World’s #1, Mrt, RIP

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle !

No, this has nothing to do with that replying “moustache monkey” thing the other day, it’s worse than that.

Far far worse.

You see, it seems good ol’ Mrt has died.

Now, don’t go all faint/cry/panic mode on me just yet – it’s not that Mrt I’m typing about here as his name is “Mr. T” & as far as I know, he’s still pitying fools everywhere 24/7.

No, this particular Mrt is a lil’ on-line place where you can… *ahem* …”listen” to music in a digital format.

You just type a name into the searchbar & mere moments later, you get yourself a nice… *ahem* …”playable” list o’ results.

& that system was just fine.

Very very very fine even… until yesterday.

Yes, back then the troubles seemed so far away but now, now it looks like they’re here to stay.

Because now, that nice system has changed !

Like your average porn star website, Mrt has become a paysite.

But unlike 1 of those, where you (apparently) directly pay the chest inflated gal of your wet dreams for access to the so-called exclusive content that holds the promise of her showing it all, here you pay an unseen & faceless nobody who not only has never ever had any contact with the music industry but also isn’t connected in any way to any artist whatsoever.

You know politicians love to claim there’s nothing worse than pirates who upload popular media in digital format but whether it’s porn or music, it’s 1 thing to share & thus get files for free but when you have nothing to do with it & start asking for $$$ to gain entry to your pirate site, you’re a bigger sinful whore than any porn star !

2012, starting to irritate…


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