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9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 07/11

September 7, 2011

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #07:

In “24” season 2 there was a moment where a main villain, who was a Muslim terrorist, was apprehended at a mosque & the Imam tried to help by talking to the terrorist & then told him that what he was doing was wrong & went against Islam.

After all that’s happened since then, is there anyone out of all the people who’ve played a role that, if you got the opportunity & time, place & language weren’t an issue, you’d choose to have a talk with ?

Friend: It’s quite an impressive list, so it’s hard to choose actually.

There’s a lot of interesting names, you could ask Colin Powell like: “What were you thinking when you were talking about WMDs ?” & apparently distancing himself afterwards.

X-Mer: Right, he even left the administration…

Friend: He left with a bang, I think.

X-Mer: People like Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, George W Bush, Barack Obama…

Friend: It’s very hard to choose.

I think I’ve a question for all of them & that would be: “what were you thinking at the time ?”. Some of those people… like you have the [London] police shooting down the Brazilian electrician ?

X-Mer: Jean Charles De Menezes.

Friend: If you re-read how the event happened like he was in the subway & some claimed he was running & jumped over the gates. & then you have this police guy chasing him & he thinks he recognizes him but nobody can confirm it but they chase him anyway &…

X-Mer: …& it was all mistaken identity.

Friend: It was all mistaken identity & you have to wonder what they were thinking at the time. & even afterwards, I think they even tried to accuse him of rape or something.

X-Mer: Really ?! I didn’t know that.

Friend: There was a lot of outrage, rightfully so, after he was shot.

I think there even was a lady who… 1 of the victims of the [2005] London bombings, she said: “you shouldn’t pay much attention to the shooting, it happened & I feel this is taking attention away from the the bombings”.

Maybe she had the best of intentions when she said it but it came across as selfish.

X-Mer: She chose her words poorly ?

Friend: Yeah, I mean you know a guy is dead because… I don’t know, because of fear or ignorance or…

X-Mer: …incompetence.

Friend: Incompetence also. Didn’t he get shot 7 times or something like that ?

X-Mer: Several times to the head.

Friend: I mean something’s fishy about it, the whole situation or maybe it’s just one of those very awkward situations that got out of hand but even afterwards there was like… nobody wanted to take responsibility for that situation & maybe that’s true in a lot of events.

It’s always somebody else’s fault.

X-Mer:It’s THEM !

Friend: It’s always “them” or somebody else.

X-Mer: & to this day nobody has charged Tony Blair or George W Bush for example to some sort of tribunal because of crimes against humanity.

Friend: Of course ! You have Milosevic who was on trial & in my opinion Bush is not much better than Milosevic in his politics & the way he…

X-Mer: Even though Bush was the dancing president ?

Friend: …sorry ? Oh yeah ! Sure, sure but maybe Milosevic could also dance. Does that excuse it ?

So yeah, interesting question but there’s a lot of interesting people on that list, so…


That’s it for part 7 but please check back tomorrow for part 8 of the interview, where I ask my friend about a game called “Remember That Terrorist ?”.


Weapons Of Mass Destruction FOUND !

March 20, 2010

Ok, let’s go…

Show the WMDs.

Now, don’t hold out…

Show me the WMDs !

C’mon, enough already…

Show me the effing WMDs !!!

Actually they haven’t been found.

At all.

“Weapons Of Mass Destruction Found !” is what we wanted to hear, read & talk about in the days, weeks & months following the US invasion of Iraq.

Instead, it’s 7 whole years later & where are the WMDs ?

Yes, the US campaign in Iraq began on the 20th of March 2003 & to this very day, not a single trace of these biological, chemical & nuclear weapons has turned up.

They managed to find Saddam Hussein, so why not these dangerous WMDs ?

These things are as hard to find as… well… Osama.

In fact, they’re so hard to find that I’m starting to think Bin Laden himself took them all & hid them in his cave apartment.

Yeah, that makes sense.

But we cannot give up hope of finding these WMDs.

Because if we do, the terrorists will have won !

Let u.s. keep looking for all those lost Weapons Of Mass Deception out there & bring them in so our little Johhnies & little Suzies can sleep safely at night.

It’s the right thing to do !


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