Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Mo’ Devotion

Suppose you’re an inmate on death row.

You only have a few months left before your execution takes place.

Would you begin to think about what really matters to you in Life ?

Chances are you most certainly would.

& Abdul Awkal happens to be such a prisoner.

Even though his death is near, he wants to live the little life he has left in his own way.

After noticing how Jewish inmates got kosher meals, he wanted nothing more than to have his own specifically prepared food.

Now, apparently the meals provided by the prison system no longer contain any pig meat & Muslims like Abdul also have the option of choosing a vegetarian dish.

But those measures still weren’t enough for Abdul, so he began a lawsuit.

Here’s how Abdul put it…

“The issue of eating halal meals is especially important to me because I face a death sentence,” Awkal said in a filing in federal court earlier this year. “It is important to me that I follow the requirements of my faith as I approach death.”

When it comes to your life & living it how you want to I guess better late than never, eh kids ?

However, people don’t get into death row just for the fun of it.

& with Abdul being a Muslim that lil’ detail might just determine whether he’ll end up in Paradise after his execution.

I wonder what’ll weigh heavier in Allah’s mind when it’s time to judge Abdul’s life…

The fact that he as a Muslim killed his wife & her brother in front of his 1-year old daughter ?


The fact that he ended up becoming a staunch food critic ?

Have fun in Hell, Abdul !

Say “Hi !” to Osama & Anwar when you get there.

Oh, & don’t worry about the food, there’s an infinite supply of pork there.



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