¡ Soy Loco Por Los Cornballs !

Annyong !

Man, I could sure go for 1 of those delicious frozen bananas right about now.

You know, just to prepare myself for my appointment with my analrapist on the BIG screen.

I mean nowadays it ain’t easy being white, it ain’t easy being brown !

At least, that’s what some guy named “Hermano” said.

(what’s wrong with me ?)

Maeby… you guys & gals with low self esteem who just read all this have absolutely NO idea what I’m blogging about ?

Narrator: “They do not.”

That’s ok though, I’ll explain it all in a brand-new post first thing tomorrow !

The Bluths Will Return

Narrator: “On the next X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page → Things aren’t explained as another topic is considered instead.”

X-Mer: “Lou Ferrigno ? Why do people always keep trying to find pics of him on my weblog ? Maybe I ought to do a post about him… later this month.”

[ukulele outro]


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