Eagle-eyed readers among you may have noticed a lil’ something in the title of that last post the other day.


What does it all mean ?

Well, it’s not a typo because believe it or not, if my calculations are correct… this web log has reached the milestone of that many posts.

Oh yes, however this fact did not surprise me as I knew it was coming for some time now.

& now that it finally has happened, I’ve been pondering & wondering 24/7 what it all means to me.

After 250 posts, am I somehow smarter ?

After 250 updates, am I somewhat wiser ??

After 250 entries, am I something ???

Thé answer to all of that is, of course, a big N-O.

I honestly don’t know about all those others who’re on-line with their Blogger, their Twitter, their Tumblr or WordPress accounts but I for one have never taken this very seriously.

1 only needs to take a look at the past 250 “logs” to realise this buuuttt I guess this being a special occasion & all, there should be some sort of pay off, so here’s a deep meaningful message to everyone…

X-Mer's 250th Post - Meaningful Message


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