Mu On Mo #01 – Balloon Escapades

With the possibility of us all dying a horrible death (from either the Apocalypse or utter boredom when nothing happens) some time during this year, it’s better to focus elsewhere.

& what’s better than a few tunes to soothe the soul in such uncertain times ?

Here’s some Music On Monday…

Yes, coming to you (every ?) Monday throughout the entirety of 2012 (with some co-operation from YouTube) will be some familiar songs.

While others, whether because of the relative unknownness of the artist or possibly your musical tastes, will be a new experience.

& to start off with, in no particular order, here’s the song that got the following YouTube comment…

“Thumbs up if you have a balloon fettish!”


S/he meant fetish with 1 “t” but still… ew !

& after that mental image, enjoy the song.

Yes, from the 60’s that was The 5th Dimension – Up, Up & Away.

See you another time for more Music On Monday.

if we’re still around.


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5 Responses to “Mu On Mo #01 – Balloon Escapades”

  1. themonkeywiththemoustache Says:

    OMG. I think I just puked in my mouth

  2. Eluria Says:

    Congrats, you’re the 1st (approved) reply of 2012.

    Puked… in your mouth ?

    …dare I ask ?

    Oh, what the Hell – is that because of the balloon “fettish” thingie ?

  3. themonkeywiththemoustache Says:

    Isn’t this the music they play 24/7 at Guantanamo bay?

    The horror..the horror..

    ps: looking forward to your ‘Mu On Mo’ episodes.

  4. Eluria Says:

    I wouldn’t know as I’ve never been to Gitmo.

    But I’m sure, whatever loud music they played for hours & hours & hours on end, all of the detainees there deserved every second of it.

    Why ?

    The Israeli government said so & they can’t be wrong in their opinion about Muslims, now can they ?

  5. themonkeywiththemoustache Says:

    Can’t argue with that.

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