9/11: A 10th Anniversary Interview – Pt 06/11

September 11th, 2001.

The events of that day affected the daily lives of not just those in the US but also of countless people all over the world, in both subtle & not so subtle ways.

10 years later, the repercussions are still being felt but in all this time no voice has been given to the average moderate Muslim.

What follows is a transcript from an interview with a friend of mine, who has a Muslim background, on this broad topic of 9/11.

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2011.


Question #06:

A common heard allegation since the events of 9/11 is “why aren’t the good Muslims doing anything against the bad ones ?”. But that’s just 1 of the many allegations.

What would you say are misconceptions about Islam & being Muslim that are now out there because of 9/11 ?

Friend: Actually, this goes way back right after 9/11. I was talking to a girl on [MSN] Messenger, I knew her by Messenger.

She’s Caucasian, white so…

X-Mer: Not her fault ? [LOL]

Friend: Well, there’s some mixed blood I think, she’s part Italian, part…

X-Mer: “Oh no !”

Friend: “Oh yeah !”

1 of the things she said was: “Why don’t the good Muslims talk to the bad ones ?” & she was trying to create a situation of: “it’s a problem within the Muslim community, we have nothing to do with. So, you go talk to the bad Muslims, tell them not to do it anymore & it’ll all be over”.

I think that’s kind of the… the bottomline of her story was like “it’s YOUR problem & we have nothing to do with it, so go fix your problem.” but I don’t know, I’m not really sure who I should approach first in getting that conversation started.

X-Mer: [LOL]

Friend: Even though I have people in my family that are of the opinion that the terrorists are doing a good thing. Like I said, it’s all an opinion, they don’t go around armed.

X-Mer: But even if they did, wouldn’t it be more like a job for the police or counter-terrorism to go after these people &… ?

Friend: Well, apparently not. It’s our problem, so I have to do something. That idea.

X-Mer: What do you think of such a…

Friend: She was a bit young at the time, so I think it’s a very naive thought. I mean this was a young girl, so I can understand that she was afraid & she wanted to… make sense of it.

She went as far as to say that ETA was a “better” terrorist group because they warned people in advance of a bomb attack. I mean “better terrorist group” ???


A terrorist is a terrorist. You can say: “I want my own country & I’m going to warn you because city hall is going to explode in a few minutes” so…

I mean you’re still doing harm, that costs money & it can cost people their jobs, it’s not like this… is there such a thing as good terrorism ?

X-Mer: [LOL]

Friend: Or slightly better terrorism ? That’s just a really strange style of thinking but at the time… yeah, I was trying to understand her reasoning.

I guess she was very much influenced by the media & friends, you know stories that you heard… fearmongering was really working at the time.

X-Mer: Oh yeah.

There was a post on this very web log that stated the opinion of: “a terrorist is a terrorist however Muslim terrorists are worse because they operate on an international level while groups like ETA & IRA operate locally”, so would you say some are a bigger threat or are they all equally bad ?

Friend: It’s all bad, I mean c’mon they’re killing their own people.

X-Mer: For a “good” cause.

Friend: That’s what all terrorists say. You have terrorists & you have rebels & everybody’s fighting the good fight & nobody’s bad, in their opinion.

X-Mer: & who’s to say that if, say ETA or IRA reach their goals that they’d stop there ?

Would they really be happy to leave it there & say: “we’ll lay down our arms & be good now” or something ?

Friend: Seems unlikely with they way they go about their business. Even within the groups you have to wonder what their motivations are. Are all those people genuinely believing in the goal the group is trying to achieve or are they there for well… getting a kick out of it ?

X-Mer: Probably not, the IRA eventually went for the peace & yet a few hardliners have continued as the “Real IRA” & they’re still keeping up the fight.

Friend: I think it’s more about being unhappy with your personal situation. It can be on a very small scale like locally & on a worldwide scale.

Like I said, a lot of countries have done bad things in the past & some are still doing it now & you’re going to have victims & people who resent you. It doesn’t matter if you’re America or Iraq or… some countries kill their own people, so… & as long as that’s going on you’re always going to have rebels & terrorists.

What’s interesting now that Bin Laden’s been killed…

X-Mer: Or was he ?

Friend: Right. Since his group’s acknowledging it, I guess he was killed.

X-Mer: It would be weird if they were just playing along.

Friend: Until Osama returns from a vacation ?

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: I think it’s genuine because they can’t risk it being a hoax because if that comes out it’d blow up in their face.

X-Mer: Right.

Friend: But what was interesting about that situation was… couldn’t they have done that sooner ? Before there was a war in Afghanistan, before there was a war in Iraq ?

X-Mer: There are stories about President Clinton apparently not taking out Bin Laden when there was a chance to do so.

Friend: Warfare seems like another source of making money.

X-Mer: It is !

Friend: It is.

I was at the gym this week & I overheard a Turkish guy talking about different groups among the Turkish people & what stuck with me was when he said that Group A’s fighting Group B & Group A was selling weapons to Group B so they were being shot with their own weapons.

I mean that’s not something that’s specific to Turkish people, it’s something in general. It’s like you said greed & things like that… it creates situations.


That’s it for part 6 but please check back tomorrow for part 7 of the interview, where I ask my friend about the major players of & after 9/11.


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