Hope Prevails

Hi there !

Yeah, I know what you’re wondering.

I know what you really, really want.

No, don’t bother telling me any excuses because you & I both know it’s true.

After seeing that post about The Avengers yesterday, you’re here now because you want to know where the post on Anwar Al-Awlaki‘s death is.

The post where once again in the, by now classic, X-Mer style yet another (dead) Muslim terrorist is made fun of.

Weeelllll, not gonna happen !

Nope, not this time.

There’s been way too many posts spent on that topic.

& frankly, it’s time to move on.

Time for other & more different types of posts.

In fact, I will take this very opportunity to demonstrate this change.

Anwar, even though you were an evil fanatical bastard, I don’t wish for you to burn in Hell along with your bearded buddy Osama.

I also don’t wish for your beard to be ripped right off & your subsequent facial wounds to be rubbed with salt only for your beard to grow back again & be ripped off again & again & again for all of eternity.

No sir, I don’t wish that at all.

…but I sure hope so !


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