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December 21, 2012

Kylie Says No To The Apocalypse


What do you know, Oz midget ?

You’re only an expert in sashaying around in skimpy tight clothes while aging anything but gracefully.


I’ve eaten delicious junk, I’ve sent out my X-Mas cards & I’ve paid all my bills.

Mayan Apocalypse… I’m [censored] ready for you ! 😈


Buh-Bye Y’all

January 1, 2012

…whu-what ?

It’s here ? Already ???

Holy crap !

Ok, don’t blink now ’cause this is it !

That which we’ve all been dreading for so many years now…

…has arrived.

Yes, it’s thé Big One.

The end… of everything !

Quite soon, possibly right now as you’re reading this, Creation itself will begin to cease its existence.

For the coming of Nibiru is near…

Woe is us !


There is hope though.

It will take courage but if you’re willing to go on a journey to your friendly neighbourhood New Age shop, you’ll find the answers to your salvation for only $19.99 there, as this is…

2012* (gasp)

*(Cue ominous music that chills your spine)