No no, this isn’t about Easter.

This is about… [William Wallace]our FREEDOM ![/William Wallace]

You see, there’s this Swedish artist named Lars Vilks & back in 2007 he made 3 drawings of a certain prophet.

While understandable if you do, this event is nevertheless not to be confused with the Danish newspaper cartoons about that very same prophet which happened before in 2006.

Anyhoo, ol’ Larsy boy got himself an invitation which egged him on to join a proper art exhibition with the theme of “The Dog In Art” which brings us to the next part…

He decided to depict this earlier mentioned prophet with the body of a dog which sorta kinda angered certain elements within the faithful community of the prophet’s followers.

“Bad eggs” if you will.

It all got very ugly with death threats & everything but let’s flash forward to the present.

Lars Vilks is (still) alive but unlike Molly Norris (remember her ?), he hasn’t gone into hiding.

Refusing to walk on eggshells, he has continued to appear in public & talk about such topics as freedom of speech, censorship & democracy.

Just a few days ago, for example, he was invited to hold a lecture at Karlstad University but some of the audience members did not appreciate this appearance.

As all of a sudden, they began to throw eggs.

Lars however wasn’t hit once & these people were quickly escorted outside after which the lecture continued.

Later, responding to questions from the (remaining) audience, Lars Vilks said the following:

“Insults are part of democratic society. If we begin censoring ourselves, it will mean undermining freedom of speech in the long run. I don’t think that the problem is that artists are too provocative but that we are not provocative enough.”

Now, no one wants a salmonella infection but the “weapons” there that evening of the lecture were eggs not bombs or even swords.

Isn’t it funny how when people go through all the trouble to stand up for freedom, in this case by way of art & even lectures, they totally forget about the freedom to protest or isn’t that part of democratic society ?

Mr Vilks, you weren’t hit but you have egg all over your face.



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