9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 09/11

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #09:

Whether you’re for or against the War On Terror, there’s 1 thing that probably everyone can agree upon & that’s that there are people who have been classified as or deemed to be terrorist & were therefore subsequently targeted to be killed by troops on the ground, the air, the sea, all kinds of black ops, elements like the CIA, Delta Force, Navy SEALs & also unmanned drones that fly over the frontier between Pakistan & Afghanistan.

& with this going on for about 10 years straight now, can people both Muslims & non-Muslims still be right when they say: “no, no, it’s only a small group that’s the terrorists, there’s still a silent peaceful majority” after all this time ?

Friend: There are reports about lots of stuff going on like planned attacks & things like but… well, there’s also leaked footage of soldiers killing innocent people.

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: So, you know… maybe that’s the whole problem. You don’t know who the enemy is. So, it’s going to be hard to identify who they are. They claim to fight the good fight but there’s nothing good about that.

I said I think a lot of it comes down to profit & money unfortunately & it’s not so much about seeking out these people that are terrorists. It’s all about money & showing power I think & not so much… it’s where you put the emphasis on.

Like with your previous question where I’d never heard of Ian Davison & neither had you.

X-Mer: Who ? [LOL]

Friend: I think a lot of it is what you perceive & what you see & I think the threat is much much smaller but it’s presented as something much much bigger in order to justify all those expenses & all that behaviour.

Like I said before, it all goes back to the past & history. History shows that there’s always been situations like these, it’s just different locations.


That’s it for part 9 but please check back tomorrow for part 10 of the interview, where I ask my friend about comparing Barack H Obama & George W Bush on their respective policies on the global war on terror.


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