When it comes to visitors, X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page has several a day & they come & go.

But sometimes, just sometimes, someone arrives here looking for things of a more… unusual nature.

This is: “But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

It may be April Fools’ Day but I still have to run this web log.

& that means, among other things, checking the statistics.

There I noticed an unusual search engine term had led not 1 but 2 people here.

“CGI Tease Uncle”

…oookay, WTF is cgi tease uncle ???

Crappy computer FX that annoy your uncle ?

A digital version of your uncle ridiculing you everywhere you surf to ?

Some sort of computer program that shows you your uncle “teasing” you across the viewcreen & was probably meant for your aunt’s eyes only ?

I really have no idea.

But do I even want to know ?

Weeelllll, probably not… but hey, I’m still gonna Google it !

Before that though, let’s try to find the answer by other means.

Oh yesss, I’m going to ask… a random stranger !

Maybe he or she’ll know everything there is to know about “cgi tease uncle” & thus enlighten us with the answer we so desperately seek…

Asking About CGI Tease Uncle

How rude !

Well, I guess that means it’s Google time !

The #1 search engine will provide… an answer.

Asking About CGI Tease Uncle

Let’s see here…

An Uncle Sam rip-off, some Asian couple possibly reading a letter from relatives in Sendai, a woman happily doing… something to her breasts I guess & 2 drawings of Power Girl.

That does not spell “answer” to me.

How do these results relate to this web log ?

Why did not 1 but 2 people search for the same unusual term on the same day ??

Was it all just a big joke ???


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