Natiønal Identity ? – Øh Nøes !

Using search engines to go over the I-net, I came across several people who had hastily added their opinions of a similar nature on totally different forums.

It appears that last Friday, the 22nd of July, the I-net exploded with rumours that Muslims were behind a certain attack on a certain country.

But this time the country in question was not America but Norway (a country which 11 out of 10 Americans can’t locate on a map to save their lives).

In any case, while a lot of on-line (& offline as well) peeps prematurely thought it was Al-Hate-a doing yet another naughty thing it was in fact a non-Muslim ethnic Norwegian (gasp !) who did it.

But unlike so many terrorists before him, he gave himself up & was therefore arrested after finishing off a couple of extra Norwegian youths quite some time.

So, now that we have a face to go with said attacker here’s a non-edited pic of the guy…

Mr Andersøn

I believe he has since shaved off that mustache, so he might look a little different now.

Anyhoo, here’s another pic of rightwinged terrorist Anders Behring Breivik or as I like to call him:

Mr Andersøn

Andersøn Breivik


Am I the only 1 that thinks it’s really weird to wear a mask with a breathing/filtering thingie + a protective outfit that covers the entire body except your hands ???

“Honey, I’m home ! The terror attack went great ! I remembered to protect my lungs but I did kinda lose my hands though. However the important thing to remember is that I can still breathe on my own… say, I need to go to the toilet so could you… you know… ?”

Weird, yes ?

Anyway, now that…

Hey, wait a second !

Rightwinged ethnic Norwegian ?

Non-Muslim ?

Cleanshaven ?

Non-Muslim ??


Non-Muslim ???

O.M.G. !

I just realized the horrible truth here !

This rightwinged barehanded non-Muslim bastard has just undermined years & years of painstaking fearmongering efforts & progress therein by such fine upstanding people as Siv Jensen, Toni Brunner & Geert Wilders.

My god man, I hope you’re satisfied !


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