The Best Medicine

Whether it’s inside a fortified mansion or a cold damp cave, having to spend all of your time worrying you could be killed at any moment is not much of a way to fill your final years with.

Thus, Al-Qaeda’s former #2 man Ayman Al-Zawahiri AKA The Surgeon (creepy) has embarked on a new career.


His routine apparently involves him talking about his observations on his dead pal Osama Bin Laden but hey, don’t take my word for it ’cause heeeeere’s


Take it away.

“People don’t know that this man was tender, gentle, kind, with refined feelings, even when life was hard.”

Yeah, I heard stories about him being hated by many Jews & then when he got crucifi… no wait, wasn’t that another bearded guy ?

Sorry, please continue.

“We never saw a man like him.”

Yeah, that picture sure would’ve… oh, you meant differently ?

Sorry, go on ! Go on !

“Everyone close to him saw the fine and noble education in his children.”

Nothing quite like a good brainwashing from an early age, eh ?

…we’re going to have to have to leave it at that, Ayman.

Give him a polite round of applause ladies & gentlemen.

Hm, more misguided funny than funny funny.

But I suppose if the US can wage its war against terror that Al-Qaeda can wage a war against humour, right ?



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