Mu On Mo #19 – The Pink, The Blue & The Green

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

The Blog Of X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page !

Welcomes you to a new themed Mu On Mo with this month: “Super Heroe… …sorry, what’s that ?

Oh, they did, did they ? I see…

Well well well.

Seems those sons of bitches over at had their own lil’ Mu On Mo (on a thursday !) entry complete with a superhero theme under the title of “15 Sensational Superhero Songs”.

Really ? Oh, gimme a break !

The only plausible reason for this… oh-how-odd occurring “coincidence” is that I am of course the victim… of a mind probe !!!

*dramatic pause to let that shocking bit o’ news sink in*

…yes, those billboarding bastards stole my idea & by using 15 so-called “sensational” songs about superheroes, they made sure I would not be able to do my own without making it seem I was copying them.

Well, I’m not going to take this lying down !

No sir, it’s time for Emergency Plan Zeta-Beta !

…unfortunately, there’s no such plan which means… that I am indeed utterly & truly… defeated !!!

Oh no ! Can this truly be The End for your favourite waste of time (aside from you-know-what, you disgusting perv !) ?

Just how on Earth can this conundrum of a cliffhanger ever be resolved ?? Is that even possible, dear readers ???

Find out next week in the exciting Part II, same X-Mer-Time, same X-Mer-Ch… oh, wait it’s just below this narration…

Yes, there I was… finished, kaput, all washed up & also no web log entry.

But seriously, as I went over my arch foe’s “article” again, I found they’d made… an error !

Not a spelling error or even a grammatical one but rather… an oversight of pint-sized proportions.

Sure, they had listed 15 of the best songs about superheroes.

Or so they thought because there was a grave mistake by way of omission.

An omission that fortunately for me does have some songs, one of which got the following comment on YouTube…

“This song isn’t on Itunes :(”

Awww, too bad but you know what it’s also not on ? !

But, thanks to YouTube, it IS here…

From “Heroes & Villains”, a great lil’ CD featuring music inspired by superheroine group The Powerpuff Girls, that was (Black Francis AKA) Frank Black – Pray For The Girls.

See you another time for more Music On Monday ?

…that’s if we’re still around.


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