Suddenly… Slugger

I’ve had a visitor these past few days.

An uninvited one.

Intruder even, as I have no idea how he got here.

This visitor has no name, at least not as far as I know.

So, for the purpose of (the rest of) this post, let’s call him “slugger”.

Slugger is a shell-less snail AKA a slug.

But I haven’t seen him so much as his slime trails.

Every day, I’d find these somewhere but no trace of Slugger.

Anyhoo, that all changed two nights ago when Slugger suddenly appeared on the door of a closet.

There he was, in all of his “naked” shell-less slimy glory.

Apparently clueless too as I watched him go up & down that door a few times.

Little did I know that would be that last I’d ever see of him.

The next day, I went to visit a friend who lives out of town.

We did the pizza thing, we did the PS3 thing & then, after more fun stuff, I went home again.

Later than planned but that’s what ought to happen with friends IMO but tired as I was, once home I still decided to check a few things on-line.

Slugger hadn’t been on my mind all day & he wouldn’t enter my thoughts until a little later.

I’m not sure anymore if got thirsty or if had to go to the toilet, it’s all a blur now really.

The only thing I remember is, as I came back to the computer there was this… sound.

It was suddenly.

It was unexpected.

It was Slugger.

You see, as I walked back… there was a pop.

…I’d unknowingly stepped on him.

Which, I can reveal here, was most fatal.

Now, over the years I’ve killed my fair share of “pests” in & around the living spaces.

All bugs & also very much intentional kills.

This particular occurrence however “disturbed” me & has been in my thoughts ever since, so I figured I’d deal with it by putting it all here… never thought I’d post about a slug but there you go.


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