Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Ok, ladies… whoops, I meant feminists.

What do we want ?

Women’s rights !

Very good.

When do want ’em ?


Uh-Huh, & for whooo ?

US !

Yeaaah, & who else ?

…whaddaya mean “who else ?” ?

Well, the term “women’s rights” is sooo exclusive that it’s downright sexist.

So, include men.

Yes, men.

No, not burly, tree chopping, sweaty, hairy men.

But men like Walter Talackova

Girl... Power !

As you can see, there’s been a few changes since the gender reassignment surgery & hormone treatments.

Walter Talackova now goes by the name of “Jenna” Talackova & apparently loves competing in beauty contests.

Sure, a transgender person willingly choosing a name that’s similar to “Geni-tal, Lack Of A” might seem pretty odd but back in the Walter days, it already had “Lack Ova” in there.

Anyhoo, it must’ve been a real… *ahem* drag for this beauty… *ahem* queen to have entered the Miss Universe pageant.

Or rather trying to enter it, as Jenna wasn’t allowed to do so because of the (seemingly logical) rule of all contestants needing to have been born a natural woman.

With a scandal brewing & rights groups pushing the issue in the media After some honest soulsearching, the contest officials on their part decided that the Miss Universe contest would now be open to non-original women too.

But even though I personally have never heard of a… man (???) who’s into waving 24/7 or gives “world peace” as an answer to every question, there’s still the bigger picture to consider here.

At this very moment there are many heterosexual males out there thinking something along the lines of “Yech !” or worse “Yecch !!!” because for them today, the Apocalypse has very much arrived.

Unlike before, they will now no longer feel safe to automatically lust after Miss Universe contestants & fear they might become tranny chasers.

To all those men, let me ask you a question: “Don’t you think it’s intolerant of you to treat her differently ?”

Now, you might think: But what about the fake eyelashes, artificial nails, filler injected lips, breast implants, hair extensions, etc. ?

Weeelllll, yeah ok… but I think Jenna will fit in perfectly with those women.



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2 Responses to “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That”

  1. themonkeywiththemoustache Says:

    Strange lady-folk.

    • Eluria Says:

      Monkey !!! 🙂

      Well, when you’re right, you’re right.

      & I think this couldn’t have happened any other year except 2012.

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