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Mu On Mo #47 – Alors, La Musique Sur Le Lundi

November 19, 2012

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

Ah, bonjour mes amis et bienvenue !

Alors, un coeur brisé ?

Je ne sais pas mais c’est fragile, n’est-ce pas ?

…wait what ???

Well, that was pretty weird.

Anyhoo, today a song that got the following comment on YouTube…

“je comprend pas pourquoi ils courent …”

Well, I think it’s cuz…

…uh, I mean “what ? Speak English !”.


For some of the craziest people with thanks to “Ziz”, that was Gaëtan Roussel – Dis-Moi Encore Que Tu M’aimes.

See vous another time for more Music On Monday ?

…that’s if nous are still around.