Supreme Surprise

Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Il… dead ???

Whoa ! A gift from North Korea instead of the North Pole ?

This news is so unexpected that I feel… I-I think I feel …I feel a song coming on…

Have a holly jolly Christmas !

♪♫ It’s the best time of the year !

♪♫♪ I don’t know if there’ll be snow… but have a cup o’ cheer !


But seriously, this whole 2011 thing’s been pretty bad for dictators & others of their ilk.

& even though each removal from power was like 1 Christmas miracle after the other, Christmas itself is not here… yet.

So, could more of these miracles be just around the corner ?

& if so, who’s next ?

Is there anyone left ?

Pope Benedict XVI ? Hmmm, he was elected but his organisation isn’t very big on gay people on account of them being sexual deviants & yet molesting kids is ok somehow.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ? Hmmm, he’s not very big on women driving but then again women are pretty bad behind the wheel.

Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus ? Hmmm, he’s kinda unknown but nonetheless very evil… I think.

Oh, just kill all of them Jesus.


…well, I mean they do say X-Mas time is the time for giving, right ?


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