Mu On Mo #05 – Heap O’ Naked

With a certain chance of us all dying a horrible death some time during this apocalyptic year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& to soothe the soul, what’s better than a few tunes ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

Hello & goodbye !

As you may or may not know, this is “the end”.

Yes, that which Sir Monkey was wondering about last week can now be confirmed (or again, if you read my reply to the simian knight), this is indeed the final ever Mu On Mo…

…well, for January at least.

Next month. it’ll return as always (?) but won’t be dependent on the theme of decades like the 4 past songs or the 1 today.

Which brings us to my final ever choice… (for January).

After the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, it stands to reason that the 00s should follow but making this choice was even harder than last week’s.

Simply put, the latter half of the 90s & also right after, lead to the demise of House music, the (further) rise of Rap music & several one-hit wonders who tried to make it big by covering existing songs only to release them reworked as “cool” Dance music.

However, that’s not the worst that happened in Music Land…

No, for these years gave rise to the scantily clad female performer with blondes like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Jessica Simpson.

& also barely dressed brunettes like Shakira, Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger & even Mariah Carey v2.0 who changed from “awww sweet” to “ewww slut” overnight.

Anyhoo, no matter what hair colour they all have, clip after clip after clip showed how immensely… empowered (uh-huh) they all are now because nothing says rationally mature & emotionally secure quite like wearing next to nothing while moving provocatively in blatant sexual settings.

But THANKFULLY, there was also another kind of female performer during these 00s.

A type of female artist who during these dark times didn’t feel the need to compensate for the lack of any genuine talent take off her clothes at a whim during 1 of her songs.

Like, for example, the song that got the following YouTube comment…

“I wish we could buy this version. The piano she adds in it makes it sound so good.”

Yes, the following music number is not available as it was performed on TV & thus shows a lot more naked talent than naked skin.

& like so many others, I too liked it a whole lot more than the album version, so… I actually made myself a nice lil’ copy of this live performance.

Enjoy the song…

From the 00’s, that was Imogen Heap – First Train Home (Live).

See you another time for more Music On Monday.

…that’s if we’re still around.


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2 Responses to “Mu On Mo #05 – Heap O’ Naked”

  1. themonkeywiththemoustache Says:

    I like women who take their clothes off for whatever reason.

    Love it.

  2. Eluria Says:

    I’ll bet you do, Monkey.

    But does that include every kind of woman… or only the bad singing ones?

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