Is He Hiding In A Mansion As Well ???

I guess it was only a matter of time.

Yes, the very next Navy SEAL target & Al-Qaeda’s #2 man Ayman Al-Zawahiri AKA The Surgeon has spoken about his dead pal Osama Bin Laden.

& it only took him 5 weeks to do so, wow whatta guy !

Who knows why it took Ayman over a whole month to finally acknowledge Thé Death of the year but maybe he was crying his little eyes out all this time (or perhaps celebrating he’s no longer playing 2nd fiddle).

Anyway, instead of reminiscing about the good ol’ days with Binnie Laden, like when they measured their beards for example, the vid contained a warning (these Muslim fanatics sure do like to warn a lot, don’t they ?).

But this particular warning was different.

Apparently, & I’m just going by the translation the news services provided, Al-Zawahiri said the following:

Osama Bin Laden would be…

(wait for it)

haunting all of us from beyond the grave !!! 😯

Say wha ?!

You mean bullets don’t do squat to stop these guys ???

Now that’s unexpected to say the least.

Now, unfortunately Al-Zawahiri didn’t go into specific detail if it’s zombie Bin Laden or poltergeist Bin Laden that we should worry about (oddly enough Muslim fanatics are usually pretty vague with their warnings).

But with Bin Laden’s corpse being dumped buried at sea, does that mean we’ll be ok as long as we stay on land ?

Maybe we’ll get some answers in a next vid…


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