There’s Some Really Sick People In This Town #10

Welcome to another instalment of this irregular series of posts about that other side of humanity.

There are a lots of things to be said about religion.

Like it’s dangerous because it leads to extremism or it’s silly nonsense as there’s no such thing as a god & also it’s the brainwashing of the masses.

Now, you’re probably familiar with examples of how 2 major religions infiltrated the justice system with things like Islamic courts ordering hands of thieves being cut off or the witch hunts which were endorsed by the Catholic Church.

That’s not very civilised.

But in this case let’s turn our attention to good ol’ Judaism.

Yes Judaism, the way of the Jews that eventually inspired not only Christianity but also Islam.

Now, I’m no expert on Judaism but in all of the centuries that it’s been around, it too is no doubt guilty of similar types of uncivilised acts of justice.

Take for example a rabbinical court in the neighbourhood of Mea Shearim, Israel.

Apparently, it recently ordered a stoning.

Not of a man or of a woman but oddly enough the stoning of a dog.

Now, I guess dogs could be considered to be bad or filthy things by God & thus orthodox rabbis would forbid them to be kept as pets or something.

However, the deciding factor here was that…

…the rabbis feared the dog contains the cursed spirit of a dead lawyer who once insulted them 😯

Thankfully, every dog has its day & so it managed to escape before the sentence could be carried out.

Never thought we’d get to the 10th entry but there you go…

& just in case you think I made it all up, here’s the odd link o’ truth.


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