All We Hear Is Radio Nah Nah

Earthquakes are never good news, especially not when it’s the single greatest 1 to occur in your entire nation’s history.

A wave of aftershocks & tsunamis following that is not much help either.

But at least everything’s ok beyond that… right ?

Not long after disaster had struck, Naoto Kan, the Japanese Prime Minister appeared before TV to give some official updates on the situation.

It was then & there he informed his countrymen & the world that the nuclear power plants along the Eastern coast had shut down to prevent any bad things from happening.

A sigh of relief to be sure but then the reports painting a very different picture started to come in.

– Fire breaks out inside 1 of the nuclear power plants but it’s apparently put out by staff…

– Reactor pressure starts to rise as the cooling fails…

– The Japanese government declares a state of emergency…

– Evacuations of those living nearby begins…

– Radioactive steam is purposely released several times right into the atmosphere to relieve pressure from building up any further…

– Control of 3 reactors is lost & they begin to overheat…

– Radiation levels in & outside the plants begin to rise…

– A huge explosion occurs inside 1 of the power plants which then apparently leads to a collapse & then “white smoke” starts to appear around the site of the plant…

– Reports suddenly indicate a meltdown may be underway & yet in spite of all this “things are ok, no need to panic“…

Earthquakes aren’t anything new for Japan as they’ve happened in the past, happen in the present & will happen on a regular basis long into the future.

But Japan is also 1 of the largest users of nuclear power in the world & has over 50 power plants all over the country & new ones are planned.

Am I the only 1 who thinks that combining an earthquake-prone country with a large amount of factories that generate radioactive energy might not be the safest idea ?

No one wants another Chernobyl but who knows what kind of dangers this all might lead to.

In any case let’s hope things get better soon.

For all.

Gojira Breathes...


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