The True Fan Endures

It’s funny how things change over the course of an entire year.

But… what if they stayed the same ?

Day after day, week after week, month after month, the exact same thing.

I got a call a few days ago.

What I heard can best be described as… chaotic I guess.

It was call from my mother.

When I got to her, she was crying hysterically.

Perhaps you’ve seen hysterical behaviour before like on TV or in movies.

In real life it looks & sounds very similar but what you yourself feel is… quite different.

& with no real details to go on, experiencing her in this state was disturbing to say the least.

Upon noticing me, she managed a sentence through her seemingly uncontrollable emotions.


That seemed to calm her… somewhat.

From the loud & urgent manner in which she expressed herself & her way of crying, I figured she wanted me to dial 9-1-1, which I did.

However, as I had no idea what went on before my arrival & as she seemed “better”, I handed her the phone after dialing.

She looked up.

Took the horn from me.

& then hung up the phone.


That was pretty unexpected.

& no, I’m not making this up or anything like that, she took the phone only to hang it up.

Anyway, there were no explanations of any kind whatsoever.

& soon after, she withdrew to another room.

Leaving a rather puzzled me behind.

Not about what had happened, as my parents fighting is hardly news to me or their neighbours by now.

No, what puzzled me was the reality of it all.

Because with other & better options available, who chooses to go on living in such a continuous loop of variations on the same theme that only brings anger, pain & stress, decade after decade after decade ?

Well, after some thinking I think I finally have the answer as to who…

A true horror fan.

Happy Halloween !


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