Kicking Ass & Taking Names

February 29th.

Figures an apocalyptic year would have a Leap Day.

But as leapy days go, this isn’t exactly the first 1 we’ve had this year.

No sir, in fact we’ve had several in a row now.

You see, “leap days” occur whenever certain persons in a position of power take a so-called leap o’ faith.

& when that happens, common sense & logic are suddenly discarded like pieces of yesterday’s garbage but don’t take my word for it, see if the following non-actions by these powerful people seems familiar…

Hey Bashar Al-Assad, stop killing your people !

Hey Bashar Al-Assad, stop killing your people !!

Hey Bashar Al-Assad, stop ki… um… hel-lo ???

Do these people seriously think he’s ever going to stop just because they tell him to ?

Even if somehow the entire UN, Security Council included, came together as 1 & denounced Assad & his toady cronies like the murderers they are, he wouldn’t stop.

Leap o’ faith = lapse in logic.

I can’t help but think of all those events & ceremonies with “important” speeches about how the horrors of WW II would not & should not occur ever again.

To people opposed to Bashar Al-Assad’s rule, each day is an apocalypse now, something which the UN was formed to prevent from happening & otherwise halt it.

So, quit the excuses & do something to stop it instead of leaping over it again & again & again & again & again.

Here’s what my faith, logic & common sense tell me.

You can’t spell Assad without “ass”.

So go kick it already !


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