iDiot App(arently)

Ahhh, the holidays !

A time for gathering.

& a time for remembrance.

Keeping alive all those we lost by having warm thoughts, is especially poignant during these cold winter months.

Take Avie Tevanian for example.

He lost a pal earlier this year & since then, he, along with many many others, has been remembering him.

The pal in question ?

Why, none other than…

Steve Jobs !

In a recent BBC docu, Avie remembered Steve as a person who…

“…could convince himself of things that weren’t necessarily true & that always worked with him for designing products, where he could go to people & ask them to do something that they thought was impossible.

& I think he truly thought that through some unconventional means he could cure himself.”

Steve Jobs has been called many things.

Genius & innovator for example.

But also a visionary who focused on the important things.

Which is ironic because as a so-called visionary, Steve Jobs was a pretty big control freak when it came to managing his own company & its products but he had a major blind spot regarding his own health.

Now, if he’d been some lonely unknown guy, nobody would’ve cared because nobody would’ve known.

But this… unwillingness to do that which was needed to maximize his chances to survive his battle with cancer not only disregarded Apple employees, stockholders & loyal consumers but also his friends & family.

Not following the advice of those closest to you during such circumstances & risking certain death… I just don’t get that.

By not doing that which was right for his own longterm health, he not only let all of them down, he let himself down.

An unfortunate truth colder than winter.


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