whoever the Republicans end up choosing) “ol’ cave mansion dweller” died.

& with Osama dead by way of a bullet through his non-functioning brain (a very very very joyous occassion for every normal person) it became kinda sorta difficult to do more of these posts.

So, I can honestly say I never expected that there’d be another 1 of these O Vs O posts… until now.

Now, just to be clear this has nothing to do with that creepy prediction made some months ago by current Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri AKA The Surgeon (even creepier), about which he said that his pal Osama would come back to haunt us… as a zombie (!) or a ghost (!).

So, that’s a relief but if not that then what is this all about then ?

It’s got to something with those documents the Navy SEALs got their hands on after the mansion raid.

Apparently, Osama had ordered preparations to get underway for an assasination.

The target being none other than the prez.

Which is kinda funny seeing as Obama did more or less the same thing for Osama.

But aside from that & their names, are they in any other way similar ?

Well, Osama was a man whose unsound decisions were followed by a fearless movement of foreign brainwashed morons who hate America.

While Obama’s a man whose sound decisions are followed with fear by moronic countrymen brainwashed by a movement of rightwinged politicians who hate America.

…see the difference ?


It’s… Funny… Because… It’s True ???

March 7, 2012

What is humour ?

One might say it’s exaggerating the Truth.

Here now is Israel’s own Bibi Netanyahoo trying stand-up…

Weeelllll, there’s a quack all right but without the Daffy parts it’s just not that funny but creepy.

But maybe… now he can at least say:

I ran with it” ?

Kicking Ass & Taking Names

February 29, 2012

February 29th.

Figures an apocalyptic year would have a Leap Day.

But as leapy days go, this isn’t exactly the first 1 we’ve had this year.

No sir, in fact we’ve had several in a row now.

You see, “leap days” occur whenever certain persons in a position of power take a so-called leap o’ faith.

& when that happens, common sense & logic are suddenly discarded like pieces of yesterday’s garbage but don’t take my word for it, see if the following non-actions by these powerful people seems familiar…

Hey Bashar Al-Assad, stop killing your people !

Hey Bashar Al-Assad, stop killing your people !!

Hey Bashar Al-Assad, stop ki… um… hel-lo ???

Do these people seriously think he’s ever going to stop just because they tell him to ?

Even if somehow the entire UN, Security Council included, came together as 1 & denounced Assad & his toady cronies like the murderers they are, he wouldn’t stop.

Leap o’ faith = lapse in logic.

I can’t help but think of all those events & ceremonies with “important” speeches about how the horrors of WW II would not & should not occur ever again.

To people opposed to Bashar Al-Assad’s rule, each day is an apocalypse now, something which the UN was formed to prevent from happening & otherwise halt it.

So, quit the excuses & do something to stop it instead of leaping over it again & again & again & again & again.

Here’s what my faith, logic & common sense tell me.

You can’t spell Assad without “ass”.

So go kick it already !

Those Misty Water-Coloured Memories Of The Way We Were

October 21, 2011

Now that Libya has adopted democracy by celebrating death in a way that even puts Mexico’s “Dia De Muertos” to shame, it’s official.

Well, I guess “” going offline was sort of a clue but still… official.

Muammar al-Gaddafi AKA The Colonel is dead.

Some of you will no doubt remember that special term of endearment I used for him…

“Crazy Uncle Mo”.

Truly, an affectionate name if there ever was one but was he really crazy ?

Well, that’s debatable & it might just depend on how well he lived his life.

Some people say that the worth of one’s life can be determined by how many close relationships you have.

No, millions of on-line connections like on Facebook don’t count because that’s not real life.

I mean those actual flesh & blood, touchable in realtime, 3-D type of people that you know in your daily life who make it all worthwhile.

So, without further ado, let’s take a walk down memory lane & see all those perfect strangers we encounter as we go through life & end up calling…

…our friends:

Gaddafi Meeting Strangers & Making Friends

…damn, it’s like looking at a gallery of all those who defriended him.

Hm, guess Life really is a lot like Facebook after all.

Totally crazy.

Gaddafi Empty-Handed & Alone

Mirrør, Mirrør… Whø Fearmøngers Them All ?

August 2, 2011

You know, there’s this thing about politicians.

They’re either really crazy or really boring.

So, it gives me great pleasure to present you the observational humour of Norway’s own fearmongering Fremskrittspartiet (Progress Party) leader… miss Siv Jensen !

Regarding the terror attacks:

“We are facing a guy with a very strange mindset and the ability to do horrible things to society.”

“Guy” she says, hilarious !

But wait, there’s more – like for example:

“The new thing is that we have been in a horrible way reminded of the fact that terrorism can come in many different forms, with different rhetoric behind it, with different crazy ideas behind it.”

Oh man, she just owned her… um… own party.

& speaking of her party, how about that dwindling support, any sharp insights there ?

“The important thing is not polls, the important thing is the election.”

what ? BOOOOO ! Too soon !!!

Siv Jensen On Her Comedy Tour

The Right Thing

July 29, 2011

Q: What’s President Obama‘s #1 job ?

A: America dammit !

& now that the ol’ US of A (& the rest of the world) is in serious, serious trouble because of a lil’ big debt, which is getting bigger all the time, it would sure be nice if he could use some of that special “Yes We Can” thing he does so well & make it all go away.

Well, too bad ’cause that ain’t gonna happen.

No sir, not on the Tea Party‘s watch.

Oh, my finger slipped & I accidentally put up that YouTube vid by mistake.

Anyway, electing these clueless rightwinged racist nutjobs inexperienced conservative patriotic people into politics sure worked out well, didn’t it ?

I mean looong before the Tea Party came about, the GOP was already known as “The Party Of No” but now it’s taken on a whole new meaning it seems.

How did people ever even consider voting for candidates like these ?

Q: Do you want to compromise to fix this now ?

A: “NO !

Pointing out that Democrats are somehow Evil for wanting “poor” (wealthy) people to pay higher taxes than the non-rich people is way more important to us than doing the right thing now.”

Q: Do you have any long term plan to fix this now ?

A: “NO !

We want to do this very same song & dance routine all over again in 2012 as sabotaging President Obama’s chances for re-election next year is way more important to us than doing the right thing now.”

Q: …do you even give a rat’s ass about this country of ours ?

A: “NO !

…uh, of course !”

Having a conviction is 1 thing but standing by it in such an inflexible manner when people’s lives are at stake is silly & scary at the same time.

So, thank you Tea Party ! Thank you so much for doing that Right thing you do so well instead of the right thing.

Ladies & gentlemen, let’s all give ’em a big round of applause… wait, what do you mean “NO !” ???

Natiønal Identity ? – Øh Nøes !

July 26, 2011

Using search engines to go over the I-net, I came across several people who had hastily added their opinions of a similar nature on totally different forums.

It appears that last Friday, the 22nd of July, the I-net exploded with rumours that Muslims were behind a certain attack on a certain country.

But this time the country in question was not America but Norway (a country which 11 out of 10 Americans can’t locate on a map to save their lives).

In any case, while a lot of on-line (& offline as well) peeps prematurely thought it was Al-Hate-a doing yet another naughty thing it was in fact a non-Muslim ethnic Norwegian (gasp !) who did it.

But unlike so many terrorists before him, he gave himself up & was therefore arrested after finishing off a couple of extra Norwegian youths quite some time.

So, now that we have a face to go with said attacker here’s a non-edited pic of the guy…

Mr Andersøn

I believe he has since shaved off that mustache, so he might look a little different now.

Anyhoo, here’s another pic of rightwinged terrorist Anders Behring Breivik or as I like to call him:

Mr Andersøn

Andersøn Breivik


Am I the only 1 that thinks it’s really weird to wear a mask with a breathing/filtering thingie + a protective outfit that covers the entire body except your hands ???

“Honey, I’m home ! The terror attack went great ! I remembered to protect my lungs but I did kinda lose my hands though. However the important thing to remember is that I can still breathe on my own… say, I need to go to the toilet so could you… you know… ?”

Weird, yes ?

Anyway, now that…

Hey, wait a second !

Rightwinged ethnic Norwegian ?

Non-Muslim ?

Cleanshaven ?

Non-Muslim ??


Non-Muslim ???

O.M.G. !

I just realized the horrible truth here !

This rightwinged barehanded non-Muslim bastard has just undermined years & years of painstaking fearmongering efforts & progress therein by such fine upstanding people as Siv Jensen, Toni Brunner & Geert Wilders.

My god man, I hope you’re satisfied !

Glory Glory Hallelujah !

March 22, 2010

At long last.

At long looong last, the day millions of uninsured & sick people have waited for has finally arrived.

Because of the House Of Representatives voting “YES”, health care will now be for everyone.

Just as it should be.

& with this historic reform, the USA can join other countries all around this planet of ours.

Countries where you don’t die just because you lack $$$.

Countries where when you help those in need, you’re not labeled a socialist SOB.

Countries with common sense.

& speaking of common sense, it is truly astounding that in all the months leading up to this wonderful day, the Republicans resorted to only one thing…

Fear Mongering

If this plan of the Democrats was really that bad then how come they didn’t come up with their own plan to reform health care & improve upon the lives of over 30 millions of Americans ?

The very fact that they didn’t speaks volumes but it’s far from new behaviour…

Funny how they’re 101% insured but still quite sick.

Anyhoo, thanks to the hard efforts of many people, they lost & the passing of this bill is finally a reality.

With this, the US President has really earned his medal…

Keep marching on Obama !

Weapons Of Mass Destruction FOUND !

March 20, 2010

Ok, let’s go…

Show the WMDs.

Now, don’t hold out…

Show me the WMDs !

C’mon, enough already…

Show me the effing WMDs !!!

Actually they haven’t been found.

At all.

“Weapons Of Mass Destruction Found !” is what we wanted to hear, read & talk about in the days, weeks & months following the US invasion of Iraq.

Instead, it’s 7 whole years later & where are the WMDs ?

Yes, the US campaign in Iraq began on the 20th of March 2003 & to this very day, not a single trace of these biological, chemical & nuclear weapons has turned up.

They managed to find Saddam Hussein, so why not these dangerous WMDs ?

These things are as hard to find as… well… Osama.

In fact, they’re so hard to find that I’m starting to think Bin Laden himself took them all & hid them in his cave apartment.

Yeah, that makes sense.

But we cannot give up hope of finding these WMDs.

Because if we do, the terrorists will have won !

Let u.s. keep looking for all those lost Weapons Of Mass Deception out there & bring them in so our little Johhnies & little Suzies can sleep safely at night.

It’s the right thing to do !


Have You Seen Me ? For That Matter Has Anyone ?? Am I Real ???

No Chocolate For You !

February 26, 2010

Question: How do you celebrate the birthday of the founder of a major world religion ?

Well, I suppose there are many appropriate ways you could do this.

For example, you could give a hopeful speech just like President Obama does.

But in the case of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, or as I like to call him “Crazy Uncle Mo”, the birthday of the final prophet was marked by…

(wait for it)

(wait for it)

…declaring holy war.

On the West.

Rambling like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, Uncle Mo said the following:

“Let us wage jihad against Switzerland, Zionism and foreign aggression.”

& also…

“Any Muslim in any part of the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against Muhammad, Allah and the Qur’an.”

…Uncle Mo, does that include Muslims eating that deliciously tasty Swiss milk chocolate ?

But seriously, I can imagine how these statements might seem like serious fighting words to untrained eye.

But it’s nothing like that.

Uncle Mo is only taking revenge for the arrest of his wife & son in Switzerland coming to the aid of those poor 4 minarets in Switzerland.

It’s not like he has a hidden agenda here.

& even in the event of World War III, there’s no need to worry about this folks !

As Uncle Mo forgot 1 crucial thing here.

The Swiss do whatever they want because they have…


Source: Who knew Crazy Uncle Mo had a hatred for chocolate ?

Earth Dying = Obama’s Fault

December 8, 2009

December already ???

2009 sure flew by fast.

Possibly too fast but while the year is ending, the UN Climate Change Conference has only just begun.

The main goal of course is to reach some sort of international deal & get a replacement for the soon to end Kyoto Protocol.

Those politicians sure took their time to get there.

& even though mega polluters USA & China are part of the talks, nothing is certain.

Yes, the meeting could very well end with no deal in place.

So, it’s not that strange the people are pointing fingers & blaming these politicians for the issue of Climate Change.

No, not strange because each & every person lives in a bubble.

A bubble where you lead a happy & good life, where everything was great until those greedy corporations came along & started to destroy nature for $$$.

Those evil bastards !

No, you are not to blame for Climate Change.

These past 12 months…

– You could have bought energy saving light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs but did you ?

– You could have used public transportation instead of the car but did you ?

– You could have helped the oceans by not eating fish but did you ?

– You could have bought a reusable shopping bag instead of asking for plastic ones every time you went to the supermarket but did you ?

– You could have saved water by showering instead of taking baths but did you ?

– You could switched off all those electrical appliances instead of leaving them on stand-by mode but did you ?

– You could have lessened air pollution by not taking that vacation by aeroplane but did you ?

Of course you did.

For Climate Change is the politicians’ fault.

Prez Obama in 2020

Earth dying = Blame Obama ?


Earth dying = Blame yourself !

Act NOW… or stay in your bubble.

The Swiss Are Coming !

November 29, 2009

Perhaps you recall a previous post where we talked about Crazy Uncle Mo & his even crazier scheme to convert hot women non-Muslims to Islam ?

His 1st stop was Rome, Italy.

It should have been Zurich, Switzerland.

But… it’s too late now.

For the Swiss people have spoken & now a majority supports a ban on… minarets (you know, those long thingies beside a mosque).

Life must sure be tough over in Switzerland where, apparently, there are as many as FOUR whole minarets.

Yes, 4 of them.

Can you even imagine that level of daily horror ?

No wonder the Swiss People’s Party held a referendum.

Switzerland's Minaret Initiative

& as plans go, this one of course is brilliant.

It’ll teach al-Qaeda a lesson they’ll never forget !

Why, I can almost see the poor bastards already…

Switzerland's Minaret Initiative

So, evildoers all over the world beware !

Because the Swiss are coming & your religion will be next…

Nobel Neutrality

October 10, 2009

Seems Prez Obama won himself a lil’ Nobel Peace Prize today.

Aw, that’s nice.

I mean, how many people can claim they’ve won a prize for achieving absolutely nothing ?

*pause for laughter*

…no, the mentally retarded do not count.

*pause for more laughter*

Anyhoo, all this has made me think of Switzerland.

Good ol’ Switzerland. The land of chocolate, cuckoo clocks, knives, music boxes & of course neutrality.

Yes, the wonderful neutrality of the Swiss.

I wonder if there’s something… anything on this planet that would make the Swiss think twice about their policy ?

Anything at all.


I mean back during WW II their attitude was all like…

Fight Hitler ? Who ? Us ??? LOL ! No, no. We are neutral.”

A World War was being fought out between the forces for Good & the forces for Evil & yet they didn’t budge.

& I’ll bet if Germany had won, they would’ve respected that neutrality.

But back to the question at hand.

…nope, try as I might, I can’t think of a single damn thing that the Swiss would perceive as big enough of a threat to make them change tactics & finally take a stand.

Switzerland's Minaret Initiative

Perhaps they’ll get the Nobel Peace Prize next ?

*pause for yet more laughter*

Unsolved Mystery… SOLVED !

August 17, 2009

Hi there.

Do you like unexplained phenomena ?

Yeah, I’ll bet you do.

@ 1 point or another, everyone will ponder about such things as the Loch Ness monster, UFOs & Mothman.

So for this entry, I’d like to write about a similar kind of mystery.

It’s 1 of those enigmas that you can’t stop wondering about.

Let me put it to you in the form of a question…

Have you ever wondered what’s under a burqa ?

Yeah, I’ll bet you have.

Go ahead & think about it right now…

Women wearing burqas

…well ?

No idea ?

You give up ?

Ok, I’ll tell you what’s underneath a burqa.

Why, another burqa of course !


But seriously, the mystery of whatever’s beneath this… clothing item might be solved thanks to a new law in Afghanistan of all places.

You see, earlier this year a law proposal came about that would give married men certain… rights.

Meant to govern family life, the law stated women (unless ill) were forced to **** their husbands every 4 days.

This then led to all sorts of protests in & outside of Afghanistan.

As for the reasons why your typical 9-year old Afghan female wouldn’t want to regularly **** her adoring husband, I can only speculate.

Ok, so maybe it turned all married women into potential rape victims but then again, no one ever said marriage was a slice of heaven.

Anyhoo, all that protesting eventually paid off & the law went back to the ol’ drawingboard for some reviewing.

& now it’s back. (YAY !)

New & improved, the law now states husbands may withhold food if their wives refuse to indulge their manly urges.


So, by fulfilling his needs she’ll get paid for services rendered… with food.

A basic daily need in return for doing whatever it is he likes to do.

Now, let’s think about this for second, shall we ?

WTF ? This law actually turns a wife into your very own personal whore.

With laws like these, who needs the Taliban ?

But no need to worry, the law is only to help President Hamid Karzai win votes intended for the Shia minority, who make up about 10% of Afghanistan’s population.

As for all those women in the 90% of the population group, they can take it easy.

For now.

As a separate family law for them (the Sunni majority) is now also being drawn up.

Anyways, back to the matter @ hand.

What is under a burqa ?” you ask ?

Very thin women. 😦

Got Food ?

Well, I’m No Picasso But Do You Like It ?

August 4, 2009

That was the question the Joker asked Vicky Vale back in the 1989 Batman movie & it applies to this next pic too.

President Obama As The Joker On Posters In LA

Now, this manip is SO devilishly clever that it works on several levels. Yes, it actually raises those hard to answer questions throughout society.

For example…

Stupid folk will wonder: “Barack will replace Heath in Batman 3 ???”

Fanboys will wonder: “Why isn’t the Jokama’s hair greener ???”

Rich people will wonder: “Does this mean Batman’s a capitalist ???”

KKK members will wonder: “Is whiteface make-up racist ???”

Now that’s clever !

As for me ?

Well, in the wake of the manip I’m left wondering about art & its place in our lives. Perhaps you’ll join me ?

Gentlemen ! Let’s broaden our minds…

Iranian President Ahmadinejad With A Pancake On His Head

Pancakism ? Oh, Dan Lacey, you genius you !

Well, that’s it for this entry folks ! Y’all come back now, ya hear ?

…wait a second.