Mu On Mo #30 – Summer Remembrance… Of The Dead

In light of recent events, a changed entry for this week.

But to soothe the soul, still a tune.

Music On Monday…

It was fun.

Not sure how or why exactly.

But it must’ve been because I’d been chatting for some hours.

It was past midnight, July 20th had started.

Not that I noticed at the time.

Someone suddenly mentioned “Batman madness”.

It had been building for some time.

Anticipation for Christopher Nolan’s 3rd and final chapter of his Batman movie trilogy was high.

Everyone in the chat seemed to agree.

Then one of the people there linked to a breaking news story over at MSNBC.

A link to another kind of madness, an incomprehensible one.

The hours & days since have barely diminished my feelings about this… event & while I currently don’t even know anyone in Aurora, I still wanted to post a song, like the one that got the following comment on YouTube…

“This is just one of those songs that never gets old or forgotten because everyone has at least one memory they can relate to with this song. I love this song! ❤ :')"

The thing is, I’d never heard it before today.

It just came up when I searched for “remembrance songs”.

I liked it, hope you do too…

That was Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends.

In remembrance of the victims of the Aurora cinema shooting.



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