Mu On Mo #38 – In A World Filled With The Likes Of You

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…




I really really really like how they all are better than all the non-believers.

Always showing that positive side of their beliefs.

How following apparently divine morals leads them to never being judgemental or violent but openminded & forgiving.

But mostly, it’s the obvious love they have for their fellow man that I can’t help but admire.


This brings me to a song which got the following comment on YouTube…

“I love the vibe of this song. Very creepy and manipulative. Love it!”

Yeah, almost… strange even.

The total opposite of religion, of course.


From the 60s, that was The Doors – People Are Strange.

See you another time for more Music On Monday ?

…that’s if we’re still around.


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