An Open Invitation – The Homestretch

August 11th.

It took a while but now after what has seemed an eternity, there’s only 1 more month left until September 11th & the posting of a certain interview I’ve been hinting at since April 11th of this year.

An interview on the topic of 9/11… with a Muslim friend !!!

So, where do things stand after all this time ?

After thinking of the idea, inviting my friend & coming up with a definitive set of questions…

…I’m happy to type that the interview itself has been held.

Not wanting to discover that any of the quickly written down answers were unreadable, a recorder was used.

With it being the 9/11 of 2011, I figured that for “poetic purposes” there ought to be 11 questions… which resulted in a lot of audio.

Audio that, after listening, re-listening & more re-listening, was painstakingly transcripted but is now (thankfully) nearly ready to post.

However, some things have changed.

Originally the interview was meant to be published on 9/11 but with so much audio/transcript available, I decided it would be better to divide it all up into 11 parts instead.

So, join us here on X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page for part 1 of this interview… in just 3 week’s time on September 1st !


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