Bun Dae Gi ? …no …No …NOOO !!!

…ok, where were we again ?

Ah yes, the Apocalypse !

“The End” as it were.

Unlike those crazy New Age folks, I’d been looking forward to this year as I’d never been in a proper Apocalypse before.

But 3 whole days into it, I have to say it’s been kinda uneventful.

& boring too.

Where’s the fire & the brimstone ?

Where’s the bloodcurdling screams of Jews, Muslims & Buddhists for choosing the wrong religion ??

In other words… where’s the event ?!?

Well, on this 4th day I’m glad to report that maybe, just maybe, things are finally moving ahead.

For it seems scientists have finally managed to make… stronger silk !

“What does that have to do with spicing these End Times up ???” you ask ?

Apparently, the way they got plain ol’ silk to become stronger was by taking silkworms…

…& then putting some spider genes into them.

Messing with nature, always a good idea !

In any case, now they seemingly have the stronger silk they always wanted for applications in medicine for example.

But not all is well, as danger has reared its ugly head.

For example, what would happen if 1 or more of these genetically modified monstrosities escaped from their lab environment ?

According to 1 scientist:

“It’s hard to see how a silkworm producing spider silk would have any advantage in nature.”

What kind of a world are we living in that a scientist is so shortsighted about that which is bound to happen sooner or later ?

Ladies & gentlemen, the future Apocalypse is right here, right now & it is part spider, part worm & all silk !

Unless Kim Jong-Un (for some strange reason) orders the massive hordes of starving North Koreans to eat these creatures like the delicacies they apparently are up there, we’re pretty much doomed !

You’ve been warned.

The Apocalyptic Spider-Worm



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