Oh, Wonder Of Wonders !

Well, I guess in the end it was inevitable.

They’d been doing ok sofar but now it seems the ongoing austerity measures have hit yet another minority group.

& although I’m not in the profession myself, it’s unfortunate as seeing them not being immune to cutting back on spending is somewhat disconcerting.

I am typing of course about superheroines or to be more precise, about their figure hugging costumes.

But don’t take my word for it.


Wonder Woman Costume Recycled

From an upcoming episode of the TV series “Harry’s Law”, that’s actress Erica Durance dressed up as Wonder Woman.

Does the outfit seem familiar somehow ?

It should as it’s the very same costume from that earlier failed Wonder Woman pilot starring Adrianne Palicki…

Wonder Woman Costume Recycled

Yeaaah, I don’t think the whole world was ever ready for this costume & just when we thought we’d seen the end of it, it comes back to haunt us.

Well, at least they stayed away from the shiny pants.

…this time ?

Hey TV, you had better watch it !

Because Hell hath no fury like a (wonder) woman (costume) scorned.

& it will smite your broadcasts down with Amazonian force !


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