World Domination Through World Peace

Ohhh man, I haven’t been feeling too good lately.

Certain emotions, that I’m not accustomed to, are presently running through me & I fear for where it all might lead to.

This all started when I was minding my own business when all of a sudden…

She happened !!!

But don’t take my word for it.

Oh no, see for yourself & experience the horror !

Shanna Bukhari, Muslim model

Yesss, stare into her wicked eyes & let lust slowly but surely corrupt your soul to its very depths.

Meet 24-year-old Shanna Bukhari, she’s a regular British girl who works as a model & now, having made the 2011 finals, stands a good chance to win the opportunity to represent the UK in the Miss Universe pageant.

Buuut, according to certain crazed fanatics concerned citizens she’s nothing more than a foul temptress who’s going against the teachings of Islam.

Hmmm, choices choices…

Will the real Shanna please stand up ?

You know, it might help if we hear from Shanna herself…

“People are attacking me, using religion as a tool, but is it really religion ?”

“Or are you really jealous of a girl coming forward and not allowing anyone to dictate to her ?”

“There are people out there who want to control women.”

Huh ?

Ok, I’m confused now.

Aren’t these the same fana… uh, concerned citizens who want to conquer the entire world in the name of The Almighty One ?

What would be better than having a hot Muslim chick sneak up on Western infidels & blind them into a false sense of security ?

But from the citizens POV, I guess it IS wrong to have women acting all “hey, look at me guys !” when it’s far far better to have them shut up, sit at home & cook for their husband along with the other 2 wives in his harem.

However, it’s not Shanna’s fault or even her parents’ DNA she looks like this as it was The Almighty One who created her in the first place.

Sooo, how come these nutjo… uh, concerned citizens don’t go pray to their interpretation of a divine being & ask it to cease creating all these delicious looking females that put sinful thoughts into the pureness that is Islamic manhood ???

Wouldn’t it be a far better world to live on if all women had like thick coarse facial hair, missed several if not most of their teeth & of course never developed breasts ?

Whoa, typing all of this has made me feel sinful again… must… fight… unnatural… biological… urges… help… me… oh… Lord…


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