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Mu On Mo #44 – A Limited Engagement

October 29, 2012

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

Once upon a time… there was a young princess.

Instead of going to sleep, she loved to stay up late & play with her toys.

However, this was the time when it was most unsafe.

For it was then that the Night People appeared.

They were always in search of those young & innocent.

& while she’d been warned of the danger, the Princess was headstrong & thus, instead of sleeping, she continued to play every night.

& so they passed, 1 fun night after another.

But, although enjoying herself, the princess couldn’t help but slowly wonder more & more why she’d not come to harm.

Until 1 night, when she couldn’t stand her own curiosity any longer, she put her toys down, got up & walked to the large window of her bedroom.

Nervously opening it, she looked out into the cold night & softly spoke her question.

“Hear me, Night People. If you are real, why have you spared me all this time ?”

Her heart then skipped a beat when unseen voices suddenly answered her in unison.

“pRiNcEsS, yOu CaNnOt Be ToUcHeD iN AnY wAy Or FoRm, FoR yOu ArE pRoTeCtEd.”

Overcome by fear, she quickly closed the window & stepped away from it.

“This… isn’t really happening,” she said to herself.

Again the unseen voices spoke to her, just as clear as she’d heard them before.

“iT’s YoUr ToYs, ThE HaPpiNeSs ThEy BrInG yOu KeEpS uS aT bAy. It’S a BoNd We CaNnOt BrEaK, pRiNcEsS.”

While still feeling fear, the princess was puzzled by this.

“Bond ? You speak as though they were my friends. While great fun, they are but mere toys,” she said.

Following that, the unseen voices spoke no more.

The hours passed slowly until night finally turned into day when morning arrived… in an empty bedroom, filled with nothing but mere toys.

“This song gives me the chills… Big time…”

Really ?

Despite its title, it’s not scary, you know ?

But it IS a perfect song to close October with…

For Halloween, that was Katy B – Witches’ Brew.

See you another time for more creepy horror stories ?

…that’s if unseen voices let us !


The Foul Smell Of Ignorance & Ignoring

January 26, 2012

…is it Halloween already ???

*checks calendar*

Oh, I guess it isn’t but it sure feels like it.

The reason for wondering this can best be explained if you imagine the following…

A pipe running from your toilet to the sewer breaks off & wastewater begins to spill into the crawl space beneath your home.

What do you do ?

Apparently – out of all the possible choices – you totally ignore it & go about your business like nothing’s wrong.

Because if you ask about that smell spreading throughout the house, the official reply is: “Oh, that’s coming from somewhere outside”.

& when you ask about the toilet after you notice it has developed a sudden talent for gurgling right after flushing ?

Well, that one’s not even addressed.

Even worse though is when after finally calling a company to come & take a look at it (the friendly 2 guys of which indeed confirm a pipe is damaged & you’re now basically living right on top of raw sewage land) they’re nearly sent away because “surely, other companies are cheaper than this ?”.

But the real gem here is people who after all this time still don’t grasp why little facts like these explain why I cannot stand the utter bastard of a guy who once conceived me.

It’s odd how, for a price, an inanimate object like a broken pipe can be changed so easily.

& yet human ignorance somehow apparently cannot.

A truth that smells like a sewer.

The True Fan Endures

October 31, 2011

It’s funny how things change over the course of an entire year.

But… what if they stayed the same ?

Day after day, week after week, month after month, the exact same thing.

I got a call a few days ago.

What I heard can best be described as… chaotic I guess.

It was call from my mother.

When I got to her, she was crying hysterically.

Perhaps you’ve seen hysterical behaviour before like on TV or in movies.

In real life it looks & sounds very similar but what you yourself feel is… quite different.

& with no real details to go on, experiencing her in this state was disturbing to say the least.

Upon noticing me, she managed a sentence through her seemingly uncontrollable emotions.


That seemed to calm her… somewhat.

From the loud & urgent manner in which she expressed herself & her way of crying, I figured she wanted me to dial 9-1-1, which I did.

However, as I had no idea what went on before my arrival & as she seemed “better”, I handed her the phone after dialing.

She looked up.

Took the horn from me.

& then hung up the phone.


That was pretty unexpected.

& no, I’m not making this up or anything like that, she took the phone only to hang it up.

Anyway, there were no explanations of any kind whatsoever.

& soon after, she withdrew to another room.

Leaving a rather puzzled me behind.

Not about what had happened, as my parents fighting is hardly news to me or their neighbours by now.

No, what puzzled me was the reality of it all.

Because with other & better options available, who chooses to go on living in such a continuous loop of variations on the same theme that only brings anger, pain & stress, decade after decade after decade ?

Well, after some thinking I think I finally have the answer as to who…

A true horror fan.

Happy Halloween !

“The Denial”

October 31, 2010

The Denial.

That might read like a proper title for some creepy Halloween story but unfortunately it’s about something real & quite evil but still scary.

& it all started just a few hours ago…

A certain man, who likes to consider himself a Christian, came home after apparently having attended a service.

It was there that his wife (legally but not emotionally or physically speaking) had been watching some type of TV series.

She too sees herself as a Christian.

Then for some reason or another, they got into an arguement.

Who started it isn’t really relevant here.

What it was about isn’t really relevant either.

What is relevant is that they weren’t meant for eachother.

They never were.

How they’ve managed so many decades together without divorcing is anybody’s guess.

In any case, back to their arguement.

It got bolder, it got crazier.

It became… a fight.

A loud fight.

Loud enough that it was hearable through ceilings & floors & walls.

& so others heard their fight.

Before long, a telephone call was placed to certain someones which lead to the ringing of the doorbell.

By now the fight had ended, not with apoligies or sad guilt but with the man going up to his bedroom (just legally married remember ?) so the woman answered the door.

It was, surprise surprise, the police.

Armed with questions, a pair of tall policemen entered the house.

& separately the woman & the man were asked these questions.

Yet they both gave the exact same answer.

Nothing was wrong for nothing had happened.

The 2 policemen knew this wasn’t true for they had clear evidence that backed up what had happened.

But both the man & the woman stood by their answer.

So, the policemen told them they had to tell them the truth.

In a vague response the husband told them he & his wife were a Christian family.

To which the policemen replied that Christians do not lie.

It was then that the husband tried to deflect from the real matter at hand by telling them he had always been a good & hard working man & that certain evil people were trying to paint him in a bad light.

The policemen would hear nothing of it & told them they were going to write a rapport but that they couldn’t help them because the truth was being withheld.

Frustrated at what they’d just heard, the policemen left a few moments later & so nothing changed for the man or the woman.

By now you’re possibly wondering questions like…

“What kind of sick people do this ?”

&… “Who are these hypocrites ?

They are, biologically speaking, my parents.

& I have been around their behaviour since forever.

Happy Halloween…