12 x 2011

During these past 12 months of 2011…

Following natural disasters like floods & earthquakes, the year began with people across the world becoming very worried there might be something seriously amiss when animals of various species suddenly started dying in huge numbers.

At the time, it was explained away as being “nothing to worry about” as it was all “perfectly normal”.

…isn’t that what the so-called experts always say to keep the public from panicking ?

But the deaths continued & after wondering how it affected life under the sea, a nice lil’ drawing of a certain mermaid & her 2 pals was put up.

& typing of spoooooky things…

A friendly musical suggestion for this here web log resulted in an odd …”coincidence” regarding artist Robert Palmer.

Then Disney Marvel decided to kill off 1 of it’s 4 members of superhero team The Fantastic Four.

After major hype, the actual result was kinda meh.

& several months later, just in time for X-Mas, he came back to life… no, not Jesus, the Human Torch.

Meanwhile, the good people of the Middle East began a massive series of protests against the Evil in their daily lives, resulting in the downfall of several dictators “politicians” which led to social changes in several countries.

& panicking too, as the West began losing their puppets 1 by 1… you’d think they would’ve been happy the people of these countries were fighting for their freedom.

Feb 14th AKA Lurve Day came ’round once more & even though a good attempt was made to love our enemies, we just couldn’t make the effort in the end.

Actor Len Lesser died.

TV & comicbook writer Dwayne McDuffie died.

March was the 7th anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, so we decided to reiterate the reasons why Muslim terrorists do such awful nonsense…

Fruit !

…wait what ???

& then disaster struck, as the Fukushima nuclear power plant was seriously damaged leading to the worst environmental disaster since Chernobyl.

& even though multiple explosions occurred LIVE on camera & high radiation levels were detected, they still misinformed us from the start.

Thanks, dying while not panicking sure helps a lot.

An unintentionally funny looking version of Wonder Woman starred in a TV pilot.

The outfit later changed for the better but apparently it was always the case as it was just 1 of 3 different outfits Diana would wear.

In the end the TV pilot wasn’t picked up… no wonder.

Hoping to win the chance to represent Great Britain, Shanna Bukhari, entered the competition for the British Miss Universe.

Unfortunately, Shanna encountered some fierce enemies along the way… no, not calories but pious Muslims !

She then told this to the media but her sob story apparently impressed neither audience or judges as Shanna didn’t win the final.

Later at the Miss Universe pageant, the eventual Miss Great Britain, Chloe-Beth Morgan, failed to even win Miss Congeniality.

2 people typed an odd term.

& thus… BISHFWILF returned !

But since it was on April Fools, was it all just a big joke ?

With Thé Anniversary of the decade slowly but surely approaching, I planned an event & began to set things into motion by sending an invitation to a friend.

Actress Elisabeth Sladen died

But not all was doom & gloom in the universe of Doctor Who as The Doctor crashed the royal wedding.

Oddly enough William & Kate didn’t bother to crash or even attend the Doctor’s wedding.

…wait, the Doctor got hitched ???

Then came some unexpected news that every sane & normal person in the world was hoping for.

Osama Bin laden was killed & was now deader than dead.

Once again: “woo-hoo !”

The earlier sent invitation for Thé Anniversary got approved & with my pal on board, planning for the event could proceed.

Unlike in most parts of the world, EDMD was celebrated on this web log.

That’s Everybody Draw Molly Day.

The day came & went but what great art !

Some 5 weeks after his bearded buddy Osama died, Ayman Al-Zawahiri finally got around to say some words.

…maybe watches & calendars are major enemies of Islam ???

Part 1 of my planned event for the anniversary of 9/11 was revealed.

Sick people in the form of certain fanatical Israeli rabbis tried to get some kids to stone an “unholy” dog to death.

They later denied it ever happened.

Kinda like how Palestinians are denied basic Human rights ?

No no, that’s different.

1 scenario is totally & utterly fictional, while in case of the other… the (under)dog managed to escape from oppression. :mrgreen:

Close to rebooting their entire universe & do all sorts of new exciting things with it, DC Comics nevertheless decided to do the same ol’ thing regarding Muslim superheroes.

Absolutely nothing.

They did however publish a tale about Superman’s dog, Krypto – super !

Actor Peter Falk died.

Fanatical Egyptian Muslims reacted with (what else ?) furious anger over a Coptic Egyptian tweeting a picture of Mickey & Minnie Mouse in “traditional” Islamic garb.

…Mickey & Minnie, while wearing sheets, are enemies of Islam too ???

Sheesh, there’s just no pleasing fanatical madmen !

Part 2 of my planned event for the anniversary of 9/11 was revealed.

Interview… with the Muslim !


Fed up with what was happening (in Egypt ?) Anders Behring Breivik or as I call him Mr Andersøn, committed an act against Islam in Europe.

By targeting many ethnic Norwegians.

Killer concept !

…how does that work though ?

Meanwhile, the gaggle of idiots AKA the Tea Party were doing their best to not use common sense in dealing with their most evil of foes, President Barack Obama.

Never knew tea was so bad for one’s sense of reality.

Less than 2 weeks after Mr Andersøn’s bloody rampage, Nørsk fearmonger pølitician Siv Jensen, leader of the Prøgress Party (lol), began hinting at the electiøns.

Wow !

Cold ambition or what ?

Late Show host, David Letterman, was mistaken for a Jew.

Now, if his name had been something like… oh, I dunno Lettermansteinbergkatzhorowtiz-shapiro, ok sure but with plain ol’ Letterman ???

Why can’t people simply understand David Letterman is a non-Jewish American, just like… like William Shatner ! :mrgreen:

As planned, DC Comics rebooted their entire main universe.

It was a sales smash !

Guess crap sells.

& then, after literally months of preparations, the 1st of an 11-part interview on the subject of 9/11 was posted.

Look out for that sequel, a 22-part interview in 2021 !

Conrad “The Conman” Murray‘s defence attorney gave a horrible argument in what already was a clear cut case.

Entertainment Weekly published an issue featuring The Avengers on its cover.

& entertaining it most certainly was.

Just a few months after Osama was killed, that other bearded loon, Anwar Al-Awlaki, left us for another level of existence.

Hope Hell is all you want it to be, Anwar !

Narrator: “Following an announcement regarding the future of a certain canceled-before-its-time sitcom which no-one ever bothered to watch, regular posting was briefly interrupted in a rather clever manner which no-one bothered to understand.”

Inmate Abdul Awkal began complaining about his food not being Islamic.

…sooo, food can be an enemy of Islam as well ???

Wow, this Islamic thing sure is all-encompassing, isn’t it ?

Libya became the latest free country in the Middle East.

In unrelated news, shortly after that they opened a small amusement park where, after you queue for hours, you get to see, photograph & even pose with lifelike replicas of former tyrants.

On that creepy day of Halloween, a tale of true horror was regaled.

The cover of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, showed their advice on how to handle pious Muslims.

…timekeeping devices, cartoon characters, food & French magazines too ?

This list is getting more & more ridiculous !

11/11/11 boringly happened…

The President dictator of Syria proved that you don’t need words on wordpress blogs.

Al-Qaeda’s #1 guy (now), Ayman Al-Zawahiri, shared his thoughts on Osama Bin Laden (again).

Somehow, he got it mixed up with an attempt at stand-up comedy &… well, it just wasn’t that funny.

…which made it funny.

Then, the day rolled around that marked the anniversary of Freddie Mercury‘s death 20 years ago.

Avie Tevanian, a friend of Steve Jobs, told a BBC docu what his pal did (or is that didn’t do) when cancer was diagnosed.

Steve Jobs would’ve lived longer & might even have been alive today if he hadn’t disregarded the advice of those closest around him.

In the end, Apple didn’t keep the doc away & Steve paid the ultimate price.

In a clear case of an educated woman being deemed un-Islamic, a guy with the last name of “Islam” decided he’d rather keep his wife at home instead of school by chopping off part of her right-hand.

A brilliant plan !

Now she’ll have no choice but to stay home to coo… uh, stay at home to clea… hmmm… you know, it seems there’s a lil’ snag to Mr Islam’s plan.

& finally, right before X-Mas, North Korea’s own Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il died !

How’s that for a miracle ?

Yeah, I’m a believer !

Bye Bye 2011

Hey, Click Me !

Holy crap !

Anyway, since I guess that’s it for 2011, I’d like to take this moment to wish you folks Happy Holidays from all of us here at X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page.

See you all next year… for THE END OF THE WORLD !!!


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