The Right Thing

Q: What’s President Obama‘s #1 job ?

A: America dammit !

& now that the ol’ US of A (& the rest of the world) is in serious, serious trouble because of a lil’ big debt, which is getting bigger all the time, it would sure be nice if he could use some of that special “Yes We Can” thing he does so well & make it all go away.

Well, too bad ’cause that ain’t gonna happen.

No sir, not on the Tea Party‘s watch.

Oh, my finger slipped & I accidentally put up that YouTube vid by mistake.

Anyway, electing these clueless rightwinged racist nutjobs inexperienced conservative patriotic people into politics sure worked out well, didn’t it ?

I mean looong before the Tea Party came about, the GOP was already known as “The Party Of No” but now it’s taken on a whole new meaning it seems.

How did people ever even consider voting for candidates like these ?

Q: Do you want to compromise to fix this now ?

A: “NO !

Pointing out that Democrats are somehow Evil for wanting “poor” (wealthy) people to pay higher taxes than the non-rich people is way more important to us than doing the right thing now.”

Q: Do you have any long term plan to fix this now ?

A: “NO !

We want to do this very same song & dance routine all over again in 2012 as sabotaging President Obama’s chances for re-election next year is way more important to us than doing the right thing now.”

Q: …do you even give a rat’s ass about this country of ours ?

A: “NO !

…uh, of course !”

Having a conviction is 1 thing but standing by it in such an inflexible manner when people’s lives are at stake is silly & scary at the same time.

So, thank you Tea Party ! Thank you so much for doing that Right thing you do so well instead of the right thing.

Ladies & gentlemen, let’s all give ’em a big round of applause… wait, what do you mean “NO !” ???


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