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Mu On Mo #44 – A Limited Engagement

October 29, 2012

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

Once upon a time… there was a young princess.

Instead of going to sleep, she loved to stay up late & play with her toys.

However, this was the time when it was most unsafe.

For it was then that the Night People appeared.

They were always in search of those young & innocent.

& while she’d been warned of the danger, the Princess was headstrong & thus, instead of sleeping, she continued to play every night.

& so they passed, 1 fun night after another.

But, although enjoying herself, the princess couldn’t help but slowly wonder more & more why she’d not come to harm.

Until 1 night, when she couldn’t stand her own curiosity any longer, she put her toys down, got up & walked to the large window of her bedroom.

Nervously opening it, she looked out into the cold night & softly spoke her question.

“Hear me, Night People. If you are real, why have you spared me all this time ?”

Her heart then skipped a beat when unseen voices suddenly answered her in unison.

“pRiNcEsS, yOu CaNnOt Be ToUcHeD iN AnY wAy Or FoRm, FoR yOu ArE pRoTeCtEd.”

Overcome by fear, she quickly closed the window & stepped away from it.

“This… isn’t really happening,” she said to herself.

Again the unseen voices spoke to her, just as clear as she’d heard them before.

“iT’s YoUr ToYs, ThE HaPpiNeSs ThEy BrInG yOu KeEpS uS aT bAy. It’S a BoNd We CaNnOt BrEaK, pRiNcEsS.”

While still feeling fear, the princess was puzzled by this.

“Bond ? You speak as though they were my friends. While great fun, they are but mere toys,” she said.

Following that, the unseen voices spoke no more.

The hours passed slowly until night finally turned into day when morning arrived… in an empty bedroom, filled with nothing but mere toys.

“This song gives me the chills… Big time…”

Really ?

Despite its title, it’s not scary, you know ?

But it IS a perfect song to close October with…

For Halloween, that was Katy B – Witches’ Brew.

See you another time for more creepy horror stories ?

…that’s if unseen voices let us !