Yesterday, When I Was Mad…

As I type this, I really really reaaally should be asleep.

Dreaming of… well, whatever it is my subconcious wants.

Instead, I was reading *gasp !* other people’s blogs !!!

As I did that, it suddenly dawned on me all these people were crazy.

Not MUAHAHAHA-Must-Destroy-Obama-crazy but crazy nonetheless.

How so ?

Well, in the sense that they all lurve writing.

Whether it was because they felt a deep need to share their “funny” thoughts or had to write personal stuff down as it provided a calming effect on their inner state of mind, they all claimed to absolutely love it.

Something that’s odd to me as I personally dislike writing.


Never ever in a million trillion zillion years did I think: “must write about topic X & share it with Mankind, wheee !”.

& I still don’t.

This is ironic since this whole web log thingie exists & a new (this) post will be added soon.

So, who’s crazy now ?

Well… they all are, obviously.



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