Mirrør, Mirrør… Whø Fearmøngers Them All ?

You know, there’s this thing about politicians.

They’re either really crazy or really boring.

So, it gives me great pleasure to present you the observational humour of Norway’s own fearmongering Fremskrittspartiet (Progress Party) leader… miss Siv Jensen !

Regarding the terror attacks:

“We are facing a guy with a very strange mindset and the ability to do horrible things to society.”

“Guy” she says, hilarious !

But wait, there’s more – like for example:

“The new thing is that we have been in a horrible way reminded of the fact that terrorism can come in many different forms, with different rhetoric behind it, with different crazy ideas behind it.”

Oh man, she just owned her… um… own party.

& speaking of her party, how about that dwindling support, any sharp insights there ?

“The important thing is not polls, the important thing is the election.”

what ? BOOOOO ! Too soon !!!

Siv Jensen On Her Comedy Tour


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