…That Was It ???

June 25th, 2009.

That was the day a doctor, or as I like to call him… Conrad “The Conman” Murray, killed the sleepy wreck formerly known as artist Michael Jackson.

Now, you can adore Michael Jackson like he’s a music god, you can hate him like he’s paedophile or be totally indifferent to him like he’s just another in a looong line of dead celebs who you never wanted meet anyway.

Buuuttt when someone dies, especially because of a doctor, you want there to be justice.

That can be tricky because lawyers are evil bastards.

Thankfully, lawyers are people too & so sometimes they make mistakes, like defence attorney Ed Chernoff for example:

“He [Michael Jackson] did an act without his doctor’s knowledge, without his doctor’s permission, against his orders, he did an act… that caused his own death.”


Seriously ???

That kind of defence is just crazy talk.

I mean imagine the following courtroom scene:

Lawyer: “My client didn’t kill anyone, Your Honour !”

The Judge: “Didn’t he sent that bomb package to the deceased ?”

Lawyer: “Yes, but it was the deceased who chose to open it. & when the bomb went off, my client wasn’t anywhere near the deceased or the explosion.”

The Judge: “So ???”

Lawyer: “So, it was clearly suicide.”

The Judge: “…I see your point. Case dismissed !”

So, even if Doc Conman somehow manages to walk away from all of this a free man, it’s good to know that for once it won’t be because of a defence attorney.


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